Here Comes Tech's Finest Gem: Tooploox!

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October 8, 2021

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June 10, 2024

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Here Comes Tech's Finest Gem: Tooploox!


BERLIN, Germany - Kindly welcome Poland's dazzling digital diamond, Tooploox! The tech agency was recently added to Pangea's prestigious portfolio and is well-versed in everything from product and software development to consulting and R&D. Take a closer look at this sparkling gem of a company—it will captivate you forever!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Founded in 2012, the Polish software development company Toolploox has already left a lasting impression on the world of technology. Easily recognizable for its eye-catching diamond logo, the company is known for its radiant technical expertise.

The experienced team provides high-quality software development, product design and strategy services. With a mission to improve people's lives through technology, Toolploox works hard to take businesses to the next level from its headquarters in Wrocław, Poland. Based on mutual trust and professionalism, Toolploox has already formed long-lasting partnerships with top companies like Arabella, Light Labs Inc, and Orro.

The Polish tech jewel has not only been rewarded with numerous renowned prizes such as the Deloitte fast 500 EMEA or the Financial Times 1000 Europe's fastest-growing companies award, but also with a magnificent overall Pangea score of 9.1/10.0.

Meet the Brilliant Plooxies

Just as a diamond consists of a tightly structured lattice of carbon, the elements that make up Tooploox—it’s 148 hard-working employees, also known as Plooxies—are similarly close-knit and well-organized. Together, they provide a sparkling energy and a luminous working atmosphere.

At Tooploox, employees have an average seniority level of 6.3 years and are equipped with world-class tools to expertly apply their knowledge. Employee satisfaction is measured regularly, and care is taken to ensure that staff are able to reach their full potential and continue to grow. This to some impressive  Team Health KPIs, including scores of 9.2/10.0 in both Personal Growth and Peers Rapport, and a full 92% of staff stay beyond their first year. Zuzanna Hartleb, tech lead at Toolploox, gives us even more clarity on why so many employees like to stay at Toolploox:

“The teams foster an atmosphere of trust, which makes trying out new ideas and taking on new roles and responsibilities much less stressful.”

Tooploox is an organisation without conventional top-down management. Rather, they follow a holacracy without any real management at all. The Plooxies mostly organise themselves and trust each other fully. Dominika Basaj, AI/ML researcher, raves about this concept and says:

“Thanks to the company’s flat structure, Tooploox employees can engage in so many activities that the roles are very fluid. (...) Tooploox is a great place if you wish to develop your skills, both technical and soft.”

At this company, everyone is able to make decisions, big or small, and has a real impact on the growth and future of the business. As Łukasz Kasprzyk, mobile development expert, confirms:

“I have an impact on the projects I would like to work on and whenever there is an internal/external initiative, I have the opportunity to participate in them.”

Some Plooxies enjoying a break

Rock-solid Testimonials

Tooploox offers innovative solutions for start-ups and established companies alike. Whether you have just come up with an idea or have already launched your product, Toolploox is there to help you. The company usually works with partners from the automotive and computer software industries, however, it is open to collaborate with any type of company.

With over 150 products delivered, Toolploox achieves a truly excellent overall Pangea Client Insights Score of 9.5/10.0, including perfect scores in Customer Journey, Project Management, Tech Expertise, and Business Maturity! Clearly, these gemstones are flawlessly cut!

And while diamonds may be a girl's best friend, Tooploox works well with everyone! Just read the following customer reviews, which express the fascination for Toolploox' rock-solid work:

”Tooploox has been an excellent partner with ability to execute on highly complex technologies, Tooploox has been key in helping us meet our project goals and deadlines in a timely fashion with great quality. ”

- Anonymous @ Series B++ Startup

”We've been working with Tooploox for more than 2 years. On more than 5 projects. Worked with many different people in the company. They were all focused and great in their domain. Highly recommended.”

- Anonymous @ Agency

”Tooploox has been a great partner in helping us execute on our roadmap! Knowledgeable on both the technical and project+process fronts. The entire team is a delight to work with.”

- Head of Software @ Seed to Series A Startup

A Tooploox employee burning the midnight oil

Diamonds Are Forever… And So Is Great Code!

For a product that lasts eternally, trust in Tooploox. The experienced team can support you in whatever you need, especially when it comes to autonomous vehicles, hardware, image processing, mobile or SaaS. The 100+ engineers have become particularly polished in the following diverse technologies: Python, Google Cloud Platform, Google BigQuery, Node.js, React.js, TypeScript, Kotlin, Swift, and Kubernetes.

Using various development practices such as Agile Development Methodology, Prototype Methodology, or Lean Development Philosophy, Toolploox can help you when you want to expand your team, have a project handover, or start with a brand new product. They support you from start to finish—and into eternity.

The company’s values of growth, relationship, commitment, and professionalism have made Toolploox a true jewel in the technology scene over the last nine years. Let’s close with CEO Paweł Sołyga, who sums up what makes his company so indestructible and ever-lasting:

“At Tooploox, we help startups deliver successful products by applying our AI, mobile, web, and design expertise in a comprehensive and reliable way. We build long-term partnerships and form professional remote teams that continue to grow with your business. Improving people's lives through technology one step at a time.”

Interested? Contact us directly or visit the Toolploox profile page today—and let your ideas shine!


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