It’s Prime Time to Learn About Prime Holding

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February 15, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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It’s Prime Time to Learn About Prime Holding


BERLIN, Germany - This week we are pleased to present our long-time partner in Prime Holding, a proud member of the Pangea universe for the past four years. Based in Bulgaria, they are a software development company more than capable of solving the most challenging of technical implementations. We have witnessed this with our very own eyes as Prime Holding has worked across 13 Pangea engagements - ranging from ERPs, Blockchain & Crypto, Fintech and more.

A Company In Their Prime

Prime Holding was born in August 2015 when the rapidly growing Programista (founded in 2013) acquired the well-established SBND Technologies (founded in 1999) and instantly transformed into one of Bulgaria’s leading software development companies. The following summer the company acquired APT Systems, laying the foundation for a sprawling technical empire that spans a whopping eight offices across Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Serbia.

According to CEO Dimitar Mantchev, Prime Holding was a startup that has grown into a tech juggernaut. He attributes the company's growth to the value of adaptability:

“You need to be nimble to evolve! As we tackled one challenging project after another, we learned to be open-minded to new technologies and methodologies to deliver the best solutions to our partners and advise them on how to reach their full potential.”

That approach has paid off and they are well decorated in their home country. In 2018 Prime Holding took first place in two categories (IT Product of the Year and Innovation in Technology) during the Bulgarian software industry awards, in addition to earning top honors from Forbes Business Awards the previous year for their Human Resources and Community Services.

With the above in mind and a Pangea Score of 8.7/10.0, it's well worth digging deeper into what makes Prime Holding who they are. But fair warning, you may discover that Prime may be a perfect fit for your next project.

Always prime time to wear a Prime Holding t-shirt on a team bonding hike before sunrise.

Prime, By The Numbers

With over 280 employees (speaking a grand total of 90 languages), people are at the heart of Prime Holding’s culture, and the company prides itself on building open and reliable relationships with both its employees and partners. As a team-orientated company, they encourage trust, quality, and creativity by fostering a welcoming space where everyone can share innovative ideas and better themselves and the company.

With a natural drive towards constant improvement, Prime Holding makes sure to invest in its people and their education. In addition to organizing internal training and knowledge sharing (and teaching software engineering at a local university), Prime has set up a unique internal engineering structure that guides their team on their path to success, offering career development plans, training in cutting edge technologies, and clear 360° feedback and self-evaluation.

With such support, it’s no wonder that employee retention is 80% with most Prime team members holding an average seniority level of 4 years. When we first sat down with Prime Holding back in 2017, they were experiencing 17% YoY growth and were anticipating 10% growth over the next three years, a target they exceeded! For more statistics about the Prime Holding team, just pop over to their Team Health page and have fun poking around.

Amazing Prime Customers

Over the years, Prime Holding has delivered exceptional service to over 50 satisfied customers and has earned an impressive Pangea Client Score of 8.7/10.0, featuring a high mark of 9.2/10.0 in documentation.

They’ve worked on a wide range of projects for startups and enterprises alike spanning the fields of Fintech, Network Infrastructure, Blockchain, and Salesforce. The satisfaction of their customers is evident in the glowing feedback we received from some of their longtime clients:

“I'd say Absolutely use Prime! They have opened up our avenues to more possibilities/opportunities than we could have envisaged. The Prime work model is such an effective and enjoyable experience to work with, all of the staff there really are passionate about the work they are doing. They get 11 out of 10 every time from me!”

- Jonathan Coy, Technical Director @ Care Computers

“Working with Prime Holding I've been able to assemble my dream team to build the product from an idea to a full launch. From product management to UX design, DevOps and QA Automation to the latest front and back end technologies like AngularJS and MongoDB we have been able to cover the full stack to create our successful product BetterSkills. I have the privilege of working with the smartest, most creative and dedicated individuals while not worried about day-to-day operations and logistics.”

- Tanya Bakalov, Founder and CEO @ Hello Team

“For the last couple of years, Prime Holding’s dedicated team covers all technologies and technical support in accordance with the product’s development needs. The team always looks ahead to the cutting-edge technologies and keeps the Jigsaw competitive and up to date.”

- Josette Fleszar, President and CEO @ Jigsaw Interactive

“The most valuable things that we have discovered while working with Prime actually starts with your culture, forward-thinking, honesty, not being scared to voice your opinion.”

- Paul James, VP of Technology @ Intellection Group

Team members on a sprint call having a laugh with their US-based client.

The Prime Holding Directive

When you engage with Prime Holding, you can rest assured that you will be getting a dedicated and ambitious partner, driven by the mission statement: “Exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.”

The above mission is also upheld meticulously on a daily basis by their internal superstar and SVP of Business Development, Kristan Smilenov alongside Dimitar and Georgi Sokolov, the CTO at Prime.

In order to deliver such outstanding service, Prime Holding utilizes a truly impressive tech stack that runs the gamut from languages like Java, Python, Microsoft.NET to frameworks like AngularJS, Vue.js, and Flutter. Their past experience consists of dabbling in Perl, Erlang, and R and they are now tinkering with Solidity, Golang, Scala, Tensorflow to integrate into the core technology stack.

We here at Pangea feel that these skills are especially suited for New Product Development, Team Augmentation, and Project Handover.

Prime offers a wide range of services that include Prototyping & Design, Product Architecture, and Testing & QA, each drawing from a strong background in a number of different verticals like blockchain, cloud services, data visualization, and both front- and back-end development, see more details here.

But even beyond their technology and engagement focus, Prime Holding is more than just a software development company, they are a genuine and talented partner that exemplifies the values of their company’s own ABC’s: Authentic, Benevolent, Competent.

Here at Pangea we are extremely honored to have a standout company such as Prime as part of our universe, and we would be happy to introduce you should you feel they make a great fit for your business. That said, we are excited for another 4 years with the company as a united force!


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