Kicking Goals with MLSDev

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November 12, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Kicking Goals with MLSDev


BERLIN, Germany - Score your next software hat trick with MLSDev! This legacy member of Pangea’s vetted vendors has over a decade of experience in constructing digital products that have changed the game for markets all over the world. Are you ready to kick off?

Shooting for the Stars

Based in Ukraine, MLSDev opened its doors in 2009 and has been kicking it where it counts ever since. With 11+ years in the game and over 200 completed projects in web and mobile apps, they have gained expertise and fine-tuned their software development services and SDLC process. This allows creating solutions that are exactly in line with client needs, market conditions, and a great price-quality ratio.

Anton Sakharov, their CEO, elaborates:

MLSDev specializes in the creation of apps that bring more profit to the client’s companies. All our web and mobile apps are design-driven and user-oriented so that clients will love your business. We prefer to work with entrepreneurs who intend to create an epic product. No matter who you are - a big brand or a small company, the main criteria for us is the product you produce.”

And they aren’t kidding when they say they create epic products for big brands - past clients include ESPN, Gopuff, Artstation (in cooperation with Ballistiq), and McDonald’s Baltics. Pangea knows a winner when we see one, and their overall Pangea Score of 8.1/10.0 is just a glimpse of their talent!

Can We Kick It

Although MLSDev has huge brands in their portfolio of wins, they work with companies across the spectrum of size and industries. Innovation hubs, series B++ startups, SMEs, enterprise clients, and venture builders are all part of MLSDev’s playbook in addition to multinational enterprises and corporations.

After so many years in play, their client relations are nimble and sophisticated, and when we asked their clients about their experiences, they were chanting MLSDev’s praises in the stands. Kevin Scott, the Senior Director of Mobile Products at ESPN, applauds their go-get-em attitude:

“MLSDev gives us unparalleled speed and agility in web, native mobile apps for iOS and Android, and set-top box. The company is responsive to our changing needs and a joy to collaborate with.”

Laura Jasenaite, former Marketing and Digital Director at the famous golden arches itself, raves about their McDonald’s project outcome:

“I can say that MLSDev was very professional and always accessible. They were always ready to discuss different questions. I'm very happy with the work.”

The MLSDev team helped with Gopuff’s project growth from the initial idea to over 400+ micro-fulfillment centers in 650+ U.S. cities and 7,000+ workers.

Co-founder of Gopuff, on-demand service that delivers daily essentials in 650+ U.S. cities in just minutes, Rafael Ilishayev, mentioned:

“What I enjoy most about working with the MLSDev team is how much they challenge us when we come to them with ideas and problems. We’re working as partners in business more than just anything else. It's a family.”

Although they’ve had great success in the on-demand-economy projects, MLSDev has expanded its horizons to work in online media, retail, and hospitals and healthcare, as well. Scoring 8.6/10.0 in project management and 8.4/10.0 in tech expertise, their Pangea Client Insights Score nothing but net!

A peek into the MLSDev office

A Team of Keepers

No company can play ball without an all-star team, and the 72 full-time employees at MLSDev are a class act unto themselves. Averaging out to 5 years experience, this stellar lineup is chosen expressly for their team spirit and top skills. Together, they bring a holistic approach to app development, bringing design, perception, and functionality into focus alongside programming. CEO Anton goes into further detail about office culture:

Our team has a flat hierarchy. This gives each employee enough freedom and, at the same time, imposes a certain level of trust. There is no tight control over the work as ou​r professionals can make their own wise decisions. We seek improvement for our clients, our company, our employees by exploring new opportunities. Our clients are a part of our team, and a big family that supports, motivates, and helps each other to reach our shared goals.”

With this integrated approach to client and dev relations, it should come as no surprise that the company’s first year retention rate tops 80% in their Pangea review. Lillia Udovychenko, Head of Sales and Client Relations, says it best:

“I can't help but say how proud I am of my clients and the people I work and used to work with. These are great people from whom you can learn a lot: not to be afraid of taking risks, do not give up, follow your dream, reach your goals, believe in yourself and your product, inspire others. This motivates and gives energy.”

The MLSDev Team relaxing outside

Right In the Back of the Net

MLSDev brings a wealth of experience to the pitch, spreading the team’s skills out to cover web and mobile-based apps, starting from business analysis, project management, UX/UI design, and front- and backend development, up to quality assurance and DevOps services. As well, the team can allocate dedicated development teams or augment tech resources.

Their tech stack is as stacked as their roster, with 30+ engineers specialized in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Swift, Kotlin, AWS, PostgreSQL, and Redis. The end goals of the product will determine which technologies will contribute the most to it—how it looks, feels, and works, and this team is well-versed in making strong decisions to help your digital product play its best in a competitive tech landscape.

Best deployed on new product development, team augmentation, and project handovers, MLSDev has created apps for a full rigor of companies, including everyone’s favorite fast food joint — McDonald’s. MLSDev created the McDonald’s mobile app for the Baltic wing of the corporation. With their product, loyal customers in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are treated to personalized deals based on their past purchases, easy access to customer service, new and exclusive promotions, nutrition information, and a handy search function for the nearest McDonald’s in the area. MLSDev coordinated the color scheme, created brand-specific linear iconography, crafted nearly 40 different wireframes, and produced a tutorial for new users. The UX/UI design team alone spent over 80 hours on the project, resulting in a smooth, intuitive experience from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a class act to come in clutch for a clinical finish, look no further than MLSDev! Before the final whistle, we’d like to return once again to the words of their CEO Anton, who wants potential clients to know:

“MLSDev is very simple and easy to work with. Bring your idea, and we will get it done without a single headache. MLSDev will handle all the details in a way that’s well planned, fast, and affordable to anyone that gets in touch with us.​​”

If that’s not enough to bring you over the line, their company values are to treat clients as a part of the team, to hire A+ team players, to constantly learn and improve operations, to communicate clearly and transparently, and to be proactive, empathetic and authentic. If that sounds like your game, take a jog over to their vendor profile to connect and learn more!


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