ElifTech Ups Your Digital Game

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August 20, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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ElifTech Ups Your Digital Game


BERLIN, Germany - Let's hear it for ElifTech, one of the brand new vendors joining Pangea! ElifTech is a top-tier Ukrainian software company, founded and run by engineers for engineers. The elite team will help you design, develop, and implement effective software solutions that cater to the needs of your business. Are you ready to rumble?

Let’s Change The World (of Tech) Together

Founded in 2015, Ukraine-based technology company ElifTech has already accomplished a ton in the last 6 years of its rather short but sweet existence. From its headquarters in Lviv, the team is committed each day to add value to businesses with world-class technical solutions. ElifTech brings together people who are passionate about technology and innovation, who aim to positively influence the whole wide world.

CEO Anatolii Maslov gives numerous reasons to choose ElifTech as a trusted technology partner capable of positively impacting the world together:

“ElifTech encourages constant change in a digital world by helping startups, S&M organizations with their next digital transformation. Our team is driven by tech innovations, transparency, and business value that we transfer to our client's projects. A unique combination of R&D and business skills allows us to deliver the most value to client's ideas.”

With ClassWallet, BizneStream GmbH, and ByteSource Technology Consulting GmbH, ElifTech has had an impressive line-up of companies on its side so far. Not only has ElifTech received an overall Pangea Score of a quality 8.8/10.0, but it has also won various awards and distinctions, such as Top IOT Company, Top B2B Company Global, and Top B2B Company in Ukraine!

Find out more about ElifTech and its passion for technology and innovation—and let them shake up your business in a whole new way.

Technophiles on the Horizon

ElifTech brings together 83 like-minded employees who are friends, not just colleagues. Their love for technology is what they all have in common; they are technophiles through and through. Colleagues enjoy spending time together after work and, like true friends, go on trips or to the cinema. Emmanuel Neni, Software Developer, specifically highlights one of the recent excursions and describes what makes the community at ElifTech function so well:

“I have made tons of good memories here, but I think the recent rafting trip stands out. I was initially hesitant because I don’t have a lot of experience getting into open waters. But it turned out way more fun than I expected. I enjoyed how everyone helped each other get to the endpoint.”

The hierarchy at ElifTech is flat, everyone here shares the same values and the mission of the company, no matter what position the employee might hold. Here, one hand washes the other, and therefore crucial to the culture of the company is the sense of sharing and caring; it greatly supports the growth of the entire business. Iryna Savruk, Business Developer Manager, confirms with a joyful tone:

“I’m absolutely in love with the team spirit that you feel the moment you step into the office of ElifTech. Folks here are super-talented, open to new ideas, and ready to support you when needed.”

Another thing that stands out is the excellent relationship between staff and management. Top management likes to play table football with the whole team or give inspiring insights— Antonina Levkhanyan, Head of Recruitment, tells us:

“Another invaluable part of my work is meeting with the top management team and discussing strategies for the company. It is one of top management’s greatest achievements that everybody feels they can contribute to the company’s success. It keeps employees from burning out, and it stimulates new ideas.”

These things and more are what makes ElifTech employees want to stay at the company (which boasts an 80% overall retention rate), and helped them earn a Pangea Team Health Score of 8.9/10.0. After reading the above, it should come as no surprise that the top scores were in Culture (9.0/10.0), Personal Development (9.2/10.0) and Management Rapport (9.2/10.0).

ElifTech employees enjoying a festive dinner together

State-of-the-Art Tech + Great Team = Best Value

As the company's website asserts, ElifTech ‘supports start-ups at every stage’. In addition to such new ventures, the portfolio of the young and ambitious company also includes established agencies and corporations in industries such as computer & network security, consumer electronics, consumer goods, education management, and events services.

ElifTech is truly committed to its customers and has a simple but effective motivation when it comes to delivering services to customers—providing the best value and doing it better every time. Some of their satisfied customers have told Pangea just how smooth their technical services have worked for them in the past and the present:

“ElifTech has been a strong partner of ours for more than 5 years. We continue to grow with them and look forward to many more successful years together in the future.”

- Neil Steinhardt, Founder @ ClassWallet

“My company has been working with ElifTech for more than 3 years and the experience has always been exceptional. The team they provided us with is highly professional and they are part of our team now too.”

- COO @ Series B ++ Startup

“One of the best outsourcing companies out there. Really great!”

- Alexander Penev, CEO @ ByteSource Technology Consulting GmbH

Looking at these enthused customers, it is not surprising that the Pangea Client Insights Score is an honourable 8.8/10.0. Particularly outstanding are ElifTech's Project Management and Quality Assurance (both 9.0/10.0) topped by—as you would expect from a reputable software company—a Tech Expertise score of 9.3/10.0. More on their tech skills directly below!

Enjoying a congenial working environment

Rise to the Challenge

ElifTech covers all aspects of software product development, using only the most advanced technologies and frameworks. The unique approach combines research, design and development to solve problems swiftly, create and test prototypes and bring a product to market in an iterative, agile way (e.g. with Scrum or Kanban).

You can count on ElifTech when you need backing for one of your new, stand-out products, a project handover or a team augmentation. For each of these projects, ElifTech provides you with experts in backend, big data or cloud computing. In addition, the experienced team can offer you support with its peerless skills in the areas of data analysis, visualisation or databases. Of particular help to the ElifTech team is their knowledge of the following programming languages and frameworks: Node.js, Golang, Vue.js, React.js, Angular, AWS, Flutter, and .NET, Java.

With a strong tech stack and company values such as employee centricity, innovation, open-mindedness, flat hierarchies and an employee-centric approach, ElifTech will turn every business idea into worthwhile high-tech products like no other!

CEO Antolii and his eager team are up for the challenge:

“We believe in a trust-based, people-centric approach in the software business by building passionate tech teams that fit the needs of our customers. Feel free to contact us with your challenge.”

If you would also like to take up the challenge, please visit the ElifTech engagement page today, or contact the Pangea team directly. Empower your business now and get in the game!


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