Fly High with Angry Nerds

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December 16, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Fly High with Angry Nerds


BERLIN, Germany - Bird on the street is Angry Nerds are taking flight! The latest member of the Pangea flock is challenge-driven, flexible, committed, curious, and highly professional. Reach your absolute beak with Angry Nerds!

Stork Raven Mad

This custom software developer and product design company opened its doors in 2015, serving clients out of Wrocław, Poland. Over the years, they have grown from a 2-man team to a full bevy of nearly 90 full-time employees, with satellite offices in the US and Canada. Angry Nerds’ top clients include PeschkeDesign, HighCohesion, and Arcade Solutions. Their CEO, Michał Błędowski, describes the company’s mission:

In this industry there are juniors, seniors—and then there are Nerds, the pinnacle of expertise. Our mission is to unlock growth for innovative organizations with bespoke digital technology, while raising the bar for quality in the software development market.”

Pangea was excited to welcome Angry Nerds to the flock in 2021, largely because, in Michał’s words:

“At Angry Nerds, we face what others fear. No challenge is too big, no bug too small for our team of engineers, analysts, and digital artists. Founded in 2015, our track record already contains 250+ completed projects for organizations of all sizes. As a team of top professionals with strong skills in custom software development and digital product design, we reliably cover the full product lifecycle—from discovery workshops and software architecture design, through prototyping, development, to testing and deployment.”

This unflappable attitude and preening professionalism earned Angry Nerds an overall Pangea Score of 9.2/10.0. Read on to see why they rule the roost!

Toucan Do It!

Angry Nerds describe themselves as professional and flexible, and their client track record beaks them up. Having worked with seed to series A startups, SMEs, agencies, consultancies, all the way up to full-sized enterprises and corporations, one would think that it would be difficult to scale their projects to meet all of their clients’ needs. Their Pangea Client Insights Score tells a different tail, however; with 95% satisfaction rankings for customer journey, UX/UI design, tech expertise, and business maturity, their overall score of 9.3/10.0 should come as no surprise. But don’t take our bird for it; clients themselves are crowing about Angry Nerds’s successes. Ismet Bachtiar, Product Manager at e-learning platform Unifractal says:

“Angry Nerds have been an important partner in helping us complete our product. Their professionalism, timeliness and technical expertise has allowed us to scale up when necessary, and reach our core milestones.”

Robert Obrochta, Head of Software at human interface component manufacturer Grayhill, Inc., gives major props to the company for their work together:

“Flexible, great technical know-how, and incredibly talented UX/UI department. I've been working with Angry Nerds for almost 3 years and they have delivered great results. We look forward to continue building this excellent partnership.”

Adrian Hodgson, VP of HR at HighCohesion/Ecommerce Thinking Ltd., expounds on their work as poultry in motion:

“Angry Nerds supported our business through a rapid period of growth with understanding and maturity in resource provision with flexibility and strong communication.”

Whether you’re in information technology and services, restaurants, or retail, Angry Nerds is a hoot!

A peak behind the Angry Nerds curtain

Nerds of a Feather

But with so many success stories, why are these nerds so angry? CEO Michał lovingly explains:

We’re not angry in the way that an IT administrator is angry when handed a soaked laptop, or a professional gamer whose internet is lagging. The anger in our brand represents the feeling that programmers get when looking at badly designed, poorly implemented technology. It’s about being a hundred percent open about everything that’s wrong, but only because it’s the fastest way to get things right. Looking at the status quo, and saying “we can definitely do better.” So, if you’re worried that we might be too abrasive to talk to, worry not, friend! Us Nerds are a peaceful people, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping others.”

Being open and honest about what does not work in order to fix it as efficiently as possible has worked wonders for their team’s growth. Having grown from 2 to 87 full-time employees in just 6 years, Angry Nerds is taking to the sky with an employee average seniority level of nearly 5 years’ experience. Their overall Pangea Team Health Score of 9.1/10.0 boasts 92% team satisfaction with wellbeing, culture, and rapport with management, with an only slightly higher ranking of 93% satisfaction with peer rapport and personal growth opportunities. With scores like these, it is no wonder that their employee retention rate holds at an unparalleled 95% for the first year.

Longtime employee Mateusz, who now works as a Line Manager and the Technical Office Lead, describes his ascent:

“I joined the company in December 2018 as a C# developer. I decided to join because I had a feeling that having both company owners as active developers can be something interesting. The vibe in the company was great back then and it's even better now. After some time I've been proposed to lead the developers' team in a huge project, where work coordination was crucial. I was eager to do so since I wanted to develop myself in other areas than coding. That went pretty well.”

Head of Design Marcin had worked in UX/UI at other companies, but when a position opened up at Angry Nerds, they jumped at the chance to be part of the team:

“To this day I’ve never regretted my decision, because never before had I worked with so many smart, skilled people that enjoy their jobs. Angry Nerds enables me to grow both as a person and as an expert.”

Android Developer Aleksandra lives for thrills, and her time with the company fulfils:

“In Angry Nerds it’s really hard to get bored. We develop multiple projects that use multiple technologies. We always try to be up to date with tech, and even if you are not working on a project that uses particular technology, you can talk with the part of the team that develops it. I really value our Android community because you can always learn something new from them.”

Playing some volleyball in their downtime


The versatility and adaptability of the Angry Nerds team makes them aptly suited to new product development, team augmentation, and project handovers, particularly when backend is at its nest-iest. In addition to backend, their preferred domains tend to include augmented reality, big data, chatbots, and cloud computing across various platforms. Using a combination of Agile Development Methodology, Kanban, and Scrum, their team can tackle just about any challenge a client tosses their way. Their main tech stack includes .NET, Angular, React.js, Swift, Kotlin, Docker, Microsoft Azure, AWS, React Native, and Node.js.

Since their humble beginnings, Angry Nerds has completed over 250 projects for clients in 6 different countries, but their work with German startup NeoTaste is a dead winger of achievement. Seeking to help foodies find new places to eat — and offer great deals in the process — was the startup’s main goal, and Angry Nerds martialed all their expertise into building a mobile app for foodies themselves, an extensive web platform for restaurants to make themselves visible and offer deals to users, and an admin panel for the startup to continue running the app once Angry Nerds finished the build. In 6 months, the team built the mobile and web app platforms from scratch, covering front- and backend for both iOS and Android with Swift and Kotlin.

If you have an idea and want to work with a multi-skilled, all-purpose development team, look no further than Angry Nerds. Their company values curiosity, reliability, transparency, flexibility, and responsibility; their CEO Michał describes their vision:

“To be the go-to digital solution provider to our customers, like that one friend everyone has who solves all their technological troubles. We combine a deep understanding of business requirements with an artisanal approach to design and development.”

If Angry Nerds sounds like your flock, head on over to their vendor profile and get more information with no egrets!


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