DVC Solutions is now part of 7% at Pangea

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August 16, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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DVC Solutions is now part of 7% at Pangea


Banja Luka, B&H - August 16th, 2022 - DVC Solutions is pleased to announce that we successfully verified as a Pangea vendor. We are now part of nonpareil vendors at Pangea and top 7% software engineering vendors globally. This will enable us to present ourselves and provide limpid information for our esteemed partners.

Our path to Pangea community

We at DVC Solutions have carefully considered how to give our best to our current and future allies in terms of our services as well as in terms of clear and transparent informing. Having gone through the independent verification process at Pangea, we have secured a reliable source of information from our verified Pangea profile.

To portray our verification process, we initially held meetings to delineate our business strategy. It was a sequence of steps that have taken place to set a clear display of our company’s core values, culture, processes, and metrics.

Later, we tried to establish a continuous process of nurturing our team’s health. That consisted of documenting processes and gathering insights from colleagues. In addition to that, our clients enriched us with their esteemed opinions.

Navigating through a conscientious verification process resulted in having this opportunity to present ourselves through this platform and being far-reaching for understanding our capabilities to hold forth our offerings creatively.

Heart of the matter and learnings

While striving for excellence and examining our company approach, we looked under the hood and acknowledged some exciting metrics about our team.

We were excited to find that some of our highest scores were for peer rapport and feedback, 9.5/10 and 9.3/10, respectively. Our team topped at personal growth with 9.6/10, making us super happy!

We figured that our approach of continuous improvement and team support is well received and respected among our colleagues. We are delighted that our in-house training and mentorship, as a push for personal development, are highly appreciated by everyone. We firmly believe that improving from the inside is beneficial not only for every single team member but also for our clients as well.

“The best talent” is more than just the best technical skills because who our people are is more important than their tasks. Therefore it is a joy to see that in culture, well-being, and advocacy, we scored 9.2/10.

“We are conscious that the progress of the entire team depends on the progress of each individual, so we pay special attention to personal development and each team member’s growth. We strive to enable each team member to be free to express their ambitions and to help them fulfill their aspirations and professional goals.” - Natasa Vukovic, Head of Legal Department at DVC Solutions

Over the years, we have accumulated knowledge and are proud to say that when we work with our clients, we approach software development from a business orientation. A product is only successful if it helps your business grow and solves your customers’ problems. We have great joy to see testimonials from our clients, such as:

”Excellent project management, flexibility, ingenuity, punctuality, availability, skillful developers, etc., are some characteristics I can wholeheartedly attribute to these guys. You can be sure that they deliver what is agreed upon on time. ” - Robert J Wagner, CEO at Sikirapay

The DVC Solutions’s team in action in one of workshops

Continuous improvement and excellence

Becoming a vendor in the Pangea community is a great milestone for us. We are eager to invest further into our employees, who are the heart of our culture, which will translate into satisfied customers.

You can follow our progress on our Pangea profile, where we’ll document our journey. We aim to attract and nurture the best talent while serving our clients to ensure mutual business success. To maintain and improve the Pangea scores over the years, we will stay staunch in implementing the most fitting process to raise us to heights.


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