Go Full Speed Ahead With Sprintform

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July 29, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Go Full Speed Ahead With Sprintform


BERLIN, Germany - Whether your project is in its nascent stages or ready to hit the track but in need of more technical guidance, Sprintform has your back. A digital consulting and software development agency with a firm commitment to its clients, Sprintform caught our attention as the first agency with 100% ownership of its future-proof products and services. Are you ready to run at full speed with executing your project or idea? If so, let’s get warmed up by learning more about this leader in the digital revolution and why you should consider them for your project’s finish line!

Spring Forward With Sprintform

Founded in 2019 with headquarters based in Budapest, Hungary, Sprintform joined the Pangea universe in 2022, and it’s been a boon to have them on board. Sprintform goes beyond web and mobile software development to incorporate robust yet flexible support teams including business analysts, designers, testers, DevOps engineers, QA services, agile coaching and scrum services. They have ample time and state-of-the-art resources to take care of even backlog issues you may not have the bandwidth for.

Sprintform has a list of top-tier clients and market leaders such as Vodaphone, Wizz, Uniqa, KPMG Global Services, Hungary Ltd., OTP Bank Plc., and Barion Payment Plc. to name a few. With an Overall Pangea Score of 9.6/10.0, Sprintform scored 9.2% higher than the average Pangaea vendor and it’s no secret as to why! It begins with the managerial staff and employees, the backbone of the company.

Formulating Ideas Is the Ideal

Teeming With Team Spirit

Sprintform boasts the best of all worlds, combining stellar tech talent amidst a caring and supportive company culture. Sprintform is expansive with 30 full-time employees and a strong desire to continue to hire the best of the best. Self-described as a “culture-first” company, Sprintform regularly hosts team-building events for employees such as hiking excursions and overnight company retreats.

The company emphasizes excellent service, transparency, open communication, honesty, and opportunities for personal growth. Team members are treated as partners and information regarding salaries, hourly rates, and margins are made known. QA / Software tester Titánia Tiara tells us:

“...we enjoy friendly competition and find new ways at every turn to make our and others’ lives more fun. Besides that our community is very tight-knit and caring. Anyone can turn to anyone with their problems, we aspire to help and support everyone not only within the company but in personal life too (we also do charity together).”

With their speed, energy, and enthusiasm, employees are in top shape to deliver the best digital products and services on the market. Their spirit of collaboration, with each other as well as their clients, informs their unbeatable deliverables.

Senior Full Stack Developer Levante points to the personable and attentive nature of those assigning projects:

“Even when I did a team augmentation job at Sprintform…they kept asking and talking to me about how I felt about the project and how much I liked it. I would have had the opportunity to switch to another project if I didn’t feel good working on the current one. Because the person who is working on the project is just as important as the project itself. I like that earning money is not the only factor when we choose the next project. Quality work can only really be done if those who work on it also feel good.”

With a score of 9.5/10.0 or higher in categories such as Overall Team Health Score, Culture, Management Rapport, Peer Rapport, Personal Growth, and Feedback & Recognition, it’s no wonder Sprintform boasts an overall retention rate of 90%!

When asked why he joined Sprintform and what keeps him there, Scrum Master Daniel says:

“For me, it was a breath of fresh air to start working at a small company that feels a lot more like home compared to the usual corporate environment, mainly because I am also able to shape our company in the way I see fit. This effect makes it worthwhile to invest your time and effort as you can feel your own impact during the growth of the company.”

“Running Up That Hill” in Tip-Top Team Form

The Client’s Runner’s High (Minus The Run)

The top industries that Sprintform works with include but are not limited to Banking, Computer Software, Insurance, Financial Services, and Information Technology. Within these industries, A plethora of global clients have had an excellent run working with Sprintform and it’s no wonder how and why the client base has been steadily growing.

With a remarkable Overall Client Insights Score of 9.8/10.0, the company even scored 10/10.0 on the following categories: Customer Journey, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Tech Expertise, Quality Assurance and Documentation Level. Here are a few client testimonials that indicate the ease and joy of working with Sprintform.

Tom Biro, Business Architect and Owner at Barion, shares that Sprintform’s knowledge base and services surpass the basics of software engineering:

“What we liked the most about working with Sprintform is that they have all the essential knowledge needed for product development, not only the software engineers. They are experts working with complex services like ours (fintech, payments).”

Francis Hardy, Senior Delivery Manager at Wizz Air, emphasizes Sprintform is the great fit they were searching for, especially in terms of speedy deliverables:

“We were looking for a company like Sprintform and we got the best match. They understand agile software development in practice so we could build solutions together rapidly without losing on quality.”

The VP of Procurement at a Series B++ Startup was so thrilled with Sprintform that they continued to work with the company on more aspects than were originally planned for:

“We started joint work with Sprintform as a consultant, where we needed technical audits. We were happy to see they did great work so we involved them in our product development too.”

Technology At Top Speed

Sprintform is ahead of other contenders when it comes to employing new digital technologies, a true leader in the digital revolution. The company is best suited for products and services around New Product Development, Team Augmentation, and Firefighting Response. They typically work within the domains of Front-end, Mobile, Web Applications, Enterprise Software, and UI / UX Design to name a few. Their diverse main tech stack includes React.js, TypeScript, Spring, HTML/HTML5, CSS, Kotlin, Swift, Selenium, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Kubernetes.

Internally and outside of office hours, Sprintform actively works to bring their employees to trainings and workshops, for example, through Full Stack meet-ups or Craft Conferences. These events help employees stay apprised of development trends among other industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

Now that we’ve amply warmed you up to the incredible services that Sprintform has to offer, are you ready to work (it) out with them? WIth company values such as Fairness, Transparency, Ownership, Adaptivity, and Having Fun, Sprintform will ceaselessly and seamlessly work with you and each other to deliver the finest digital products and services in our current digital revolution.

We look forward to hearing about your interest in working with Sprintform and passing the baton to them to help execute your project. Outrun your fears and hesitancies by reaching out to us as a first step!


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