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June 8, 2021

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June 11, 2024

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Enter the VOID


BERLIN, Germany - Ask the VOID for solutions, and it will answer. From their headquarters in Leiria, Portugal, VOID Software builds custom software for clients worldwide across a range of industries, and their technical expertise has no boundaries. Fill the gaps in your software needs with VOID!

Over the Moon

Founded in 2006, VOID Software was built to cover the cosmos of software needs, and with well over a decade in the field, they’ve seen it all. On the rare occasions that a client brings them something totally new, they are excited to rise to an unfamiliar challenge. Just ask CEO Marco Cova, who outlines just what VOID is about:

“VOID builds high-end software products to meet new challenges, deploying high-performance agile teams that deliver best-in-class results and who live for pushing the envelope of possibilities every day.”

Top clients of the company include fellow Portuguese IT company Critical Software, the World Health Organisation, information preservation specialists Digital Bedrock, top English university institutions like the London School of Economics and the University of Buckingham, and Swiss EFT software developer Treibauf, demonstrating just how far the VOID stretches. Pangea was excited to welcome this powerhouse company in 2020, awarding it an overall Pangea Score of 8.1/10.0!

We Are the VOID

With an in-office billiards table and company retreats that include kayaking, surf trips, and beach volleyball, VOID’s team of 30+ full-time employees are encouraged to relax and enjoy themselves at the office as long as they meet their deadlines. VOID values educational outreach, recruiting talent largely from local universities’ computer science programs. CEO Marco goes into further detail:

“VOID is committed to its ties to local academia, nurturing young Computer Science students from their first steps, in order to select and bring on board the raw talent that will allow them to become full-fledged hardcore coders.

“Hackathons, conferences, events, sponsoring school labs and equipment, mentoring at the local startup accelerator (that we've co-founded), are just some of the ways we establish a high profile in the local tech community to make sure we keep attracting top talent with a hacker mindset.

“That's how we are able to tackle challenging projects that keep the team driven, engaged, and continuously improving skills.”

VOID balances its student recruitment with seasoned professionals, bringing the average seniority level up to 4 years of experience. Over the last few years, VOID has increased its first-year retention from 60% to 75%, and their Pangea Team Health Score rounds out to 7.9/10.0, with Peer Rapport weighing in at 9.1/10.0 and Advocacy ranking at 8.9/10.0!

Above all, the company culture is predicated on a shared drive to learn and improve, to rise and meet new challenges with innovation and creative thinking. As Java Software Engineer Nuno Brás highlights:

“Learning is a never-ending process. From the first "Hello World" program to build high performance and high availability systems designed to the customer's needs, these are the challenges that motivate me to keep on the edge of my skills and improving by creating and designing these systems. No challenge is too great for those willing to out-do themselves.”

Having a diverse team around you working toward a common goal provides astronomical opportunities for growth, according to Nuno Reis, Scrum Product Owner:

“I am always looking for new challenges and projects that will allow me to grow both professionally, and on a personal level. I really enjoy working as a team; I believe that by working together it highlights each individual's talent resulting in an improved outcome.”

Clearly, the VOID team is blasting off! Of the company’s dedication to delivering the best possible product and the utmost client satisfaction and safety, Business Developer João Mota writes:

“As custom software developers, we at VOID Software have always held data privacy as a “top of mind” concern.”

The VOID billiards table, ready for action

Client Constellations

The drive and ambition of VOID’s team has rocketed them into successful partnerships with companies all over the world, from seed startups to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Past and present clients had glowing reviews of the company’s work, and with a Client Insights Score of 8.4/10.0 and a customer journey satisfaction rating of 80%, it’s easy to see why working with VOID is better safe than starry. Hear it from clients themselves:

“VOID is truly part of our team and family. They don't feel like an outsourced company. I'm constantly impressed at their ability to elegantly solve problems. I look forward to continuing to work with them in this partnership for a very long time.”

- Linda Tadic, CEO at Digital Bedrock

Seamless team integration is key to client success, and the energy VOID brings to projects is matched only by their stellar attention to detail and flawless execution. Sandro Batista, CEO at Focus BC, speaks to their precision and willingness to innovate:

“When working with VOID Software you can count [on] a dedicated team that takes ownership of all the tasks and, besides execut[ing] them, also looks at them in a way to try to improve and analyze if it makes sense or not.”

Even with an out-of-this-world set of skills, the team itself stays grounded and focused; according to the CEO of a Seed to Series A Startup they’ve worked with:

“VOID Software is a competent and technically prepared company with a good down-to-earth culture.”

Having a welcoming team with astronomical skills, VOID is able to fill client needs across a galaxy of industries, including broadcast media, education management, financial services, insurance, and even media production. Their flexibility and the ever-widening scope of services allow them to work on a huge variety of projects across multiple industries.

The view from the meeting room

Filling the VOID

Using Agile development methodology to efficiently find solutions, VOID excels in building augmented reality, mobilizing crypto & blockchain, tightening cybersecurity, designing UI and UX, and developing machine learning. Their stellar tech stack most frequently includes Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, ElasticSearch, Java, Java EE, JavaScript, React.JS, Swift, though their ever-adapting team is always exploring more coding options for potential new client needs. When it comes to blockchain development, Hyperledger Fabric is where they have accumulated significant experience, with some additional contributions to Hyperledger Sawtooth.

The VOID team is well suited for new product development, and their easygoing and highly skilled specialists are fantastic for team augmentation and project handovers, depending on how projects evolve over time. Digital Bedrock, which specializes in preserving data in online and offline spaces and navigating format obsolescence, has permanently augmented its team with VOID’s software development expertise, partnering with them to analyze file data and identify potential long-term storage vulnerabilities.

Whether you have a tiny neutron of annoyance or a black hole sucking up solutions, VOID Software has the answers! Putting people before business, the company prides itself on its commitment within the team and to clients, sharing both pain and gain, and continuously builds knowledge via experience. They have pride in everything they do, and CEO Marco can attest to this:

“Uncompromised commitment to helping you realize your software project, in any form, shape, or size that you can dream of; and to train and grow a team of truly hardcore coders in the process, able to give back to the scientific community.”

So check out their engagement page, and go questing through a nebula of software solutions with VOID!


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