Exploring the Development Stars at Vega IT

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February 18, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Exploring the Development Stars at Vega IT


BERLIN, Germany - Today, we take a voyage to visit the veteran coders at Vega IT. Sharing the name of the once-and-future North Star, it comes as no surprise that this group of passionate development professionals is simply out of this world. We count our lucky stars to have Vega IT as part of our universe and look forward to more happiness and success!

Shining Bright in Serbia

The seed to Vega IT began way back in 1999 when two college roommates, Sasa Popovic and Vladan Ostojic, first dreamt of creating a software development company that focused on happiness and success. A few years later, in 2008, the two friends finally manifested this idea into reality, using their own funds to found a company with the expressed mission:

“It is our dream to create a happy and successful business, allowing us to use its success and power to make the world a better place.”

In the thirteen years since Vega IT has grown from this ambitious two-man operation to a thriving business of 260+ employees that has been recognized as one of the most desirable IT employers in Serbia. Indeed, the company's success was rewarded with The Best of Serbia award in 2016 and again in 2019 by a jury of that country’s trade ministers. Its rapid growth and impact has earned it the Golden Gazelle prize in 2017 as well as ranking in the Deloitte Fast 500 in 2018 (the only company in Serbia to do so).

We first welcomed Vega IT to the Pangea universe back in 2017 and were wowed by the care the company gave to both their team and their clients, awarding them an overall Pangea score of 8.7/10.0. In the years since our appreciation for them has only grown, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

VegaIT members sliding their way to work at the HQ

A Truly Stellar Workplace

Happiness forms the core of Vega IT’s ethos as a company because happy employees make for happy customers and drive growth. The company fosters a welcoming environment where co-workers like to spend time together and organizes many activities such as paintball, movie nights, tech trivia quizzes, and “bring-your-parents-to-work” days, etc. They also promote healthy lifestyles with their Fitlife program, and if that wasn’t enough, have an in-office slide to travel between floors!

Headquartered in Novi Sad, the university and tech hub of Serbia, it comes as no surprise that Vega IT takes learning seriously. They promote the training of cutting-edge technologies and knowledge-sharing between employees, their clients, and the community. It’s no accident that the company chose the former “Worker’s University”—a symbol of learning in Novi Sad from 1960 to 2000—as the site for their future headquarters.

With such an emphasis on employee development and a happy workplace, it is no surprise that Vega IT earned a whopping 8.6/10.0 in Team Health in our assessment, with particularly strong marks in satisfaction (8.9/10.0), culture (9.0/10.0), management rapport (9.1/10.0), and peer rapport (9.3/10.0). The company has a 90% overall retention rate, an average employee tenure of five years, with mean seniority of six years. These stats speak volumes, but to really get a sense of the strong company culture at Vega IT, you need to hear it from the employees themselves:

“The first few days I spent working on the project in the company seemed like a very pleasant experience to me. I was surrounded by the people who knew more things than me and who shared their knowledge selflessly.”

- Jovica Turčinović, Salesforce Developer

“The colleagues I work with have the knowledge and the energy to carry out some serious projects, while at the same time succeeding in continually improving both themselves and the quality of their work. SImply, I feel that I am working in a healthy environment. That is why I appreciate other perks such as an incredible working space, various possibilities to improve yourself both personally and professionally, fun activities and other things that reflect the company's care for its colleagues.”

- Stoja Obradović, Software Developer

A Universally Respected Partner

Vega IT takes pride in its work and has completed over a thousand projects across 15 industries ranging from banking to broadcast as well as (perhaps unsurprisingly) wellness and e-learning. Their 150+ happy clients represent almost every conceivable size of organization and predominantly hail from European business hubs of the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

In their work, Vega IT frequently exceeds expectations, as was the case with Braintoss, a Dutch-based organizational tool that initially contracted Vega IT simply to improve a small segment of existing code, but ended up using them to improve the app’s entire architecture AND launch an extension for Apple Watch (leading to increased ratings in the App Store)!

We spoke with some of Vega IT’s clients back in 2017 and were genuinely impressed with the positive feedback they received, which earned them an eye-raising Client Score of 8.8/10.0:

“Vega IT is very focused on their internal culture - they are very happy workers and this was 100% clear to me throughout us working together.”

- Product Director at Series B++ Startups

“The Vega IT team really cared about, and took the time to do their due diligence on my project - and they were truly wonderful!”

- Technical Consultant at Enterprise/Corporation

“Vega IT is an extremely transparent and reliable partner - we have worked with them for many years.”

- Founder/Partner at SME

Vega IT hosting a gathering at a skiing resort

A Team of Galaxy Brainiacs

With over 200 engineers (and the aforementioned focus on learning) it comes as no surprise that their Tech Stack covers all the bases: .NET, Python, PHP are all there along with Java, React and the JS’s (AngularJS, Vue.js, Node.js) The company is also well-versed in HTML, CSS, and Salesforce and has added Swift and Flutter to their repertoire in recent years.

With primary services focused on front- and back-end development, bespoke systems, strategy consulting, and QA/testing, we here at Pangea know Vega IT is best suited to be engaged for team augmentation and support/maintenance. But whatever task they are assigned, you can be sure the Vega IT team will give 110%.

To get an idea of the company’s effort, simply look at the care they took defining their company values. As Vega IT grew, their management wanted to maintain the unified culture of their humble beginnings and develop guiding principles which the organization would follow. Through an exhaustive democratic dialogue involving dozens of employees, they settled on the five qualities that define Vega IT:

  • Quality
  • Team Work
  • Fulfillment
  • Responsibility
  • Trust

We here at Pangea are extremely happy to have such a caring and competent company as part of our universe, and are sure that any partnership with Vega IT will no doubt reach the stars! 🚀

Let us know if you’d like to know more about this company and we would be delighted to make an introduction!


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