Feel the Spark With Despark

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July 29, 2022

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June 10, 2024

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Feel the Spark With Despark


BERLIN, Germany - Get acquainted with Despark, a well-established tech agency from Bulgaria that aims to guide global change with their web, mobile and cloud design and development. With their focus on wellness and health and a fierce team behind them, chances are they'll soon light a fire in you too. Watch out not to get burnt!

You Can’t Start a Fire Without Despark

Finding meaningful solutions to genuine problems; that's what Despark was founded to do in 2007. From their offices in Sofia and London, they design, develop and launch viable digital platforms and apps — both mobile and web — that focus primarily on the health and wellness sector, and deliver on that very mission.

The Bulgarian team is efficient, practical and strategic. They take the time to understand what their valued partners want and need. With their flexible processes, superb design and clever engineering, they support their partners right from the get-go; and leave them with a sparkle in their eyes.

Moreover, Despark is always on fire to transform their partners' ideas into complex products that will change the world for the better. Indeed, Despark has already achieved great success with top clients like Altrix, Unicef and Uniqa to do just that. We could no longer overlook their brilliant flame, and so, we have included them in our top 7% of tech vendors. Not only that, we credit them with an excellent Overall Pangea Score of 9.1/10.0.

Read on to find out if your initial spark with Despark develops into a rewarding, slow-burn partnership!

Sparking Up the Discourse…and Giggles

This Team Is On Fire

The backbone of the company is the special bond within the 39-member team — it's also what keeps the flame burning. Despark is a fun place to work and the company offers an excellent work-life balance program so that employees never actually burn out. Everyone is given the confidence and freedom to manage their workload as it suits them. Kristiyan, UX/UI designer at Despark, adds:

“(...) we care about each other as a team. The people I meet and the challenges I face everyday make me a better person, both professionally and personally.”

Despark also provides a stimulating and supportive environment with many perks and benefits to achieve amazing results for its clients. Yoana, Product Owner at Despark, tells us what has kept him at Despark for over a decade:

“We only do projects we believe in, we build products which have meaningful impact and resonate with our values", Stoyan (the CEO) told me. At this very moment I knew Despark was the place for me, and everything I've seen since I joined only confirmed that.”

The team has an average of 5.5 years' experience and is therefore able to apply their expert knowledge in the best possible way for their clients' platforms and products. At Despark, everyone feels safe to question decisions, challenge agendas and step up into varied and challenging roles — Ivan, Backend Team Lead at Despark, confirms:

“Despark gave me an opportunity to take more ownership and responsibility which gave me a new perspective, opening my eyes to see the bigger picture.”

It's employee comments and impressions like these that lead us to give Despark top scores, especially in the areas of Culture and Peer Rapport (9.5/10.0) as well as Management Rapport and Personal Growth (9.4/10.0) — all in all, this results in a Pangea Team Health Score of 9.3/10.0.

Playing as a Team to Work as a Team

Like a Moth to the Flame

Despark effortlessly manages to win one client after another. Whether entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations or large corporations, Despark has built digital platforms or apps from the ground up for various companies, mainly in the Wellness and Health sectors, but also in E-learning, Education Management and Financial Services. Also, Despark is out to shake up the Mental Health sector — a matter that has become extremely relevant and omnipresent in recent years. But whatever it is you need support for, Despark is there for you willing to put in the necessary work to make it a smashing success!

Rest assured, working with the enthusiastic bunch at Despark will feel like a recipricol partnership. Together you will transform vision into reality — a digital product that will change the world for the better. Take R. T.’s word for it, the founder of a Seed to Series A startup states:

”Despark has been a great partner helping us take an idea from paper into the MVP product and further develop it into a scalable application to run our business. The team has delivered quality work throughout and always goes the extra mile.”

Long-time partner J. P., CEO of a large organisation, is equally enthusiastic and adds the following:

”We've worked with Despark for a few years on two major projects, and feel they provide an excellent service, with top talent, that is able to take ownership and execute at the highest level on UI/UX. They are very well aligned with our organization!”

All of this leaves us in awe — and with a Pangea Client Insights Score of 8.9/10.0. Particularly noteworthy are the outstanding results in the areas of UI / UX Design (10/10.0) as well as Customer Journey, Project Management and Technical Expertise (9.3/10.09).

…Feeling the Heat?

To add to the spark; it's time to talk a little tech! Despark's preferred areas are Cloud Services, Mobile Development, MVP Development, Strategy Consulting and UX/UI Design. Their preferred programming languages, frameworks and tools are: React.js, React Native, TypeScript, Symfony, Laravel, AWS WAF, AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Docker. With these, they will help you bring your idea to life from scratch, or assist you in strengthening your team.

Despark's corporate values of “Fairness and Transparency, Meaningful Work, Work-Life Balance, Togetherness and Customer Obsession” will guide you all the way through your bright, shared journey. The CEO, Stoyan Ilchev, finds last encouraging words:

“We’re passionate about digital. So are you. Let’s get together and change the world.”

If your engines are firing, and you feel this special spark; then we think it's time for you to join forces with Despark.  Contact us directly to get in touch—or if you’ve still got questions, inquire away!


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