Execute Your Next Project With intent!

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June 28, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Execute Your Next Project With intent!


BERLIN, Germany - Pangea is delighted to introduce you to intent, the Polish design, and development studio that has been creating top-notch mobile apps and more since 2009. Joining the universe in 2017 while it was still named inFullMobile, the Warsaw-based company delivers high-profile products at the intersection of physical and digital.

For All Intents and Purposes

Intent (formerly known as inFullMobile) was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 2009 when CEO Casper Sulisz quit his job to focus on UX design for mobile phones. Although it began as a mobile development shop, the company has grown over the past twelve years to become a full-stack studio that can guide its clients through the entire creation process and potential hardware integration, as Casper describes:

“With over 10 years of experience, we offer confidence in creating not just a great product, but the supporting services to deliver a robust user experience from​ the first sketch, through prototyping, product engineering, brand development, and manufacturing.”

We had the pleasure of welcoming intent into the Pangea Universe in 2017, when the company was enjoying a steady 17% year-over-year revenue growth and had been flexing its hacking chops by placing highly in multiple Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathons in Berlin and San Francisco as well as a PayPal Hackathon. After sitting down with several of their customers and interviewing their employees, we gave intent an impressive Pangea Score of 8.4/10.0. Read one to learn more about what makes this agile development company tick.

Living (& Working) Intentionally

In a field where so many companies are single-mindedly focused on growth, the gurus at intent understand that sometimes less is more. Intent is a “purposefully small company” of 75 employees since they believe that having the entire team in one location allows for both a cohesive culture and a more efficient workplace. Thanks to the size, communication is easy and management can be directly involved with each of the intent’s projects. And with teams working hand-in-hand, everyone is aware of their own responsibilities and trusts each other to do their job well. Indeed, such closeness means that the company’s highest Team Health KPI was 8.8/10.0 in Peers Rapport, followed by 8.6/10.0 in Advocacy.

The minimalist philosophy of intent translates to their approach to work, too. The company plans for an efficient 6.5-hour workday, with plenty of time for team members to engage in personal projects like an Arduino-powered remote-controlled toy car. This flexibility allows for both considerable self-development of employees and many opportunities for team building: “We host internal technology meetings and hackathons and make sure we’re always on the bleeding edge of technology. Still, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so we make sure we reserve some time to let the steam off too.”

Showing off their remote-controlled car!

The A-level team of yogis, intellectuals, and techies stay connected thanks to a wealth of extracurricular activities including communal breakfasts, pizza days, movie nights, and company trips. These amenities (along with the four office dogs) helped intent earn a respectable 8.2/10.0 in three separate categories: Well-being, Personal Growth, and Culture. And with an average seniority of 4.2 years, you can rest assured that intent’s employees are not only happy but profoundly capable of delivering high-quality results.

A Trusted Partner

As their name suggests, intent does everything intentionally and is incredibly mindful of the needs of both their clients and their client’s clients. More than just a remote build team of mindless coders, the company considers themselves to be a “Think Partner” who questions and challenges their partners to collaboratively build the best product possible, taking ownership and responsibility for the projects they are trusted with. With experience in both digital and physical products, their expertise runs the gamut from consumer electronics to banking, healthcare, audio, and the automotive industry.

Over the years, they have completed over 160 projects for some of the world’s biggest companies, including Nike, Mercedes Benz, Procter & Gamble, T Mobile, and VISA. At the same time, they have served as mentors for numerous successful startups. To get a sense of what these “Partners” think of the company, we interviewed seven of Intent’s clients and came away very impressed with what we heard. Perhaps unsurprisingly considering their mobile roots, intent earned an amazing Client Insight Score of 9.2/10.0 in UX/UI Design, followed closely by 9.0/10.0 in Project Management and Technical Expertise.

Beyond the numbers, the company earned glowing reviews across the board, as you can see:

”Intent was the key partner digitalizing our company - created content management systems, in-store compliance, 3 consumer apps, all of it serving a single objective of the business.”

- Peter Celinsk, Global CTO @ DENON

”They’re easy to work with, organized, and have effective processes with a professional, customer-centric attitude. They also provide a lot of valuable feedback to improve product outcomes.”

- Kristian David Elgen, Founder @ Goodify

”Intent successfully delivered high-quality mobile apps, which served as the driving force behind product demos and eventual acquisition by another company. Intent thrived in a role that required extensive project management duties. The team’s responsiveness is a definite strength.”

- Former Advisor @ Heos

Team members taking care of their clients

Connecting The Dots

With over 30 full-time developers on staff, you can rest assured that intent’s ‘agnostic’ tech stack is both broad and adaptable. They have the iOS and Android languages like Swift and Kotlin, of course, but also a slew of front-end and back-end tech ranging from the JavaScript tools like React, Angular, and node all the way to Java, PHP, and python. Plus, their automated testing system ensures that their quality assurance is the best around.

At the end of the day, the folks at intent want their clients to “spend less with [them],” and instead are focused on ensuring that the digital products they make are meaningful and innovative. Their company’s values include being intentional, involved, accountable, and curious, and (as Casper puts it) the whole company is unified in their drive and focus:

“Intent is a team of passionate developers, designers, project managers, and quality managers, focusing on getting things done with an agile approach.”

As you can see from Intent’s engagement page, the company has many capabilities that span IoT Services, Mobile Development, Prototyping and Proof of Concepts, UX/UI Design and Support, and the rescue of projects. So, if you are at all curious about collaborating with the thoughtful and diligent Polish experts at intent, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be more than happy to get you in touch. Just remember, although the road to hell might be paved with good intentions, the path to digital empowerment runs through intent!


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