Elevate your digital experience with Miquido!

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February 23, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Elevate your digital experience with Miquido!


BERLIN, Germany – Pangea proudly presents the great Miquido, a Google-certified software development company specializing in AI-driven mobile apps and beautiful UI/UX design. We first welcomed the (un)polished Polish company to the Pangea universe in 2016. Since then, they’ve grown from a squad of 50 to a powerful unit of almost 200 team members. As a unified force, we have won and worked on a dozen engagements to date. Miquido is consistently one of the most desired companies in our universe and you will undoubtedly understand why by reading on!

Executing at a Top Level

"You share your idea. We get it done." That’s the simple promise of Miquido, the Polish software development company that has been wowing clients for over nine years. Not to be confused with a certain “Japanese” comic opera, Miquido (pronounced ‘mee-kwee-do’) is headquartered in Krakow—with satellite offices in Berlin, London, Stockholm, Vienna, and Zurich—and has earned a reputation for competence, commitment, and communication.

Miquido’s CEO Krzysztof Kogutkiewicz believes that “running a company is not only about profit, it’s also about providing the team with​ an environment that supports their development and creativity.” Moreover, Krzysztof is a firm believer in maintaining open and honest dialogue throughout the design and development process:

“Transparency is our key value. We play open cards, keep you updated, talk straight,​ and don’t beat around the bush.”

A certified Google Developers Agency in 2018, Miquido was one of the earliest adopters of Flutter; in fact, their app Topline—made for the legendary Abbey Road Studios—was featured at Google I/O in 2018 and that same year went on to win Music App of the Year and The Best UX/UI Design from the UK App Awards.

Miquido’s accolades are seemingly endless, with the company winning Webit’s Most Innovative Mobile App in 2016, and named as one of the UK’s top 10 development companies in 2019, and one of the top 25 custom software development companies this past year. Let’s peep behind the curtain and see what makes Miquido so great!

Working Hard, Playing Harder

The monthly team meeting at Miquido’s HQ in Krakow

Many companies claim to be “people-first,” but Miquido really delivers on this promise. From epic parties to billiard tournaments, drawing lessons to TechFriday skill-sharing, the company makes a point to ensure that their nearly 200 employees stay engaged and enjoy their time both during and after work. Indeed, the team members we spoke within 2016 combined to give their company a whopping 8.2/10.0 in Satisfaction, part of an overall Team Health Score of 7.5/10.

With an overall retention rate of 91% and a 5-year average seniority level across all teams, people clearly value Miquido’s culture and inclusivity. From having only three women at the start, the company’s female population has now grown to represent a full 40% of its workforce. Fundamentally, the Miquido team welcomes new challenges, particularly if they can make a real-world impact. With a culture founded upon the tenets of partnership, sincerity, and respect, these principles are present each and every day from routine office interactions to client relations.

To get a sense of the dedication and passion of a typical Miquido team member, simply listen to their own words:

“I’m doing what I love, and I find fulfillment doing it. But the everyday atmosphere of the office makes it possible to grow and develop. […] I’m happy about this place because we share similar values—people first!”

- Michal, front-end developer who loves to give back

“I have a passion for my job. Every day I’m here not because I have to, but because I want to. I know that it will be a day full of new challenges and opportunities. I feel like I’m developing all the time and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. However, the people around me are most important.”

- Agnieszka, iOS Developer and passionate dancer

“If someone asks me what is most important at work, I keep saying it’s the fact that bosses treat teams as partners... Everyone can use their time, experience, and skills to create something extra.”

- Marta, UI/UX Designer, and talented illustrator

“Our Most Trusted Partner!”

Commanding a remarkable Pangea Client Score of 8.9/10.0, Miquido has successfully completed over 150 projects for globally recognized brands (HelloFresh, Skyscanner, and Herbalife, to name a few) across the healthcare, travel, entertainment, fintech, and e-commerce industries. We spoke with many of these clients and found them impressed with the company’s ability to solve problems in a flexible, timely, and transparent manner.

In particular, the clients appreciated the company’s technical expertise (9.5/10.0) and UI/UX design (9.2/10), exemplifying their ability in those core services. To get an idea of Miquido’s technical and design prowess, simply look at the quick and clean interface of the HelloFresh app, awarded by Google as one of the Best of 2016. Thanks to their skill, a full 90% of their projects come from referrals—a testament to Miquido’s enduring relationship with their partners. Indeed, everyone we spoke with had nothing but good things to say about the company, as you can see below:

“Our most trusted partner! Worked with them for years! Jumps on each challenge with great excitement and genuine interest and delivers innovative solutions.”

- Nuno Simaria, CTO @ HelloFresh

“The Miquido team is very high energy and had a great level of development skills. They were aware and ahead of the trends.”

- Kevin Hall, Principal Project Manager @ Skyscanner

“Recently launched, the app has received positive user feedback as a useful tool that should be available worldwide. [...] Miquido offers a fluid development process that stands out in a crowded industry.”

- Dominika Dronska, Head of Digital @ Abbey Road Studios

“Miquido’s team was well-organized and delivered on all their promises. Thanks to their expertise, the final products offer more features and integrations than originally expected.”

- Jacqueline Mell, Product Manager @ Herbalife

“Miquido’s team is Agile, responsive, and eager to share their ideas for improvements.”

- Adrian Mazurek, Head of e-commerce @ TUI Poland

“The Miquido team is a reliable, organized, and independent partner. The quality of their work and the overall positive experience will likely lead to future collaboration.”

- Piotr Paraska, Senior IT Project Manager @ BNP Paribas

Team members taking a selfie at Mobiconf - an event Miquido organizes each year.

Brilliant Brainiacs

Whether you need Android (Kotlin, Java), iOS (Swift), cross-platform (React Native, Flutter), front-end (React.js, Vue.js, Angular), or back-end (Golang, Node.js) development, Miquido has you covered. Of course, their main wheelhouse is AI, and so are well-experienced harnessing machine learning and high-level data analytics “to bring real impact to users' lives.” Plus, as an AWS Select Consulting Partner, you know their cloud computing chops are up to snuff. Check out their Tech Focus page for more details about their full tech stack, past and present.

An impressive list, right? With such tools at their disposal combined with in-depth know-how and experience, we at Pangea know that Miquido will always deliver. They can help build any product entirely from scratch, or help with taking over an existing project. Should you wish to engage with them, you can expect the following timeline: two days for an estimate, two weeks for a prototype, and three months for the MVP.

One of the key ingredients to Miquido's success is their CTO Radoslaw Holewa (Radek), who has paved the way with a coherent tech strategy and laid the groundwork for the production team to become stellar and ever-improving. Radek is the backbone for both the internal team and clients alike. Both parties feel supported and empowered when challenges arise due to his immaculate know-how in software development and managing projects. But at the end of the day, what really matters is that people love being around Radek and they trust him to do what is best for them. He operates with transparency and will always challenge a poor idea in a true partnership fashion. This sentiment is further supported by Miquido CEO, Krzysztof who explains us the following:

“You can rely on our advice, responsiveness, and all-in approach. From turning your idea into functionalities, through developing your concept, up to launching and supporting your product while it's live [...] our values are: Transparency, Partnership, Being open-minded, Utilizing innovation to strive for better common well-being and Sharing knowledge between each other.”

Truly values worth living by, and only part of the reason why we at Pangea love the rockstars over at Miquido. Here’s to another five more amazing years ahead as a united force.

If you are a business building anything digital, we would encourage you to get in touch with the Miquido team with swiftness. You may find your partner in software development for the next few years just like that!


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