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August 27, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Keep a FINGO on the Pulse


BERLIN, Germany - Keep your finger on the pulse of FinTech with FINGO! With decades of experience and a laundry list of satisfied international business clients, this Pangea partner is a leader in the industry who works their fingers to the bone to exceed expectations. Point your next project in the right direction and connect with FINGO today!

Wrapped Around a FINGO

Opening its doors in the twilight of the 90s, FINGO has operated out of its headquarters in Wrocław, Poland, since 1999. They are well-prepared to meet any challenge presented by a new client’s ideas, with a well-developed strategy for meeting the needs of a project at any stage of development, per founder and CTO Robert Marek:

“At the first stage of the conversation [with new clients] we try to understand the company we're talking to, its profile and what business goals we can help them accomplish. It is very important that both parties understand how our expertise can translate into their success.”

This detail-oriented, comprehensive approach has served their many clients well, from established financial institutions like Commerzbank AG and Santander Bank to various commercial entities like automotive aftermarket information aggregator Autodata Ltd, exclusive fashion retailer Best Secret GmbH, and software consultancy Troi GmbH. With an overall Pangea Score of 8.0/10.0, we didn’t want to let this renowned company slip through our fingers!

A Team You Can Count On

The team at FINGO is virtually unmatched in the extent of their expertise. The company has 90 full-time employees, whose average experience rounds out at eight years. Staff members are as highly engaged with the company as they are with projects, and many of the staff share their extensive knowledge by regularly contributing to a company blog dedicated to various aspects of programming, development, and data wrangling. FINGO values every team members’ expertise, fostering confidence and conviction in their abilities to rise to the challenges of day-to-day problem solving, as CTO Robert points out:

“FINGO’s experience stems from the experience of its people. That is why it is so important for us to form stable software project teams, composed of people who trust one another, have been working together for many years and who are able to take responsibility for the whole project cycle.

“FINGO team is a group of skilled programmers, testers, support engineers, graphic designers, analysts and administrators. We are proud to be joined by creative, responsible and open-minded people. Each of us combines high professional competence with a passion for creating high-quality software.”

Truly, it seems that FINGO has the assembly and integration of teams who trust each other and work well together down to a science, with their first-year retention rate mirroring their overall retention rate of a whopping 95% success. Their Pangea Team Health Scores attest to their commitment, scoring above 80% in Wellbeing and Advocacy.

The FINGO team out for a company dinner

One of FINGO’s Senior Lead Developers extolls the expertise of one of the all-star teams facing a massive challenge:

“Several months ago I joined a team formed exactly for the purpose of ‘fixing the situation.’ The situation where a system responsible for the company’s sophisticated licensing policy – and thus impacting its hundreds of thousands of users is extremely difficult to maintain...The business was aware of the problem and formed a team with only very experienced team members in it. BTW, it was the first project in my life with only senior developers around me. After weeks of discussions we’ve come up with a high level plan and managed to convince the business too.”

Another employee, a graphic designer, fully agrees that an interdisciplinary team is necessary to do the best job possible, regardless of whether the issue is back-end programming or front-end design. She attests to the necessity of a well-built team:

“The role of UX is complex, demanding and multidimensional, and it is difficult to imagine that a good UX can be created by one person...the distribution of responsibilities within the UX work has a positive impact on the final product.”

PHP Developer and Software Engineer Szymon Krajewski further philosophizes on the benefits of being detail-oriented and starting small to achieve big results:

“[B]y starting small we create something that is usable. We can test the idea. We can create a habit. We can discard the idea if it’s no longer relevant for us. We can get feedback. We can change decisions. Ultimately, by starting small you can reach your goal without even noticing that.”

A FINGO in Every Pie

The FINGO team’s breadth of knowledge has served clients across multiple industries, most often including financial services, automotive industries, insurance companies, retail, and of course, software engineering. No job is too big for them; whether they’re working on an app for a series B++ startup or finagling financial software for SMEs or full-size corporations, they’ll grow your project with a green thumb. Their Pangea Client Insights Score averages out to 8.5/10.0, with Tech Expertise topping the scores at 8.8/10.0!

FINGO employees speaking at a conference

June Dawson, CEO at UK-based productivity booster Workwell, elaborates on FINGO’s culture of reliability and developing client trust:

“Fingo has been a diligent and engaged partner that we rely on as our outsourced software engineering team. We trust them and appreciate their patience in helping us realise our vision for our new product.”

Michał Marek, Product Owner at Resident Property Software Ltd, heaps even more praise on the company:

“Fingo is a great business partner who we can rely on. Their company culture and work ethic are exceptional. It is a group of great specialists who are also fantastic people.”

Another product owner, Irena Georgieva of Munich-based manufacturer Occhio GmbH, sums it all up:

“Fingo is working very professional, supportive, efficient, and flexible. The company understands the customer needs and implements them on time and in high quality. Very transparent communication and processes.”

Snap To It

With a robust tech stack that covers all the bases, FINGO has the capabilities to build backend, work web apps, energize enterprise software, do justice to data analytics and visualization, and develop databases. Depending on the details, the team has a stunning array of languages to tailor to the tech specs of any project, and the experience to know which will achieve the best version of the desired results. Their most frequently used programming languages include AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Angular, Vue.js, React.js, and of course classics like Java, JavaScript, Node.js, and .NET. Being beacons of back-end development as well as building bespoke systems, FINGO is best brought into play for new product development as well as existing project handovers and team augmentation.

FINGO counts among their successes the recent app they’ve developed for Swiss investment firm Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG. Rather than relying on traditional pen-and-paper questionnaires and in-person interviews to train and profile investors, the company has opted to build an algorithm that gamifies investment strategies and adapts them to each individual case. The resulting app uses interactive slides to test the client’s knowledge of investment tools, determine their long- or short-term financial goals, and increase their awareness of investment tools and mechanisms.

Creating successful projects is a snap with FINGO! Their highly experienced team of programmers, developers, software engineers, and graphic designers are perfectly suited to deliver the greatest value for their clients; if you would like to work with a company that promotes lasting relationships and a culture of maturity, check out our engagements page so we can point you in the right direction. In closing, we turn to CEO and Co-founder Malgorzata Marek for the finer points of the company values:

“At Fingo we build an environment based on trust, collaboration and mutual respect while assuming full responsibility for oneself.”

Fingers crossed that FINGO is the right fit for you!


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