Going Down in Tech History With Pixion

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May 20, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Going Down in Tech History With Pixion


BERLIN, Germany - This is one for the books: boutique software development and design agency Pixion has recently joined Pangea and is now ready to make tech history with clients all over the globe! Their small but mighty team of engineers and designers will help you build world-class digital products that last generations. Bring it on!

Once Upon A Time In Croatia

In 2020, Pixion was born out of a desire for independence. Although the Zagreb-based boutique development agency is still quite new to the world of technology, it has already managed to assemble a handpicked group of designers and engineers with a dazzling wealth of experience in the IT industry. Talk about a quickly thickening plot!

Pixion's mission is to help companies tell their stories through their products with elegance, and in ways specific to each company’s needs and desires. They design and develop digital products for their international clients that are exceptional and with the intention of withstanding the test of time—perhaps even reaching the glory of myth. Thus, the entire team places great value on high-quality work; as well as a foundational, communicative relationship with each client.

Since its founding, Pixion has managed to put together a large number of respectable projects and has won over top clients such as Acceligent, SquadLocker, and Direcut Productions. This, and the fact that they do not compromise when it comes to their work has led to them receiving a remarkable overall Pangea Score of 9.3/10.0.

Big Bonding in Little Moments

Small Team, Big Achievements

Pixion values smart solutions—they communicate this externally as well as internally. The 19-member team wants to constantly grow in their tasks and challenges and learn from other motivated and intelligent people they surround themselves with. With an average seniority level of 5 years, they certainly succeed in doing so. Rut, Software Engineer at Pixion adds:

“Pixion has consistently respected my opinions and accepted my wishes. By encouraging me to try new technologies, learn new things, and get out of my comfort zone as much as possible, Pixion made working truly fun and helped me to find what things I like and don't like doing. Further, it helped me choose in which direction I want my career to develop.”

Mislav Bajan, Software Engineer, talks in a similarly enthusiastic way about his experiences at Pixion:

“Every day I'm still learning something new, but what's really keeping me here is the relaxed atmosphere, bright people and fun everyday experiences.”

Pixion prefers to maintain its small circle of wonderfully committed, innovative folks — with the commitment to reach no more than 25 employees. This way, they foster their deep bond with one another and avoid unwanted changes to company culture that they may have previously encountered in working environments. An overall retention rate of 100%, as well as a retention rate of 100% in their first year goes to show how well this policy has worked for them.

The Pixion staff truly enjoy their work and approach each and every project carefully and with enthusiastic curiosity. Here, work results are best achieved through open and direct communication, it’s the basis of Pixion's way of working. Gordan Graberec, Software Engineer, says:

“We take pride in our open office culture where everyone enjoys the ability to share any issues - work related or otherwise, without reproach. We revel in our achievements, but we also share our burdens as a team.”

The overall Pangea Team Health Score is a whopping 9.4/10.0. As shown by the previous employee comments, Personal Growth (9.6/10.0) and Peer Rapport (9.8/10.0) stand out the most.

Unperplexed by a Puzzling Cake

Worldwide Reputation For Pretty Pixels

Pixion has successfully worked with a range of international clients in different industries, from automotive and construction to retail and education. This Croatian team develops platforms for both consumers and client companies’ internal uses. When it comes to customers; openness, trust and the pursuit of excellence are particularly important to Pixion. Jeremy Lapon, CTO at Acceligent, llc, has already experienced this very excellence first-hand and reports:

”Exceptional leadership, development and QA expertise. Great group of people to work with for the long haul. The analytical & communication skills of the entire team gives Pixion the ability to address potential issues before they become problems.”

Matej Majstorovic, Managing Director of Direcut productions d.o.o., is just as enthusiastic about Pixion's work. He says:

”Pixion was the missing puzzle that we so desperately needed to finally put our project on our feet. The way they're handling the development process and how it gets streamlined and presented to us as an end client is second to none.”

The professional, helpful and creative nature of the Pixion team is convincing and leads to an overall Pangea Client Insight Score of 9.3/10.0. They particularly shine in the areas of UI / UX design and Tech Expertise, both with a rating of an outstanding 10/10.0.

Tell a Tenacious Tale Through Your Tech

Thanks to their comprehensive and versatile skills, Pixion can tackle any task with confidence. They can develop digital products from scratch, redesign or maintain existing platforms, create creative visual identities and seamless user experiences, and much more.

Pixion is particularly knowledgeable when it comes to the following domains: backend development, cloud services, data visualization, front-end development, feature implementation and mobile development, just to name a few.

This company’s engineers always stay on the cutting edge of technology — their stack includes (but is not limited to) NET Core, TypeScript, AWS, Node.js, PostgreSQL, React.js, SASS, .NET Entity Framework, and React Native.

CEO, Matko Raguz, extends a warm welcome to all future partners and is already looking forward to a fruitful, long-lasting collaboration:

“Hello and welcome to the Pixion family, we’re all thrilled to have you join us! You’ll find that there’s a lot to learn, especially in the first few weeks, but fear not - we’ll guide and ease you into everything. Most important thing to remember: everyone’s a friend and willing to help so don’t be a stranger!”

Not only do desirable values such as Confidence, Resourcefulness, Friendship, Meticulousness, Curiosity await you and your company, but also a team that will transform your ideas into extraordinary products of the future — should you accept your call to Pixion. Contact us directly and go forth with Pixion by your side to make tech history together!


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