Get in the Batmobile with X2 Mobile

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January 18, 2022

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June 10, 2024

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Get in the Batmobile with X2 Mobile


BERLIN, Germany - The new year is off to a good start: the Batmobile of the tech world X2 Mobile has recently joined the elite of Pangea providers at full speed! The mobile software development company cares for its partners especially in the all-important field of education and seeks justice with its initiatives that contribute to social sustainability and growth. Kapow!

Gotham City and Beyond

Think of X2 Mobile as the Batmobile—unique, fully equipped with the latest technology and with a personal, customised approach. Since 2013, X2 Mobile has been on a quest for justice and wants to provide everyone, everywhere, with easy access to products that support human development, individual fulfilment and the sustainability of life.

Combining their passion for mobile app development with a keen interest in human development, the hardworking team at X2 Mobile aims to become the most trusted mobile product partner for initiatives that contribute to social sustainability and growth—and they are well on their way! From their headquarters in Cluj Napoca, Romania, their apps have already reached millions of people in Gotham City and beyond. Across Europe and the US, more than 2,000,000 students in over 1,300 school districts profit from X2 Mobile’s talent. Santander, ClassLink or Collaborative Classroom, to name but a few, are top loyal clients.

Following a bat-detailed examination process, Pangea awards X2 Mobile an excellent overall rating of 9.4/10.0.

No Villains In Sight

What Robin is to Batman, clients are to X2 Mobile—trusted partners, allies and certainly anything but villains. Typically, X2 Mobile supports enterprises and corporations with their bold services. X2 Mobile's commitment is to help clients take advantage of the dynamic, fast-changing world of mobile app and technology development in the education sector.

Success proves them right by being rewarded with a phenomenal Pangea Client Insights Score of 9.9/10.0. This is not part of the fiction but the unbelievable truth, X2 Mobile scores an even 10/10.0 in the areas of Customer Journey, Project Management, Tech Expertise, Quality Assurance, Documentation Level, Business and Process Maturity. Bam! Let's have a look at the raving reviews and how these incredible scores came about:

”X2 Mobile has been a strategic partner from our early start-up days to now. They always delivered, they always met or exceeded expectations. High quality at a reasonable price.”

- Herman Veenstra, CEO @ Safelet

”X2 has developed and maintained several mobile applications for us to use privately. They are always quick to respond with a real solution whenever an urgent task arises, no matter what the time or day.”

- Anonymous, COO @ Enterprise/Corporation

”The team at X2 Mobile have been partners in building our client's iOS app for many years. We can count on them to deliver quality builds and are fast in attending to any issues.”

- Paul Eident, Owner @ Aslan Interactive, Inc.

Paris with the X2 family is always a good idea

The Batman Family

The X2 Mobile team is a community of 19 loyal colleagues and friends who are always looking to find new challenges and make a difference on a global scale. X2 Mobile's employees are as diverse as the Batman family—they are top-notch product experts, creative designers and world-class developers with 3.3 years of seniority.

Completely open collaboration with all stakeholders is the key to success. The employees also enjoy many other benefits; besides work, X2 Mobile's welded-in community also meets for leisure activities, such as making handmade jewellery or pottery together. This close-knit community results in an overall and first-year staff retention rate of 100%. This earns them a Pangea Team Health Score of 8.9/10.0, including Peer Rapport of 9.4/10.0 and Wellbeing, Culture and Personal Growth of 8.9/10.0. Just check out some of the employee reviews that complement the scoring:

“Apart from this “starting in a garage and conquering the world” dream, I remember that George, the company’s CEO really did his best in trying to convince me which gave me the reassurance and momentum I needed at that time because he had no way to know that an inexperienced student will eventually be a good fit for his company so he must have seen some potential in me and I dare to say, he wasn’t wrong.”

- Diana Stanean, Product Manager @ X2 Mobile

“X2Mobile is not just an ordinary company, it's a family. The team is what I love the most and this is what makes X2Mobile shine.”

- Mircea Dragotă, iOS Team Lead @ X2 Mobile

“I joined X2 Mobile as I was looking for a new challenge after many years spent in the corporate environment in different leadership roles. X2 Mobile convinced me that is the best fit for me due to the combination of team enthusiasm, growth potential, and office vibe.”

- Dan Mocan, Business Development Partner @ X2 Mobile

Always enjoying each other’s company

Superhero Technology

Batman uses technology and advanced training to fulfil his mission—and so does the team of X2 Mobile. The team is proficient in creating amazing user experiences implemented through the most efficient technology, which at the same time increases the sustainability of the project.

You can count on X2 Mobile for back-end development, custom systems, front-end development, feature implementation, mobile development and MVP development. With their agile ways of working, including Scrum or the Lean Development philosophy, they support their valued partners. Especially when it comes to developing new products, expanding the team or handing over a project, X2 Mobile comes into play. The tech stack they use for this is a tech stack for superheroes: Swift, Kotlin, Node.js and Angular are most frequently used.

While Batman has no real superpowers, X2 Mobile has no less than five. The talented team shares the company values of responsibility, creativity, transparency, happiness and kindness. With these, they manage to build only high-impact products to ensure sustainability as one of their greatest contributions. CEO, George Purusniuc, summarises for us what the X2 Mobile troupe has achieved in recent years and why it is worth joining forces with them:

“For the past 9 years X2 Mobile has grown organically together with our partners. Our focus is always on understanding our partners' business needs and finding the best solution for their audience. X2 Mobile is about the latest technology, amazing user experience, a team that is closer to a family and remarkable collaboration.”

Contact us directly if you too want to get into the X2 Mobile—don't worry, no need for a mask or cape!


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