Introducing Infinum: a gem of a software development company!

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February 8, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Introducing Infinum: a gem of a software development company!


BERLIN, Germany – Today we shine the spotlight on Infinum, a full-service design and development company whose mission is to help and empower their clients through top-notch digital technology. Our team had the pleasure of teaming up with Infinum back in 2017, and we can safely say that the company has consistently been one of the top members in the Pangea universe ever since. Indeed, they are a fantastic representation of the Pangea community and the quality we cultivate!

To Infinum and Beyond!

Back in 2005, Infinum was not little more than a dream of two friends hoping to get rich or die tryin’; fast forward sixteen years and co-founders Tomislav Car (CEO) and Matej Spoler (CTO) are alive and well, leading a thriving collective of over 280 employees that provide top-notch design and development services to some of the world’s most recognizable brands (Philips, Nike, and Coca Cola, to name a few).

To hear Tomislav tell it, the secret to Infinium’ success comes from their focus on fostering lasting relationships, both within their company and with the clients (and users) they serve:

“Building amazing experiences isn't just about design or coding, it's about building long-term partnerships with clients, sharing expertise across industries, and ultimately delivering great experiences for end-users.”

We first engaged with Infinum in 2017, when the company was riding a hot streak after earning a slew of prizes for their rapid growth and innovation (Inc5000, Deloitte, European Business Awards), an award-winning trend that continues to this day with recent accolades from the Red Dot and German Design Awards. Clearly, the company continues to deliver great service year after year, so why don’t find out a bit more about what makes them tick?

The office vibe (pre-pandemic, of course) is a contributing factor to a happy team

The office vibe (pre-pandemic, of course) is a contributing factor to a happy team

A Supportive (and Pet-Friendly) Workplace

Infinum boasts an outstanding Pangea Team Health Score of 9.2/10.0, with particularly high scores (9.6/10.0) in both employee well-being and peer rapport, followed closely by culture, personal growth, and management rapport (all at 9.4/10.0). To get an idea of why Infinum’s employees rate their company so highly, you need only look at their core values as a baseline:

  • Enjoy your work
  • Collaborate
  • Speak your mind
  • Be a good person.

With such a supportive ethos, it’s no wonder that Infinum retains 97.5% of its first-year employees, and maintains an overall retention rate of 88%. This sentiment is supported further by the fact that Infinum has won the best employer award in Croatia two years in a row. Part of their appeal is the on-going training and tech talks that Infinum provides to their employees, along with numerous perks and financial incentives like the monthly fun-and-games budget provided to each of Infinum’s 22 internal teams.

But perhaps most importantly, Infinum takes pride in being an incredibly pet-friendly office, proudly displaying photos of all their “hairy associates” on their website. How could you not fall in love with a place that lets these cuties run free?

See it for yourself, what a cutie hanging out at Infinum!

See it for yourself, what a cutie hanging out at Infinum!

One of Infinum’s main focuses as a company is to establish trust with their clients and judging by their strong Pangea Client Score of 9.1/10.0, we’d say they certainly have earned quite a bit of respect! Clients particularly appreciate their UI/UX Design (9.4/10.0), in addition to their project management and business maturity (both at 9.2/10).

But don’t just take our word from it; here’s just a sampling of some of the glowing reviews of Infinum from clients who come from industries as diverse as Banking and Financial Services to Telecommunications and Fashion:

“I've worked with remote teams for five years and Infinum is one of the best I've ever seen.”

- Senior Product Manager at Innovation Hub

“We wouldn’t have been able to get the product built and to this point without Infinum’s support.”

- CTO at Series B+ Startup

“Infinum will ask questions and push back in order to develop the best product possible which I personally find as their strongest quality.”

- Head of Digital Innovation at Enterprise/Corporation

“When we work together, their team is very motivated. We get the feeling that they want to deliver excellent code and prepare everything correctly. [...] Their team wants to be included in our thoughts and concepts, freely giving and discussing their opinion [which] has been the main difference with them compared to other providers.”

- Senior Digital Business Manager at Enterprise/Corporation

A Reliable and Fast-Moving Partner

From digital banking apps to building websites for the museum of broken hearts, all of Infinum’s projects are defined by elegant code and cutting-edge interfaces. Moreover, the company actively encourages its employees to explore their own self-initiated ventures, many of which have gone on to become successful companies in their own right!

For instance, when the new web-connected Tesla Model S hit the markets, some of Infinum’s staff couldn’t help but dive into the API to create a dashboard to track the vehicle in real-time. Able to visualize everything from interior temperature to CO2 production, the digital app was utilized by not one, but two Europe-traversing journeys to promote the electric car. Their passion for automobiles culminated in Infinum recently teaming up with Porsche on an exciting new endeavour.

The team at Infinum working their magic

The team at Infinum working their magic

As you can see in their Pangea Tech Focus page, Infinum’s technology stack is quite robust, as their 100+ engineering staff command a wide range of languages that they use for web development (HTML/HTML5, Angular, Flutter, etc.), mobile (Kotlin, Swift), cloud(AWS, CircleCI), and more (Python, Ruby on Rails).

With such a breadth of tech knowledge, Infinum is well-equipped to handle most digital challenges and offer primary services in front- and back-end development, mobile, QA testing, and strategy consulting. They are masters of mobile and web development, big data and analytics, and IoT. Meaning, they can provide fantastic service no matter what your project’s needs are!

Whether you’re a venture-backed start-up or an established global enterprise, CEO Tomislav promises that Infinum can guide you through the entire process, asserting that “We collaborate with our clients every step of the way, from defining a vision, all the way through to shipping and growth.”

For us at Pangea, we are humbled and honoured that Infinum has chosen to be a part of the universe for the past few years. We look forward to continued collaboration for years to come! Since you made it this far, why not take a look at Infinum’s engagement page and see if this Croatian superpower in design and engineering can be a fit for your business.


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