Keeping Things Simple with Pragmatic Coders

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October 15, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Keeping Things Simple with Pragmatic Coders


BERLIN, Germany - Today we present Pragmatic Coders, a practical part of the Pangea universe since 2019. With their knack for customer centricity, solution simplicity and agile nature, the FinTech & blockchain software development service has been operating pragmatically for almost a decade and has satisfied clients almost all over the world. Learn how to benefit from a modern approach to software development service now!

Pragmatism & Simplicity

Pragmatic Coders was founded in 2014 in Kraków, Poland, with a clear intention to avoid becoming another software development outsourcing company, where talented people's potential is simply wasted. Instead, the founders decided to create an organization with real values and focused on delivering excellent software products — in a pragmatic, business-oriented, agile, and for most - simple way (No muss, no fuss!).

The company's ultimate mission is to help a minimum of ten startups to become unicorns by 2030. The Pragmatic Coders team is well on its way and to date has already helped one company achieve that enviable status of an over billion-dollar valuation!

Pragmatic Coders promise their customers that—working with competent and business-minded people—they can make their product more successful and expect its delivery in less than three months! Within such a timeframe, the art is more about focusing on the essentials, setting realistic goals, validating important hypotheses, and implementing the minimum necessary to make the product work. Pragmatic Coders goes even several steps forward with their unique offer by introducing Product Strategy and Startup Consultancy workshops for very early projects. This service is designed to create outstanding products customers will love and make the project budget much leaner by focusing on MVP.

The Pragmatic Coders

So, who are the people behind Pragmatic Coders? What is it that makes them tick? The Polish company employs over 90 professionals organized in dedicated project teams. They invest their time and creativity only on projects that make real sense. With an average seniority of 5.5 years, Pragmatic Coders are able to use some magic and turn your ideas into outstanding software products within a realistic timeframe.

Looking at their Team Health scores, employees especially value the following aspects of their experience at the company:

- The communication and rapport with management (8.0/10.0)

- The advocacy (8.0/10.0)

- The rapport between peers (7.9/10.0)

This leads to an overall retention rate of 85%—which generally indicates very satisfied staff. Company CEO Marcin Dziedzic emphasises organizational pragmatism and values in one sentence:

Talk is cheap - show me the product - The only way to prove that we are the right business partner is by delivering real value.”

The Pragmatic Coders team enjoying the great outdoors

No-nonsense Reviews

Over the past seven years, Pragmatic Coders have helped their clients deliver high-quality products to approximately 175k users with over 5,000 features and 160 million USD in revenue. The Clients come mostly from the FinTech, e-commerce, and blockchain industries, but the company is open and ready to help others. Pragmatic Coders have already proved their skills by working with companies such as Atom Bank, Frost, BLOC-X, Webinterpret, Unlocked, Exchange Coin, or Photochain. Moreover, they impressed us here at Pangea back in 2019 with an Overall Pangea Score of 8.1/10.0. Read on if you want to learn more about the humble bunch from Poland that might be just up your alley!

We sat down with several of Pragmatic Coder’s satisfied customers back in 2019, who were particularly impressed with the company’s sophisticated Customer Journey (8.7/10.0), structured Project Management (9.0/10.0), and first-class Tech Expertise (9.0/10.0).

Beyond the numbers, to get a sense of what Pragmatic Coders is all about, you can read in the enthusiastic testimonials below:

“The relationship that exists between their product owner and their development team is extremely good. If I were to start BLOC-X again, I would make the same choice in choosing Pragmatic Coders.”

- Andrew Toumazi, CEO @ BLOC-X

“Pragmatic Coders became our strategic partner for software engineering needs from the beginning of our cooperation. As a result, we were able to augment our engineering team in no time with the speedy delivery of excellent members. Pragmatic has highly skilled engineers available immediately but most importantly, passionate people who love what they do and learn new things very quickly.”

- Pawel Oltuszyk, CEO @ Frost

“We used to work in a very fast and dynamic way, making decisions quickly, based on data and research. We found out quickly that often software development teams aren’t so dynamic in the delivery of the agreed scope. We contacted and tested the cooperation with a couple of them. Finally, we found the perfect match – Pragmatic Coders.”

- Sylwester Szczepanek, CEO @ Exchange Coin

Things are looking up at Pragmatic Coders!

Simply the Best

Regardless of which phase of the project you are in, the Pragmatic Coders team is always ready to assist you! Their services and outstanding business & technical expertise will help you in all phases of product development.

The pragmatic and empirical approach is heavily supported by world-class technical skills. The tech stack include technologies as: Node.js, React.js, Java, AWS, Solidity, C++,. NET, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, and more. Pragmatic Coders are best suited if you need support developing a brand new product or feature, for team augmentation or a project handover.

Pragmatic Coders take a sensible and realistic approach to things and have devised the following company values:

  1. “We are Partners” - which means focusing on long-term relationships with Clients by delivering them real business value and helping them succeed
  2. “We are pragmatic” - which means always choosing the simplest and the most effective solutions over fancy but complicated ones.
  3. “We take ownership” - which means taking full responsibility for the business and technical aspects of every project
  4. “We are team-players” - which stands for being always open, kind people every day no matter what.
  5. “We desire to grow” - which underlines the ambition and hunger for success based on constant improvement through customer feedback

If you're feeling their vibe, kick-start your idea with Pragmatic Coders by viewing their profile and contact us directly—and remember to keep it simple!


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