In Global Software Development, Preezma Is The Bee’s Knees

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September 7, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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In Global Software Development, Preezma Is The Bee’s Knees


BERLIN, Germany - We’re buzzing about Preezma, a multinational software development and IT consulting company with over 50 global clients that’s also a proud partner of the United Nations, EU Chambers of Commerce, and Inc. 5000 (US). Preezma works with individual companies as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations all over the world - from the US and Europe, to UAE and Israel. We think Preezma is the bee’s knees and we’re here to tell you what the buzz is all about!

Meet This Buzzworthy Bunch

Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Yerevan, Armenia, Preezma has been in operation for over 8 years. They joined Pangea in 2022 and are just as excited as us to embark on this symbiotic journey replete with mutual success! The company wrote an in-depth blog post about being in the top 7% of our vendors and the verification process of joining our platform. Preezma scored a sweet 9.0/10.0 for their Overall Pangea Score, which is an average of the Client Score and Team Health score (more on these scores later!)

Preezma’s impressive range of services includes enterprise software development, software product development, software re-engineering, IT consulting, and software testing & QA. Whether it’s easing the operations of your organization or building customized top-notch computer programs, Preezma has you covered. Liveart, Protranslating, and Cocoonweaver are only a few of the top clients of this company.

Teeming with Team Power

The Busy Bees Behind The Team

Affectionately calling themselves “Preezmers,” the 67 full-time employees at Preezma are more than just a group of busy bees with exceptional skills! Scoring a solid 8.5/10.0 for their Overall Team Health Score, as well as for Wellbeing, Culture, and Personal Growth, the company is a wonderful example of a hardworking, robust team.

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Anna, gave us a behind-the-scenes peek at what she values in her role:

“The hiring process here is challenging because, in addition to the candidates' technical background, we pay huge attention to their personalities and cultural fit. We have four central values established, and we choose all of our team members according to them. Our values are trust, transparency, care, and respect. This is what we believe in and try to keep in all of our team members.”

Diligent, motivated, and efficient, Preezmers also work on cultivating quality relationships with each other through open communication, transparency, and regular team-building activities. A recent team outing to Agveran, Armenia included a poignant reflection on company values and Q2 as well as delicious food and outdoor activities!

Amidst the buzzing work and social environment within the company QA Engineer, Armen, also pointed to the strong underlying texture of respect amongst the employees:

“I believe that in Preezma, people never insult each other, they are always polite, kind, and positive. And ‘transparency’ because there are no secrets or unclear situations in the company, and the environment is healthy and clear.”

When asked about his goals at Preezma, Director of International Relations Nareg replied with an eye toward the future of digital technology in Armenia:

“Some of the goals I want to accomplish is to further develop better processes within the public sector in Armenia. The more efficient [the] processes implemented, the more desirable Armenia will be as a place to live and come for vacation!”

Working With Them Is A Breeze

Preezma is a client-focused company that works with – not for – the client to produce an immaculate product from start to finish for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Preezma’s main industries include Apps and Mobile Development, Fintech, Cloud Solutions, Healthcare, Logistics and Transportation, Retail and e-Commerce, Education, Social Networks, and Insurance. Their excellent experience in these industries is matched by their equally excellent Client Score of 9.6/10.0! Preezma even scored a perfect 10/10.0 for Customer Journey, Project Management, Tech Expertise, Business Maturity, and Process Maturity!

Lilit Ohanyan, the VP of Business Development at ItSoft, added that the company brings a realistic approach, addressing both the pros and cons of a project:

​”A very progressive and right set of minds is the definition Preezma. Preezma is a great partner to our business. ​The company brings many years of staffing industry experience to the table and understands the opportunities and challenges of the field.”

The CEO at one agency that worked with Preezma also remarked on the technical expertise of the team:

”We've been working with Preezma on a large-scale governmental project for the last few years and we, as well as our ​c​lients, are happy with the quality and tech knowledge of Preezma developers...”

The Vice President of Block & Chain Game Studios, Devin Seto, raved about the joy of working with Preezma:

“When I worked with Preezma at the Halo Platform I was immediately impressed by the talented team. They know the industry, our tech extremely well and worked quickly – thoughtfully delivering a top-quality product. The team knows both good design and development practices and worked effectively in our agile environment. It was truly a pleasure to work with them!”

Gathering the Whole Picture as a Whole Team

Employing Advanced Technology With Ease

Preezma employs the latest technological tools to create the most advanced products for their clients. They see the forest and the trees - paying equal attention to the client’s larger vision as well as the specifics necessary to create the final product. Preezma knows perfection doesn’t exist, so they work on constantly improving their products and services

While Preezma will work with you on customizing which technologies they’ll use, it’s helpful to know that their main tech stack includes (but isn’t limited to) JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Python, Java, Swift, Kotlin, AWS, React Native. We embolden you to consider this team that goes above and beyond to incorporate innovative ideas in combination with these tried-and-true technologies.

Their top engagement types include New Product Development and Team Augmentation and their primary services include Back-end Development, Cloud Services, Front-end Development, Implementation of Features, ML/AI Services, and Mobile Development.

In keeping with their global reach, Preezma worked on a fascinating platform called Protranslating which offers translation services in over 300 languages with the help of over 150 linguists. With its hive of activity, this team consists of proofreaders, editors, translators, interpreters, and localization experts who all exemplify the core values of Preezma.

Wait not - let us help you make a bee-line for the globetrotting services of Preezma! The buzzworthy developers behind this team are eager to work with you at a cost-effective price that won’t sting your wallet.

Preezmers humanize the process of bringing a digital product to life just as we place a premium on making human connections. We’ll leave you with an inspiring quote from CEO Hamayak Harutyunov:

“Our mission is to help global organizations and startups overcome the technology challenges of Digital Transformation with a focus on new and emerging technologies, which we believe should make a positive impact on…our lives, making it simpler, smarter…open[ing] new promising horizons.”


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