Get a Taste of the Perfect Blend with CNJ

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January 18, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Get a Taste of the Perfect Blend with CNJ


BERLIN, Germany - Pangea is now serving Coffee N'JUICE (CNJ)! The Slovenian digital agency has been shaking up the tech scene for quite a while now and it was only a matter of time to add them to the prestigious menu of tech vendors. With their focus on boutique-like uniqueness and perfection, CNJ can be your future digital engineering and enterprise digitisation partner—have a taste!

CNJ Will Get You Through the Day

Coffee N'JUICE, or CNJ for short, is a full-service digital agency based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Founded in 2012, CNJ has since cultivated a healthy and refined mix of strategic thinkers, problem solvers, designers and developers—resulting in the perfect blend of an international team of experts. The agency brings a new flavour to the tech industry by creating remarkable digital experiences that make an impact.

CNJ turns up the juice and empowers clients to create a unique competitive advantage. The digital agency not only combines profound technical expertise and experience but also helps its clients anticipate new developments and future trends when it comes to web design and development as well as mobile applications.

Over the past ten years, CNJ has managed to infuse various client projects with a daily dose of success and excitement, including partners such as Danfoss, Imperial Brands and Krka d.d. Just like previous clients, Pangea is all juiced up about the collaboration with CNJ and therefore awards an overall Pangea Score of a tasty 8.8/10.0. Yum!

Clients with Acquired Taste

CNJ's talent lies in turning complex ideas into simple solutions, and that is exactly what their global clients appreciate, from agencies to corporations to B++ start-ups. CNJ has already won clients in aerospace, biotech, civic and social organisations, consumer goods and environmental services—and they all have one thing in common: their exquisite taste in selecting experienced technology partners! For this, CNJ receives a Pangea Client Score of a tasty 9.1/10.0.

CNJ's clients especially like to order UI/UX design (9.5/10.0) and technical expertise (9.4/10.0) from their diverse menu. Customer Journey and Business Maturity (9.2/10.0) were also convincing favourites. Just listen to the rave reviews of CNJ’s fresher than fresh services:

”We have been working with the CNJ team for quite a few years now. They helped us with multiple digital projects we launched for the world stage. The CNJ team has been quick to help us, knowledgeable and they have fit into our corporate structure per.”

- Ivan Temovski, VP of Marketing @ Danfoss A/s

”CNJ won the tender and ever since, they have been exceptionally engaged and cooperative with our company and all other partners on the project. We are really super happy to work with such a dedicated and professional partner.”

- Tatjana Kos, Project Manager @ A1 Slovenija, d. d.

”CNJ is a very motivated and highly skilled team with a strong structure and great project management. Flexible and proactive, it feels like CNJ is a part of our team. I highly recommend them.”

- Vincent Becker, Project Manager @ senseFly

A peak inside the CNJ offices

Serving Greatness with A Well-Mixed Team On the Side

CNJ's team may be small with just eleven employees, but it is serving greatness 24/7. The company culture has evolved over the years into a well-rounded system of values that always puts the well-being and skills of the people in the team first. Project Manager, Blaž, raves about the skills he gains at CNJ and says:

“Everyday you learn more about how the world works around you and with that knowledge you are able to provide better solutions to your clients.”

The entire CNJ staff believes in team spirit and mutual support. After all, the team is the key to delivering great customer solutions. And with their 6.8 years of experience, they succeed! Petra, Project Manager at CNJ confirms:

“I am proud every time a new project is launched and the entire team shows appreciation and congratulates those working on it. What makes me proud is not only the successfully finished project, but the support and recognition we show one another.”

Manuel, skilled Frontend Developer, adds proudly:

“The thing I like at CNJ is that it really feels like a big family. Everyone is very friendly and it is really beneficial working in an environment like this.”

CNJ has adopted the 3x-win principle, which states that every project must be a win for the client, a win for the team, and a win for the company alike. A win-win-win situation, so to speak. This approach contributes significantly to the success of any project they are involved in and, like a freshly squeezed orange juice or a delicious coffee in the morning, gives them the boost they need!

This approach was crowned with success, earning CNJ a Pangea Team Health rating of 8.5/10.0, including ratings of 8.8/10.0 for general wellbeing, culture and personal growth. Collegial relationships are rated particularly highly at 9.1/10.0. Cheers to that!

Jazz hands!

The Sweet Taste of Success

Can we offer you a beverage with only the finest technology? We can recommend CNJ, especially if you need assistance with a new product to be released or support & maintenance of an existing one. CNJ always has the right ingredients for you when it comes to backend, design (UI/UX), frontend, IoT or mobile development. Their top projects utilize a robust tech stack that includes React.JS, Laravel, React Native, PHP and JavaScript.

CNJ adheres to its values and builds the culture around them, namely: love what you do, keep pushing, work as a team, be fair, and communication is key. Accordingly, everything done at CNJ is done with passion, dedication and fun, with honesty, trust and accountability. CEO, Mak Kordić, addresses a few more warm words to potential clients:

“Hi potential Client! You worked hard to get where you are now. You are looking for someone who knows what they are doing, someone who lives for digital, like you live for your passion. I can promise you that. With us, you will get a passionate team, who have dreamed about digital forever. Let us show you what we can do.”

Sounds like your cup of joe? Then contact us and we'll put you in touch with CNJ. Here's to delicious cooperation!


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