ElanWave Always Catches The Next Wave of Innovation

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January 12, 2022

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June 10, 2024

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ElanWave Always Catches The Next Wave of Innovation


BERLIN, Germany - ElanWave has been making waves in the digital waters for the past 5 years. The Serbian-Dutch team specialises in developing innovative technology and software solutions for businesses around the globe. In 2021, Pangea included the information technology company in its pool of top tech vendors. Get onboard—surf’s up!

Wave of the Digital Future

ElanWave was founded in 2016 in Novi Sad, Serbia, and—in addition to its Serbian HQ—has another office in the Netherlands. The company is an official Microsoft Partner and has experts in technology, consulting, and architecture, with the goal of establishing itself as a market leader in its niche. To be precise, ElanWave is on a mission to create a working ecosystem based on the business relationships between stakeholders and the company. With the mantra of transforming the "impossible" into "possible", the team is ready to cross all boundaries!

ElanWave's approach is based on simplification, modernisation and innovation. Their intention is to have a positive impact on all aspects of the software development cycle, to constantly improve and renew it. Clearly, none of this is possible without a team of dedicated experts whose growth the Serbian-Dutch company is always encouraging. What sets ElanWave apart from other companies is their openness to progress, high adaptability and versatility in all things tech.

So far, they have delivered excellent software solutions to companies like GARANSYS, Bergler Nederland BV, or Ask Roger Digital Business Solutions. At ElanWave, no one settles for anything less than top-notch quality. This and more has earned them an overall Pangea Score of 8.7/10.0. Now, see for yourself and take the next wave of the digital future!

Clients Riding the ElanWave

ElanWave teaches its clients how to swim in digital waters: All the company needs is a short briefing of wishes and requirements and they take over the daily development—resulting in a highly productive and trustful relationship with their partners.

ElanWave mostly works with SMEs or large corporations in sectors such as Computer Software, Hospital & Health Care, and Information Technology Services. No matter what size or industry, however, their clients are all universally pleased with the work of the company. Just listen to some of the glowing reviews we heard:

”ElanWave is a great company. The culture of the company is very friendly and the work they provide is of high standards. They really join your team and work together. It is a great partnership! ”

- Theo de Wolf, CEO @ Ask Roger Digital Business Solutions

“Our partnership with Elanwave is good for us, for our Clients and I hope for Elanwave also. They have highly skilled developers and designers and they are very flexible and service orientated.”

- Mark Wijnen, Project Manager @ GARANSYS

The enthusiasm of the testimonials is also reflected in the Pangea Client Insights Score, which reaches 8.4/10.0. In particular, customer journey and UI/UX design (8.7/10.0), smooth project management (9/10.0), and last but not least tech expertise (9.3/10.0) are highlighted by the clients.

An Ocean of Tech Talent

The international team consists of 17 talented employees who can flood you with expert knowledge, as most of them are certified in Microsoft and other technologies. All team members have three things in common: their passion for software development, their boundless energy and their love for good food. The team is like one big family that loves to talk and share ideas at company dinners or events. From the Netherlands to Serbia, everyone in the team genuinely enjoys their work at ElanWave.

We asked Nataša, Software Developer at ElanWave, to describe the company in three words, and she promptly replied: “team spirit, dedication, progress” and added excitedly “I've never had the opportunity to be in such a great environment before!” Tihomir, Fullstack Developer, confirmed to us:

“I feel like we are one big family and everyone at the company has a perfect balance between work and fun, so I like going to the office instead of working from home because, for me, it's like hanging out with friends.”

The employees, who have an average of 3.5 years of work experience, appreciate the open and accepting community where everyone can express their individuality and help shape the company culture. Each team member supports their own growth and that of others. Danilo, UI/UX Designer and Project Owner, told us his very own success story at ElanWave:

“My teammates from ElanWave managed to recognize some traits in me which I have been cultivating for a while but not actualized properly. (...) ElanWave enabled me to cultivate that by giving me new responsibilities in a space in which I was able to learn and grow.”

Once you get to know the staff, you will find a friendly, flexible and transparent group with a winning mentality. Speaking of winning: ElanWave has actually won a lot of hearts over the past few years—the overall retention rate is a whopping 94%. The Pangea Team Health ratings feel like a waterfall of outstanding scores, with ElanWave receiving a 9.1/10 for the Personal Growth category, a 9.3/10.0 for Employee Wellbeing and Peer Rapport, and an overall Pangea Team Health Score of 9/10.0.

Get a Splash of Success

The team of experts specialises in Microsoft technologies and is always on the cutting edge. ElanWave treads familiar waters when it comes to backend, CMS, UI/X design, databases, and data analysis and visualisation.

The newest and most advanced tools and technologies are used to achieve goals in solving a business problem, such as .NET, .NET Core, .NET Entity Framework, Microsoft Azure, React.js, Angular, Umbraco, and JavaScript. To turn projects into reality, they work with an agile way of working, such as Scrum or Prototype Methodology. They can best support companies that are planning to develop a new product, need team strengthening or support & maintenance—to give them that final splash of success they still lack.

CEO Dejan Dujak captures what makes ElanWave a first-class and competent partner:

“I have been told many times that something is impossible and I always tried to prove otherwise. Our work is filled with joy, fun and team spirit and our perseverance creates results which surpasses expectations. We enjoy building business relationships with confidence and commitment, above and beyond.”

ElanWave's corporate values "Don't settle for less", "Great minds alike", "Practice makes perfect" and "Expect the unexpected" have so far proven themselves in all kinds of waters and have always hit the right wave: the wave of the digital future.

Hire ElanWave for your next project. Visit their profile page or contact us directly and you can expect excellent outcomes—for shore!


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