From Frontend to Backend: Cyberlab Solutions Ascends

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October 12, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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From Frontend to Backend: Cyberlab Solutions Ascends


BERLIN, Germany - In this rapidly expanding cyber age of computers, information technology, and virtual reality, CyberLab Solutions DOO reigns supreme as an IT consulting company you should definitely keep your (virtual) eyes on. In operation for two years, the company may be fairly young, but their digital products and services will astound your cyber sensibilities. Keep reading to see why we think Cyberlab may be the right fit for you, from front to back.

Get Psyched About CyberLab Solutions

Founded in 2020 with headquarters in Novi Sad, Serbia, Cyberlab became a verified member of our community in 2022 and we were psyched to start working with them! A leader in this age of digital transformation, the company is miles ahead of other IT consulting companies.

Cyberlab mainly offers digital services in DevOps, Agile Development, and Web Development with a focus on efficiency, stability, streamlined processes, and speedy deliverables. A clean, easy-to-navigate website is indispensable for most digital products and Cyberlab can, for example, help with building a prototype to designing a web application. If a customer wants to architect and build systems on a cloud platform, a DevOps Engineer could help with that as well!

CEO Milan Gluhić remarked that both the growth of the team as well as the client-focused approach is what makes the company thrive:

“The main goal and mission of CyberLab Solutions is to provide clients with the best services on the market. With a team of many experts, we believe that we have a fantastic base for the services we offer. On top of that, we cover most of the tech stack in the technology sky.”

Sprinting Software, Beyonnex, and Emulate Energy are only a few of the outstanding clients that Cyberlab has worked with. Scoring a fantastic 9.2/10.0 for their overall Pangea score, which is the average of the Team Health score and Client Insights score, Cyberlab is a wonderful choice for your creative project. With values such as Transparency, Commitment, Equality, Loyalty, and Reliability, you know you’ll be in trusted cyber hands. If you write to us, we’d be thrilled to introduce you to them!

The Clever Engineers

Employees are sitting at a long rectangular table for a meal

Team bonding over a delicious meal

With 10+ full-time employees, the team at Cyberlab is intimate yet robust with all-encompassing digital services. The overall Team Health score of 9.8/10.0 is easily demonstrated through speaking with Cyberlab’s employees. Regarding the environment that is engineered amongst employees, Gluhić remarked:

“Rather than focusing solely on work, we want all employees to feel connected, valued, and accepted. Every idea is more than welcome, and everyone is encouraged to engage and share their goals. The company has a very welcoming culture and friendly employees with a tendency to grow internal networks between employees.”

No wonder the overall retention rate is 100% and Culture scored 9.6/10.0! Junior DevOps Engineer Andrija also echoed this feeling that everyone is equally valued, regardless of position or time at the company:

“The management team treats everyone in the same way, which meant a lot to me when I got employed because I had just started learning DevOps and I was very glad that the Seniors and I had the same treatment and the same conditions (in terms of equipment, annual conditions and similarly). From the beginning of my work in the company, I never once felt pressure from my superior; on the contrary, if I wasn't satisfied with a project, I would get another one that would give me a better chance for career development, which is something that rarely happens.”

Andrija’s remark attests to the plethora of opportunities available for Peer Rapport (9.8/10.0), Personal Growth (9.9/10.0), Feedback and Recognition (9.7/10.0), Satisfaction (9.7/10.0), and Wellbeing (9.8/10.0). Additionally, DevOps Engineer Dragomir reminded us that work can be exciting and interesting, especially with the help of the new technologies readily available at Cyberlab:

“New projects and new technologies. DevOps is growing so you will see new tools and technologies take birth every day. CyberLab gave us the opportunity to work on interesting technologies in DevOps. Every day I spend a lot of time reading and learning new tools, technologies, and it's part of my job’s tasks. It's amazing.”

Junior front-end developer Andela also emphasized the joy of working with new technologies and the knowledge consistently gained from doing so:

“As a junior frontend developer I was given the opportunity to not only learn about programming and web development, I get a peek at other jobs in the industry and learn about different technologies, new advancements in the field just from casual conversations. This gives me the opportunity to develop new interests along with furthering my knowledge at my current position.”

Tech Insiders at Cyberlab

cyberlab solutions team

Diligent at work in the cyber world

We’re excited to give you a glimpse into the technology behind this hard-working, dedicated, and fun team! Employees at Cyberlab are constantly keeping apprised of software development trends to provide their customers with the latest technologies. Team Augmentation and Firefighting Response are their top engagement types and their most widely used services are Cloud Services, Front-end Development, Project Management, and Web Development.

Their impressive tech stack includes AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Microsoft Azure, React.js, Vue.js, Django, and ElasticSearch. The list of technologies is significantly growing and more can be found on Cyberlab’s website (too many to list in totality here!)

Clients Concur: Cyberlab Excels

With a client-based approach to projects, Cyberlab excels at providing quality digital products and services. The main industries they work within include Computer & Network Security, Computer Software, and Information Technology and Services. With an excellent Client Insights score of 8.7/10.0 and a perfect 10.0/10.0 for Project Management, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX Design, there are a lot of stellar qualities to unpack. Here are a few testimonials that attest to this amazing work. The following remark from A.M., the Project Manager at an enterprise/corporation, perfectly illustrated what the Customer Journey (9.0/10.0) could look like:

”It's not easy to play by corporate rules, but it's something that CyberLab Solutions can definitely do. They are flexible, transparent in communication, patient, and you just have the feeling that ‘things get done.’"

Till Kothe, the CTO of, praised how Cyberlab simplified an important transition and the Process Maturity (9.0/10.0) that led to great growth:

“CyberLab has helped us with building up and scaling our DevOps capabilities to start our group's transition to AWS. CyberLab's skill set, experienced employees, and ability to scale the team has been of tremendous help in our fast-paced environment.”

We’re proud to be a partner of Cyberlab Solutions and would love to incorporate your product idea into the fold. Join forces with this team of young, talented engineers, and get ready to see your project excel!


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