Knocking it Out of the Park with ORBA!

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October 2, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Knocking it Out of the Park with ORBA!


BERLIN, Germany - Score big with ORBA! The newest member in the Pangea lineup is a long-standing e-commerce specialist. They are a champion in the industry, partnering with clients across the globe to deliver solutions that are unmatched! Pass down the line to ORBA and watch the crowd go wild!

A Slam Dunk

ORBA opened its doors in 2010, and though their base of operations is in Warsaw, Poland, they also have satellite offices in Lublin and in Cincinnati, USA. Joining Pangea in 2021, their goal is to deliver the highest quality innovative solutions for e-commerce, as well as to create an environment that attracts, develops, and retains the best talent in the industry. They have an ambitious vision for the future, focusing on sustainable and profitable commercial growth while running efficient, highly standardized operations across the globe. CEO Roman Baluta goes into more detail:

We are a software-house with 10+ years of experience in eCommerce. We specialize in creating B2B and B2C stores, tailored to the needs of our Clients. From UX design, consulting & implementation of stores, through ERP integration & maintenance.”

Having worked in the industry for so long and so successfully, it should come as no surprise at all that their clientele includes prestigious names like Fortune Global 500, LPP, Strauss Group, inPost, and Sony. The highly-decorated team have won the widely coveted PayPal Integration Challenge, as well as the Gazele Biznesu in both 2020 and 2021. With a Pangea Score of 8.5/10.0, ORBA is a clear MVP!

An All-Star Lineup

With a roster boasting 62+ full time employees who on average have over 7 years of experience, ORBA brings a whole new level of expertise and maturity to the ball game. Their first year retention rate is an outstanding 90%, reflecting ample opportunities for new hires to develop their skills and expand their professional capabilities. CEO Roman breaks the company culture down for us:

ORBA's culture is based on our Core Values of Satisfaction, Openness, Proactiveness, E-volution and Collaboration. We strive to host an environment that welcomes and nurtures talent and expertise. We believe that strength comes from diversity and inclusion - everyone has a voice and opportunity to grow.”

Their Pangea Team Health Score is bolstered by a whopping 89% satisfaction for both management rapport and peer rapport rankings, but don’t just take their stellar interpersonal dynamics at face value. Hear from some of the best employees in the game, in their own words! Danielle Harvey, Head of Operations for the US branch, describes what draws her in and keeps her at the company:

“ORBA always has its customer's best interest at the forefront of all solutions offered - and everyone is fully engaged to make sure solutions are delivered above and beyond any expectations.”

Back-end developer Marcin Dżdża is as ambitious as he is driven to succeed. He mentions the ongoing support he receives in his role at the office:

“A friend working at ORBA encouraged me to apply for a job, and since I started, I get the opportunity to work on very interesting projects all the time. From the beginning of my work at ORBA, I have had constant support in my professional development.”

Best of all, though, business analyst Mateusz Glowacz says, is feeling like his contributions to the team really make a difference both for the company and for their clients:

“In practice, my work translates into real support and increased sales in our partners' companies. When you see the effects of my work, I feel satisfied.”

ORBA celebrating their annual meeting in 2019

Kicking Goals

ORBA’s main focus points for e-commerce industries include apparel and fashion, business supplies and equipment, electrical manufacturing, automotives, and other consumer goods. When we asked their clients about their experiences with the company, they had nothing but unanimous praise: ORBA blows away the competition! From agencies and SMEs all the way to enterprises and corporations, ORBA pulls out all the stops to ensure a great product and an even better client experience. Their Pangea Client Insights Scores are shored up with slam dunks of 10.0/10.0 in UX/UI Design and Project Management satisfaction, but their clients can say it better than we can. The project manager at a top consultancy raves:

“I loved working with Orba. There are nice, competent, people who are 100% committed to the project and the tasks committed to them. You can feel their support at every stage of the project and always count on their professional opinion.”

Tomasz Gierat, the Innovation Manager at raw materials processing giant SWISS KRONO, puts ORBA in a league of their own:

“A trustworthy supplier with a partnership approach to customers and high commitment to ongoing projects.”

A third client keeps it short and sweet, cutting straight to the point:

“Well-invested time & money. ”

One of ORBA’s team hard at work

Getting the Ball Rolling

Whether it’s web apps or e-commerce, ORBA can kick off your project with a bang! Their main tech stack comprises PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and Microsoft Azure, but they truly shine with Magento; their developers have clocked in over 175,000 hours of dev time in Magento 2 alone! Using a unique combination of Kanban, Waterfall, and Scrum development methodologies, ORBA sets the pace of the game. Working on new product development? Need a project handover? Looking for ongoing support and maintenance? ORBA covers the field!

Among their success stories is MK Cafe Fresh, an B2C e-store specializing in connecting international coffee companies with coffee connoisseurs all over the world. ORBA partnered with them at the drawing board stage, tackling development with their all-star Magento to build the online store and integrate it with an existing SAP system. In addition, they prepped apps for stress-free, cohesive label printing. Their focused, multi-step approach paid off; the MK Fresh Cafe project netted them both the Promotional Idea of the Year and Website of the Year at the E-commerce Poland Awards!

If you’re ready to kick your next project into high gear, get the ball rolling with ORBA! This award-winning team has unrivaled expertise on the field, so take a shot at their engagements page for more information on how to get in touch! Before we go, we have a few more words from their CEO, Roman, who assures us that ORBA pulls out all the stops:

“We-commerce your business! ORBA is a dynamically developing company offering advanced e-commerce systems implementation. Thanks to us, entrepreneurs from around the world operate on the markets which would be unavailable to them without our technological support. ”

With company values like e-volution, collaboration, satisfaction, proactiveness, and openness, we at Pangea can see that they’re on the ball. Aim for the bleachers; put ORBA in the game!


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