Go beyond technology with Gauss

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April 22, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Go beyond technology with Gauss


BERLIN, Germany - Today we’re delighted to introduce you to Gauss, the latest addition to our Pangea universe. These free-thinking adventure lovers claim to be ‘beyond technology’ and can help your product to take off. Find out what these fun-loving Croatians are all about—we’re sure you’re going to love what you see.

From humble beginnings...

Founded in 2012 as a small team of enthusiastic developers, Gauss has grown and expanded over the years to become one of Europe’s leading providers of quality IT and business solutions. The company has twice made it onto Deloitte’s list of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe, and in 2020, the team was the winner of the AAA Bisnode Gold Credit Excellence Certificate. What a success story!

Today, they operate in sunny Osijek as a happy team of 69 talented developers, engineers, and project managers. The company’s vision? To become the go-to IT company around the world, recognised for their quality tailor-made creative and technologically advanced solutions.

With a Pangea Score of 9.1/10.0, they’re well on their way to achieving that status. Their specialties? The Gauss team can be found working on web design and development as well as custom software solutions, mobile apps, e-commerce strategies, and UX design. Through each of their services, Gauss is dedicated to achieving real and measurable results for their clients, and they always aim to turn creative ideas into something with tangible business value.

A Very Cosy Team

With a tight-knit team, Gauss feels like a real family, something that’s reflected in their Team Health Score of 8.3/10.0. It’s no surprise that they score so well in this area when we stop to consider the company’s values: proactiveness, integrity, positive attitude, trust, and cooperation.

Proactiveness is reflected in the people hired at Gauss. The hiring managers look for free-spirited and well-informed people who are willing to take the initiative, anticipate and think ahead. They love people who are always looking for new ideas and thinking about the next big thing.

“Always try to do your best, learn new stuff, share your knowledge with other colleagues and be proactive. You will get a chance to prove your knowledge, team personality, and your efforts will be recognised and rewarded.”

- Mattej, Frontend Developer, casual footballer, and beer drinker

This has allowed them to create a kick-ass team that always goes the extra mile for clients. And it’s paid off—people love working at Gauss. The average employee has 3.3 years of experience, and the company’s first-year employee retention rate is 89%. Over the last three years, the average employee retention rate has been 45%.

The value of cooperation is something that employees really love about their workplace. No matter how busy, everyone’s always willing to go out of their way to help others at Gauss, something that’s reflected in the Peer Rapport Score of 8.4/10.0.

“What is really important to me and keeps me here is definitely the work atmosphere, work colleagues that are pleasant to work with, and their constructive and helpful approach as much as exciting and dynamic work.”

- Kristina, QA Tester and nature lover

The team loves to do team-building activities together and genuinely likes to socialise together outside of work. It feels more like a little family than a workplace. From football to netball and—of course, good old-fashioned after-work beers, they love to get together and relax. They can enjoy this so much partly due to the company’s flexible working policies, allowing them to experience a good work/life balance. Indeed, Gauss gets a Wellbeing Score of 8.6/10.0.

“I was kept at Gauss by a great team with whom nothing is difficult and never boring, and the daily challenges through which I am constantly learning new things keep me up to date with the latest technologies. I would also like to point out collegiality as our greatest virtue that makes us such a good team. Every day at work is filled, apart from daily tasks, with laughter and jokes because with new colleagues I also made new friends.”

- Marijo, Frontend Developer, and avid movie fan

The team loves to get active together

A Team You Can Trust

Gauss comes with a hugely impressive Client Score of 9.9/10.0—there’s no doubt at all that clients absolutely love to work with them. What are they doing to make clients so appreciative of their work? Well, for one thing, they’re committed to providing innovative solutions that meet—and exceed—their client needs. They specialise in working with small and medium-sized businesses, but also partner with public institutions and agencies.

“It is a rare experience for a startup to have the focused support of a top-ranked consulting and development team like Gauss. We would be years behind where we are today without Gauss handling our design, development and support.”

- David Rossette, CEO @ Linkster

The team at Gauss work closely with their clients, focusing on their needs and taking feedback from all stakeholders to produce a product that allows the client to be at the very top of their game. Clients love their technical expertise, project management, and communication skills, and they feel like they’re always kept in the loop.

“One of Gauss’s biggest strengths is the flexibility and accessibility of all team members. It is a company that is oriented towards a long-term partnership with very open communication and expertise.”

- Georgije Bogojević, CEO @ iProsperity LTD

Gauss is committed to increasing online sales and enhancing the marketing activities of their clients, as well as creating new trends in e-commerce. Their key markets are Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK, but they can and do work with clients worldwide—indeed, as one of their visions is to become the worldwide go-to company for quality tailor-made solutions, they’re always keen to expand their global network of long-term partners.

“Gauss has been our valued partner for a long timewe can always rely on them to get the job done, in time and according to industry standards. Their employees are top experts, whether they are developers and engineers, or managers.”

- Bart Glass, CEO @ Social Innovations Development Labs

Meet some of the ladies of Gauss

Turning visions into reality

The Gauss team specialises in web design and development, custom software and Internet of Things solutions, mobile apps, e-commerce, strategy consulting, and UX design. The tech stack used by the team is overflowing, with the most-used technologies being JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Vue.js, Angular, Google Cloud Run, and ElasticSearch. And that’s just the beginning! They can and do regular work with other technologies depending on the client’s needs.

When we spoke to the team recently, we asked them what their favourite projects were to work on. The answers were varied, but one project kept cropping up again and again: the Beach Amenities App. This is an iOS and Android app the team built to give quick and easy access to beach facilities, allowing you to book and pay for a deck chair and parasol in just two clicks. Perfect for busy beach lovers!

Another popular project for the team was Gauss Box, a custom-built, cloud-based platform for managing all business processes, making day-to-day business management and strategic planning much easier.

If these innovative technologies sound like your sort of thing, you could be a good match for Gauss. Want to join forces and become part of their band of very happy clients? Get in touch with the team behind the technology and find out what their slogan of ‘beyond technology’ really means.


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