Find your digital Nirvana with ZenDev!

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April 12, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Find your digital Nirvana with ZenDev!


BERLIN, Germany - Pangea is very excited to introduce ZenDev, a unique software development company based in both Sweden and Bosnia & Herzegovina, with a mission to make your business needs a reality! Part of the Pangea universe since 2019, we have nothing but good things to say about this pan-European powerhouse.

From Basketball Courts to Board Rooms

The story of ZenDev, the uniquely Swedish-Bosnian software development company, begins on the basketball court in a Gothenburg gym where founders Senad Santic and Nikola Mirkovic first met. In addition to sharing an affinity for the sport, the two immediately connected over their mutual love of technology and common Balkan heritage (Nikola has Motenegran roots while Senad emigrated to Sweden from Bosnia & Herzegovina as a child).

Years later in 2016, after following parallel but distinct paths studying IT at Chalmers University of Technology, the two joined forces to create an international company jointly based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina (soon to be augmented by an office in Sarajevo). To hear Co-CEO Senad describe it, this arrangement balances a Scandanavian work culture with first-hand Balkaan technical know-how:

“We know what we expect from our developers, and from the very start, we could easily evaluate if our rigorous requirements are met. With that as a starting point, we expanded our team with a Swedish working culture in mind that questions openly with the purpose of delivering the best possible product.”

When we spoke with ZenDev in 2019, we were impressed not only with the company’s growth (their revenue had doubled from the previous year) but also their dedication to making the development and delivery as smooth (or “zen”) as possible for their clients and employees. These factors helped to earn them a Overall Pangea Score of 8.1/10.0 that is a testament to the consistency the company provides. Let dig a little deeper into the aspects that went into this score!

A Balanced and Flexible Team

Some of the ZenDev team enjoying a break

As their name (and in-office Buddha statue) might imply, ZenDev strives to cultivate a focused and tranquil workplace that encourages a genuine work-life balance for their 37 employees. Thanks to regular company retreats and epic break rooms complete with video games and an always-popular pool table, ZenDev has a perfect 100% first-year (and 90% overall) retention rate, complimenting their impressive 6-year average seniority.

The company values diversity and holds honesty, integrity, and respect as core tenets in all their dealings with team members and clients alike. Mixing a “Swedish working culture with a flat management approach,” says Senad, “that leaves a lot of freedom to each employee, but which also means a great deal of responsibility.”

As a “people-first company,” ZenDev takes excellent care to make sure their employees are happy and healthy while relying on their teammates for support and friendship. This strong culture is reflected in a Team Health Score that features a stellar 8.8/10.0 in advocacy and distinguished 8.1/10.0 in the rapport between peers. The sentiment behind these scores can be seen in the words of the employees themselves:

“I did my internship at ZenDev. What I like most is how kind and supportive colleagues were. They noticed and showed appreciation when work was tough, and the task at hand was difficult.”

- Semra Šendro, Software Developer

“I am proud to work for such a professional company like ZenDev! I feel like my opinions and thoughts are taken seriously. Here we are like a big family, we help each other, and we celebrate each other's success.”

- Adnan Oručević, General Manager

“It’s a generous company which has management that thinks about the people who work here. This summer they organized a four-day trip for all the employees and their families. Everything included! ”

- Hadis Durmiš, Senior Full Stack Web Developer

“ZenDev is a small but growing company. The atmosphere is wonderful, colleagues are professional and always lend a helping hand when it’s needed. I appreciate that we get the possibility to evolve and learn new technologies, or take part in improving existing ones.”

- Mirko Zovko, CTO

Consistently Happy Customers

The gurus at ZenDev hard at work

Although still a relatively young company, ZenDev has already completed 46 projects for 39 “happy” customers, including such notable names such as Volvo, Ericsson, Cargotec, and Northerner Scandinavia. In Sweden and beyond, they have experience working in industries ranging from construction to industrial automation and education management to e-learning. The company tailors a unique approach for the needs of each client crafting a dedicated team of developers and designers based on their niche competencies.

This specialized approach allows ZenDev to provide the utmost in support for their customers, translating to an impressive Client Score of 8.4/10.0, earning incredibly consistent marks in almost every metric (customer journey, project management, technical expertise, quality assurance, documentation level, and process maturity). Just read some of the excellent feedback from the clients we talked to in 2019, and you can understand ZenDev’s quality:

”We have been super happy about our work with ZenDev - always nice, easy-going, professional and solution-oriented. There is never a problem that can not be solved.”

- Founder @ Seed to Series A Startup

“We are very happy with our arrangement with ZenDev. We have increased our conversion rate on our site, much thanks to ZenDev.”

- Jimmy Eriksson, Head of Engineering @ Hidroxa Consulting AB

“Zendev was very keen on producing a good product for us. They often sent messages to us on the progress. Sometimes we wanted to change something, and Zendev always made all the changes we requested without hesitation or duration.”

- CEO @ Enterprise/Corporation

“Really enjoyed working with ZenDev. They have been really easy to work with and have stayed late to fix any unexpected difficulties that arose to ensure deliverance on deadline. Makes me feel like my project is in safe hands, no matter what happens!”

- Account Manager @ Agency

“The work with ZenDev has been running smoothly from the start!”

- CEO @ Seed to Series A Startup

IT Swamis & Development Gurus

As a company founded and operated by engineers, ZenDev knows quality code looks like with a wealth of knowledge in cloud, web, and mobile technologies. As their tech stack shows, they are well versed in just about every language or framework you could need: from C# to SQL, PHP to .NET, or Magneto to JavaScript-based tech (Angular, React, Vue.JS, and node.JS), ZenDev does it all.

They are particularly well-versed in e-commerce and mobile development, offering a flexible and experienced team capable of problem solving, transparent communication, and robust architectural solutions. As you can see on their Pangea engagement page, ZenDev is very well suited to Team Augmentation, New Product Development, and Support & Maintenance. Plus, in addition to full-stack development, they are experts at Strategy Consulting and System Integrations, including everything from SEO to product implementation.

Here at Pangea, we are delighted to have ZenDev as part of our universe, and can attest to their commitment to their company values of people first, trust, take pride in your work, and responsibility. We have absolute confidence that you will not be disappointed if you decide to engage with them. If you are curious to hear more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to put you in touch with someone on the team!


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