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December 22, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Do Better with DO OK


BERLIN, Germany - In a world where it seems that everyone and everything is striving to improve, DO OK is leading the charge into the future. These DevOps dreamboats can handle both backend and frontend projects, and their communication and transparency will seal the deal with clients looking for long-term partnerships. You can do better with DO OK!

Better Than OK

DO OK was founded in 2010, and after over a decade of success from their home base in Wrocław, Poland, they joined the Pangea universe in 2022. The company is committed to creating life-changing software solutions, and their expertise has been felt across industries and interest groups. Past clients include the gamified education app YOLI, the wellness app Actify, and fire alarm service Vestfold Audio – more on them later.

With an Overall Pangea Score of 8.8/10.0, DO OK is doing great. CEO Dmitrij Żatuchin introduces the company with gusto, telling us:

“DO OK is a 4X ISO-certified technology consultancy & software development company. Since 2010, we have helped +120 clients build digital products that improve the lives of millions of people. As our client, you can count on us to assist you throughout your entire development process, so that you achieve the best possible outcomes with your available resources.

We provide a complete range of services such as: business analysis, discovery workshops, custom web and mobile development, IoT & Cloud solutions and dedicated outsourcing teams. We are agile, responsible and value transparency and long-lasting relationships above all else.”

Clients Lo-OK-ing Out for DO OK

Creating life-changing software is a big claim, but DO OK has full bragging rights for getting it done right. Their clients have approached them for results across a range of digital products in E-learning, Entertainment, Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, Hospital & Health Care, and Information Technology & Services. With Pangea Client Insights Scores topping out at 9.0/10.0 in Project Management, Customer Journey, and Business Maturity, DO OK’s clients are doing great; one partner reveled at the level of their expertise:

“We have been working together with DO OK on a challenging and highly complex IoT platform. They have been a strong partner and we have relied on their technical expertise in order to be able to make deliverables on the project. ”

Versa Group BV needed a custom tracking service for luggage, cargo, and assets, and DO OK rose to the challenge with ease, providing assistance with cloud computing, backend, frontend, and a DevOps framework. CTO Remi Caron told us:

“Very pleasant team/company to work with. Always very welcoming in site visits.”

YOLI is an e-learning app that utilizes elements of board games to encourage play as a learning tool for children. CEO Nicklas Marschall had nothing but praise for DO OK’s collaboration:

“We would like to express our satisfaction on the cooperation regarding the development of our mobile application. DO OK did a very professional job. We are satisfied with the solution given to us and with the communication flow through the project.”

Four developers sit on the floor, leaning in and tinkering with pieces of Lego and wires to visualize solutions.

Tinkering on Solutions

Team OK is Doing More Than Okay

A company is only ever as good as its team, and DO OK’s team is one for the books. Seniority level across the 50+ full-time employees averages out to a little over 8 years of experience, resulting in a strong company culture oriented towards cooperation and knowledge-sharing. CEO Dmitrij chimes in:

“At DO OK, people always come first. In our company, everyone is given the necessary tools and support to be proactive, independent and responsible. We focus on what we recognize as important, share knowledge, experience, and always help one another. Our people are encouraged to ask questions, be creative yet analytical, keep their promises and make things happen. As a company, we are scaling by cooperating with people from various backgrounds, cultures and countries. This allows us to understand and respect different perspectives and communicate efficiently with our colleagues, partners and clients.”

The company’s Pangea Team Health Score exceeds okay with a 9.0/10.0 – 3.3% higher than average. Their highest metrics scored 9.3/10.0 in the team’s Wellbeing and 9.1/10.0 in the company’s Culture, Peer Rapport, and opportunities for Personal Growth. DO OK’s culture is so positive that they have a virtually-unmatched first-year retention rate of 100%.

You don’t need to just take our word for it when it comes to the company culture, however. Multiple members of the team had plenty to say about why they were with DO OK. Justina Palmileraite, Project Manager, regales us with her reasons for applying and sticking around:

“One of the reasons why I joined DO OK is because they stood out with their hiring process. My experience with job applications was most of the time similar - you receive automatic emails and you feel like you are a number in the hiring process. But with DO OK, I felt that the process was much more personal from the way how they conducted the interviews to the way they were taking their time to give feedback after each stage of the process. It felt that they were caring about me as a human and as a candidate. To me, this was a mirror of their culture, and I knew I would like to be part of it. I stay at DO OK for the same reason. I enjoy so much the atmosphere at the company and the culture of caring - we support and care about each other, and we care about clients and projects.”

Hugo Medina, a Senior React Native Developer, echoes:

“My colleagues have been a great source of information and guidance. It's so rewarding to work alongside talented people that can teach you something new by simply pointing in the right direction. Our multidisciplinary team makes sharing knowledge effortless and everybody is always keen on showing what they've been working on.”

Artur Łągiewka wears many hats – he’s a Team Lead, a Senior Backend Developer, and a DevOps Engineer. He describes his satisfaction with the company with relish:

“My favorite part about working at DO OK is the fact that I have real influence in the company and can see my contribution having a positive effect. I feel a great mixture of support and trust from the organization, which results in a mutually beneficial synergy. I know I can lean on my colleagues if any of my problems go outside my area of expertise, and they know they can rely on me in the same way.”

A group of developers stand around a foosball/kicker table in the DO OK office. They are smiling and chatting and two of them go head to head.

Work Hard, Play Hard

The Tech Rules OK

Every team has its tools, and DO OK’s tech stack is taking things to task. They offer Backend Development, Bespoke Systems, Cloud Services, Frontend Development, Implementation of Features, and MVP Development, but they are at the top of their game when it comes to New Product Development and Team Augmentation. DO OK most frequently uses Python, React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, Node.js, Golang, React.js, Swift, and TypeScript to achieve their objectives for clients in Backend, Data Science, Frontend, IoT, and Location Technology.

One of their most vocally successful clients is YOLI, the educational mobile app game that we’ve mentioned a few times. DO OK hosted a workshop for the founders of YOLI to lay out a plan for the vision and direction of the app, discuss the scope and logistics of the project, and plan for potential risks and mitigation. They came out of the workshop with two clear goals: to improve the already-existing app by adding new features, and to develop a stronger backend infrastructure that would integrate with the extant tools and products. Inevitably, challenges arose around working on legacy code, particularly since the DO OK team had no access to the original developers who had written it.

DO OK put in deep research while carefully creating an entirely new backend infrastructure from scratch, eventually delivering the product on time, within budget, and tailored to the goals agreed upon in the initial workshop – full success!

If a partner with a highly-experienced team and a proven track record of optimal results sound like they could be right for your next project, reach out! CEO Dmitrij wants future clients to know:

“At DO OK, we are strong believers in using technology to improve people’s quality of life and support a sustainable use of our planet’s resources. We collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations that wish to develop meaningful products for a better future.”

This extraordinary team values Responsibility, Trust, Self-reliance, Honesty, and Safety. You can always do better with DO OK!


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