Let Your Project Burn Bright With Nignite

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October 28, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Let Your Project Burn Bright With Nignite


BERLIN, Germany - From day to night, technology consulting company Nignite has been producing top-tier software with over 15 years of experience. “From a single spark to leaving a mark,” Nignite will ignite your ideas with premiere, complex and sustainable digital solutions. Let’s introduce you to a company that is burning bright and eager to take your unique project on!

An Old Flame That Continues To Rise Anew

Founded in 2014, Nignite is headquartered in Nis, Serbia and we were thrilled to welcome them into our community in 2022! The company has an excellent Overall Pangea Score of 8.7/10.0, which is an average of the Team Health and Client Insights Score. Nignite’s primary priority is long-lasting, quality software that can be written, maintained, and refactored, as well as code that is bound to be around for a very long time, no matter the project.

From mid-sized companies to global corporations, Nignite works with clients of all sizes. They prefer long-term projects and collaborations that last a minimum of three months (with the occasional mid-term project), which allows them to cultivate authentic relationships with clients over time. Their diverse services are offered in a range of pricing models that include a fixed budget and scope or a custom-tailored approach if your project’s requirements are likely to change.

Company values such as Integrity, Responsibility, Pursuit of Excellence, Transparency, and Growth Mindset exemplify a work ethos that top clients such as ABB, Adobe, CRH, LafargeHolcim, Liebhher, and Senius can attest to in a heartbeat.

The Team Connects with their Bodies, Minds, and Spirits

Working With A Fire in Their Belly

Motivation, kindness, innovation, enthusiasm, creativity, transparency, and talent are just a few of the leading qualities of the 31 employees at Nignite who received a wonderful Team Health Score of 8.8/10.0!

The company culture is driven yet fun, where one can feel the flame of passion behind everyday conversations as well as those relating to work. Employees genuinely enjoy building and creating sustainable products that they are proud of, which explains an impressive overall retention rate of 95%!

There are ample opportunities for mentorship, professional growth, learning via diverse platforms, and offering feedback as needed. Software Engineer Sara spoke of her overwhelmingly positive experience of Peer Rapport (9.4/10.0) and Personal Growth (9.2/10.0):

“I have gained so much confidence in myself as a programmer. I feel comfortable communicating with other developers and customers. I have also learned and practiced a lot of different skills and worked on developing new functionalities as well as fixing bugs or improving existing software.”

Work-life balance is also a strong focus of Nignite. Even when social distancing was required, the team on Nignite continued embarking on team-building activities through open-air events, such as trips to the mountains and skiing. HR/PR/OM Marija spoke enthusiastically about how proactive the team is — Culture (9.0/10.0), and her Wellbeing (9.0/10.0) — as well:

“When it comes to projects and problem-solving, our people are always ready to get to grips with any problem with energy and determination. There are times when we have good laughs and fun, but it is complementary to being professional and getting things done. That's one more thing that I love about this company - balance.”

Senior Front-stack Developer Nemanja appreciated Nignite’s focus on quality software as well as opportunities for developing new skills:

“I moved away from a big company where software was used in the daily production of the company's products. There, even though I got valuable experience working with end-users and I could see the product of my work used every day, the emphasis was not on the software itself. Because of that, there were some compromises in code quality allowed, as long as the production didn't suffer. In Nignite, the software is the final product, and quality is the number one priority. This, and the fact that I could keep improving my skills while working in Nignite, kept me here.”

Fiery Applause From Clients

Nignite developers and software engineers value synergy with clients — fostered through transparency and open, direct communication.

Zarko Perovic, Founder of Meet and Mingle, spoke highly of Nignite’s Tech Expertise (8.7/10.0) as well as Project Management (8.7/10.0):

“While I appreciated that Nignite engineers were talented developers that helped us build out our video conferencing platform, most of all, I appreciated their organization and their great communication skills.”

A repeat client’s following remarks illustrate the excellence of Nignite’s services and exemplify the company’s overall Client Insights Score of 8.5/10.0:

“I worked with 3 different projects with Nignite. Industrial Algorithms for Mining, Data Analytics Dashbord presentation and Operations Management System for Mining and Minerals Processing. The collaboration was excellent in all 3.”

The company works with an impressive array of industries from entertainment, healthcare, and business to food production, mining, steel, and cement. This breadth of industries makes Nignite flexible when it comes to working with clients of all sorts.

Employing All Sparks of Technology

Team Members Collaborating and Learning

Developers and software engineers are constantly evolving by honing their skills through using tried-and-true methodologies as well as keeping apprised of programming trends and new technologies. They’re best suited for projects related to New Product Development, Team Augmentation, and Support and Maintenance.

Nignite works within the following domains: Back-end Development, Cloud Services, Data Visualization, Front-end Development, Implementation of Features, MVP Development, Prototyping and Proof of Concepts, Strategy Consulting, System Integrations, UX/UI Design, and Web Development. Their main tech stack consists of .NET Framework, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, Angular.js, React.js, Node.js, and Oracle Database Web Services.

One interesting project of Nignite’s has been creating an Operations Management System for mining companies that allows mine controllers to make earlier decisions. This software also helps with administrative tasks such as scheduling tasks, maintaining a fleet, keeping apprised of progress, and reviewing analytics.

We hope this profile of Nignite has piqued your curiosity about working with them! If you contact us, we’d be thrilled to ignite the spark of connection between you and the company. With Nignite, you’ll never need to go at it alone.


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