In Seventh Heaven With 7code

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May 27, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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In Seventh Heaven With 7code


BERLIN, Germany - Get caught in spring fever and fall in love with the brand new Pangea-approved technology provider, 7code. The full-service software company from Romania not only lets you look through rose-tinted glasses, but with its agile mindset delivers cutting-edge digital solutions that perfectly match your needs. Swipe right!

The Perfect Match

It's not always easy to find exactly what you're looking for, but at 7code we're sure you will. They are the perfect match for anyone looking for a long-term partnership in the development of modern digital products—and a mutually productive future.

Founded in 2017 and based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 7code is a software company with plenty to offer. They cater to all your needs, whether it's a complex enterprise platform, a responsive web app, or maybe just a presentation website. With their agile work methods, they will always be by your side!

All you need to invest in this relationship is a brilliant idea and you will get everything you’ve ever dreamed of, be it an MVP or a fully functional product. With a healthy working environment and a business philosophy based on innovation, respect, focus and quality resources, 7code has already conquered the hearts of top clients like G42, Cloud of Legacy, or Rumage. Here at Pangea, we are smitten as well and award an Overall Pangea Score of 8.6/10.0. Read on to get a crush on 7code too!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Twelve First Dates

First dates can be pretty exciting, not to say nerve-wracking—especially when you not only meet one new potential sweetheart, but twelve talented people that are about to sweep you off your feet. But no worries, the 7code staff is an amiable, young bunch of accomplished middle and senior software developers, such as Daniel, Tech Lead at 7code. In awe, he tells how the company managed to woo him and help him advance his career:

“First of all, 7code helped me to specialize in different technologies and programming languages. It also gave me the opportunity to develop as a Team Lead through the accessed management courses. I also managed to gradually grow in the hierarchy from junior to senior.”

Mihai, Full-Stack Developer, adds:

“The freedom of working on multiple products and speaking with multiple clients and hearing their needs help me to become a better developer and a better person too, which is the main reason I enjoy working for 7code.”

At 7code, you can expect not only an employer that supports personal and professional growth (hence the excellent Personal Growth rating: 9.2/10.0), but also a community built on trust, merit, and reciprocity. Alexandra Claudia, Business Developer Manager, says:

“(...) I had the opportunity to advance in my career and there was no time to get bored with 7code. I like the team, what I do, the fact that I am appreciated and stimulated professionally, but also the fact that I have a goal and I am motivated to reach it!”

Like mentioned, the 7code team is fairly young, and might only have an average work experience of 3.5 years, but what makes them excel, besides a shared value system, is above all their passion and dedication for what they do every day. It’s what makes 95% of employees stay at 7code in their first year and beyond—and it's what will make you stay too.

More good reasons to fall in love with 7code: the excellent ratings in Culture, Management Rapport and Peer Rapport (9.1/10.0), and the Pangea Team Health Score of 8.9/10.0.

Knights of the Very Small Round Table

Charming All the Clients

From start-ups to medium-sized companies to large corporations, 7code has supported and impressed a wide variety of companies all over the world. 7code supports web applications for every stage of growth and is happy to adapt the work to each company and every need. With its flexible approach, 7code always manages to achieve the agreed goals and deadlines—Sébastien Cron, Project manager at Numerize, confirms:

”We worked on the responsive part of our GED (Electronic Document Manager) tool with 7code. The project management by Alessandro was perfect from start to finish. All the work was carried out correctly, on time and in full transparency. ”

7code works with partners in a wide range of industries including E-learning, Government Administration, Hospital & Healthcare, and more—wowing most of their long-term partners with their mesmerizing Tech Expertise (9.3/10.0) and an overall Pangea Client Insights Score of 8.3/10.0. Read one of the many rave reviews of delighted clients; in this case Bogdan Apostol, Tech Lead at G42 Smart Nation:

”7code has delivered an agile development of two custom products contributing to the safety and management of all vehicle traffic and deliveries during the Expo 2020 held in Dubai. ”

…In Love Yet?

Moving on to the most important part of any well-functioning business partnership—the technology. If you're still not convinced yet, maybe 7code can win you over with its stunning tack stack at last, namely JavaScript, React Native, React.js, Node.js, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and Docker.

7codes' areas of expertise also know how to impress, ranging from Product Design, MVP Development, IP Protection, Internet of Things, to Cloud Services and Back-end as well as Front-end Development.

7code's streamlined process moves from initial conversations, through strategy development and design, to software development and finally product delivery. The delightful staff are there to support you when it comes to new product development, team augmentation and support & maintenance—being there whenever you need them, through thick and thin. CEO, Nicu Mardari, once again highlights the key benefits of working with 7code:

“The integrated vision of the company incorporates both the main customers with their general needs and the employees along with their desires and performances.”

Other advantages? Most definitely — this company values stability, trust, teamwork, growth, and optimization. If you feel that this also applies to your values, then wait no longer and make a move: contact us directly to get into seventh heaven with 7code!


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