DAC.digital Brings High-Quality Solutions to Life

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July 15, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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DAC.digital Brings High-Quality Solutions to Life


BERLIN, Germany - Join us in welcoming DAC.digital to the catalog of Pangea's cherished partners and explore their way of life! Find a compelling blend of technology and science leading to cutting-edge innovation. Let them grow your business with the latest tech trends that will change not only your future but everyone else's too.

Birth, Growth, Development

DAC.digital was founded in 2009 in Gdańsk, Poland, and has since evolved into a respected company around the world. Originally emerging from R&D projects, DAC.digital today combines scientific and technological excellence to add value to their clients' businesses in logistics, transport, mobility, MedTech and agriculture.

Over the last 12 years, the innovation-driven IT company has begun to make an impact on the policy of economic and tech development. Their high-quality solutions are used by industry leaders that include the likes of Estee Lauder, Thales, Infineo, and Schwarte.

Their CEO Przemek Szleter gives an insight into how DAC.digital has grown to be the high-functioning hive mind that it is today:

“We operate in accordance with a jointly developed value system. We treat the company as an organism, where each team member is an important cell. We communicate, depend on each other, take care of each other as individuals and a holistic organism.”

Such holistic connection has afforded DAC.digital considerable success, and in recent years the company has been honors as a Master of Innovative Transformation in 2021 by ICAN Institute, and an International Champion Polish Company in 2020 by PwC.

For their unique ability to combine a scientific and business approach, DAC.digital has received an overall Pangea Score of 8.3/10.0, placing them in the top 7% of our vendors worldwide.

A Fundamental Part of Life

Although cells are among the smallest living entities on the planet, they are integral to the function of each and every organism alive today. In the case of DAC.digital, cells are an apt description for their 30+ dedicated employees. From scientists to engineers, each team member specialises in performing specific functions within the company.

At DAC.digital, hierarchies are flat, praise is open, and skills and experience are paramount. The dedicated team always delivers results on time. In addition, autonomy and a sense of responsibility are highly valued. Team members are equally responsible for failures and successes and able to learn from both—this is what makes the body of DAC.digital constantly grow and develop.

Just as cells exchange molecules through osmosis, employees at DAC enjoy exchanging their extensive knowledge with their co-workers, only without a membrane or any walls between them. Senior and junior developers transfer their knowledge within regular check-ins and teams between projects—Marek Tatara, Chief Scientific Officer, affirms:

“Whenever I have a technical question, there’s always someone who can help and advise me on what should be chosen in a given situation. This is encouraging and gives you the feeling that experts in their field surround you.”

An encouraging and capable team is just one of the many reasons that make DAC.digital stand out. The first-year retention rate is 98% and employees stay an average of 5.5 years in total. Their very fit Team Health Score of 8.8/10.0 speaks volumes and other scores such as peer rapport (9.4/10.0), well-being (9.0/10.0) and personal growth (8.9/10.0) achieve top marks, too. See for yourself and read the kind words from two other employees:

“What makes DAC.digital unique is the team. For the first time in my career, I joined an organization where each team member is an intriguing individual with very high standards for work quality and devotion.”

- Agata Kukwa, Head of Communications @ DAC.digital

“The atmosphere and culture here are fantastic! Like-minded people, passionate about technology and experts in their field. I never want to be the most intelligent person in the room, and when I’m with my team, I know that regardless of the tech challenge we will have to solve, this is precisely the bunch of people I want to have at my side.”

- Krzysztof Radeki, CTO @ DAC.digital

Some of the organisms at DAC enjoying some downtime

A Satisfied Environment of Customers

DAC.digital is a true all-rounder; they help start-ups get off the ground as much as they support renowned agencies and companies in sectors such as automotive, computer software, construction, consumer services and information technology. The Pangea Client Insights rating of an outstanding 8.9/10.0 indicates that they do this with distinction. Clients from around the world particularly appreciate DAC's impeccable quality assurance (9.2) and customer journey (8.9).

We invited a few of their satisfied customers to share their experiences with us:

“A great company to work with. High level of expertise, rock-solid project management and timelines. Great people!”

- Matthias Rothensee, CIO @ Eye Square GmbH

“DAC is an exceptional venture partner. We have collaborated on a joint project for over 2 years and have learnt to truly appreciate their flexibility, patience, and goal orientation.”

- Piotr Chmielewski, CEO @ ROHLIG SUUS Logistics SA

”DAC is a truly exceptional partner that can be fully trusted to plan and execute digital roadmap independently or as a joint team. We appreciate to team up with DAC on smaller but also larger more complex engagements.”

- CEO @ Agency

The DAC team hard at work

Complex Tech DNA

DCA.digital’s claim is to boldly implement new technologies and promote unconventional solutions. Needless to say, their engineers only work with the most cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies in their tech stack. From front-end to back-end development, customised systems, or cloud services to the implementation of new, slick features, DAC.digital has your back and brings your ideas into existence.

DAC.digital's experts provide technical support for your latest products or if your team has recently expanded. DAC's sworn unit also supports you in firefighting. They are adept in many languages and frameworks including .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python, React Native, React.JS, Solidity, and Swift.

At the core of the company are the values like purpose, trust, and responsibility that help DAC bring your project to life from idea through architecture to implementation. A scientific approach and excellence are part of DAC.digital’s DNA and they will not settle for anything less. The intersection of technology, science and business will help you achieve your business goal—so assures their CEO Przemek:

“We are a team of engineers & problem solvers who help industry leaders boost their value network's efficiency.

The solutions we deliver to our customers result from the unique blend of research and management methodologies embedded in software development and hardware integration processes.”

Visit their engagement page or get in touch if you are interested in a fruitful collaboration. Allow them to become part of your business evolution!


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