Get Ready for Digitalya's Formidable Tech Talent!

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March 16, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Get Ready for Digitalya's Formidable Tech Talent!


BERLIN, Germany - Straight from Romania, the web and mobile app development company Digitalya is here to captivate you for good. Digitalya helps companies worldwide to develop top-notch apps and make processes more efficient and streamlined. Soon they can turn your business idea into reality and together revolutionise the tech world. Now get ready!

Three’s a Company

Our story begins in 2014 when three tech lovers founded a digital company in beautiful Iasi, Romania, that would reshape the tech industry—not just in Romania, but globally. These Three Musketeers forged forth, and thus Digitalya OPS was born, transforming our three former freelancers into flourishing entrepreneurs. With their expertise and ambition, they have managed to become a respected technology company in the highly competitive market.

Helping companies launch a successful software product has become part of their daily routine. As a result, they manage to change the world on the daily: with high-performance web and mobile applications. From their offices in Romania and Switzerland, they serve clients in various regulated niches; their top clients to date are 2assistu GmbH, Seduco GMBH, and SEI Data Healthcare.

Only 8 years after their founding, they are now among the elite of Pangea's meticulously curated tech providers and shine with an overall Pangea rating of 9.4/10.0.

Top-Clients of the World Unite

Once Digitalya wins over a partner — be it enterprise or start-up — the collaboration tends to be long-lasting. Digitalya has developed extensive expertise in specialised sectors such as aviation, e-learning, commercial real estate, computer software and healthcare. With their broad range of skill sets and interests; one day they may work on an app that is revolutionising yoga practice worldwide, and the next they may be contributing to a digitised learning experience in Switzerland! As quoth Alexandre Dumas, “The merit of all things lies in their difficulty.”

Meeting time at the HQs

Though each one of their partners has a unique business approach, there is one thing that unites all of Digitalya's clients—and it’s the euphoria with which they talk about this tech company. Jens Becker, CEO at KF Interactive GmbH, reports about this experience with Digitalya as follows:

“In a highly demanding environment Digitalya proved itself as an amazingly flexible partner supporting all upcoming topics with their knowledge, engagement, and reliability. We really loved working together.”

The CEO of a seed to Series A startup too has only good things to say about the Romanian company:

“We had direct contact with the freelance UX designer as well as the CEO himself, which was very pleasant for us as a smaller start-up. The price/quality ratio of Digitalya was exceptional and I would definitely recommend it to others! ”

Not surprisingly, this results in a terrific overall Pangea Client Insights Score of 9.2/10.0, with top scores in Customer Journey (9.5/10.0), Tech Expertise (9.5/10.0) and Business Maturity (9.5/10.0).

One for All, All for One

Much as in the realm of the Three Musketeers; Digitalya's 21-strong team is united in vision and work. They are innovative, reliable, and consistently deliver high-quality results. The team works in an open and transparent culture where quarterly reports are shared with the whole company. Although the company’s constituents may still be fairly young, with an average of 2 years experience, every colleague is highly motivated, committed and willing to contribute to the growth of the company in their very own cunning approach. Alexandru Matei, UX Designer, shares with us what he has already achieved in his years at Digitalya:

“Lots of experience. Since joining Digitalya, we have solved lots of issues for our customers in different backgrounds. We are versatile people that help different industries along our journey.”

Overmore, Daniel Brunescu, Project Manager, affirms that Digitalya not only supports the growth of their clients but also the employees' personal and professional development:

“Here we can grow in different directions, I'm a PM, I help on the dev side when needed, I write articles for our content culture... There is infinite space to try and develop whatever skill I want.”

The eager team is characterised by a stunning sense of community and an immensely shared passion for the digital world, as well as exceptional dedication to turning ideas into first-class software solutions. Digitalya members live the "less is more" approach, bringing simplicity to scalable product development.

The team clearly knows how to have fun at work!

All this has earned Digitalya an astounding Pangea Team Health Score of 9.6/10.0, with Management Rapport and Feedback & Recognition scoring 9.7/10.0. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Digitalya is able to retain 90% of its employees after the first year and beyond. Bogdan Padurariu, CTO at Digitalya, finds just the right words to describe what makes Digitalya so special, not only for him but for all employees:

“For me, it was and still is the place where I could grow, where I made friendships that transcends the working barrier, and also the place I could experiment in order to choose the right path for me.”

Digital - ya Life!

With their customised and creative solutions, the tech-heads develop an outstanding software product from beginning to finish, frontend to backend. They support companies in the development of a completely new product, team augmentation, and/or a project handover.

They have a particular affinity for design (UI/UX), IoT (Internet of Things), and location technology. With their tech stack consisting of React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Laravel, and PHP they design high-quality web and mobile applications that meet any users' preferences.

Digitalya's 5 core values are a blend of the team members' personal values and the values of the company as a whole—Digitalya stands for the following ideals: We learn together, We help each other, Power to the Team, Always looking for quality, Tech is our Playground.

Finally, CEO, Alex, leaves a kind message for all potential partners:

“Hey, I am Alex, Digitalya's CEO and I want to welcome each one of you within our network of partners. It will be a pleasure to meet you and learn how we can work together. Sending positive vibes from beautiful Iasi!”

Yearning for a little Digitalya now? Get in touch with your inner d'Artagnan and contact us — receive Digitalya’s digits and start your quest!


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