Creatively Emboldened With OLDBOY

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February 20, 2023

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March 13, 2024

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Creatively Emboldened With OLDBOY


BERLIN, Germany - Meet OLDBOY, a digital creative development agency whose bold services blend equal parts time-tested solutions and the newest technologies. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, the company not only helps companies and creative ideas stay relevant, but afresh with new possibilities as well. Boy, we’re sold on OLDBOY and after reading this article we hope you’ll be, too!

Not Your Old Man’s Creative Development Agency

Impressed with their digital prowess – their skillful balance of design and technology – we enthusiastically welcomed OLDBOY to the Pangea universe in 2023. As a trusted creative agency that’s been curating top-tier digital experiences, products, and solutions for clients since 2015, it’s no surprise they received a fantastic Overall Pangea score of 9.2/10.0, OLDBOY’s range of services offered include (but are not limited to): Digital Marketing, Back-end Development, Front-end Development, MVP, Development, Project Management, Prototyping and Proof of Concepts, and UX/UI Design.

Working with both large corporations and small startups, OLDBOY’s impressive clients are global and varied, including Adam Foods, Nationale-Nederlanden, and Bizak. Whether it’s choosing a web framework for your corporate website or carrying out a product idea that’s consumed your mind, OLDBOY is there for you with impeccable skills, adaptability, and timeliness.

Regarding the company’s mission, CEO David Polán writes:

“There is more than work, profitability or visibility. OLDBOY is made from excellent professionals that…do some stunning work and [are] happy together in this amazing adventure.”

Company values such as Creativity, Commitment, User-centered, Knowledge, Sharing, and Transparency attract the most talented designers and developers in Madrid.

A Brazen, Brilliant Team

Fun Times at the Office

Enthusiasm, dedication, curiosity, and talent are just a few qualities that describe the 14 full-time employees at OLDBOY who embody a brilliant overall Team Health Score of 9.2./10.0.

From speaking with team members it is clear professional growth as well as Personal Growth (8.9/10.0) and Wellbeing (9.3/10.0) are emphasized at the company. Speaking to this Full-stack web developer Sergio González Polán writes:

“I consider the OLDBOY team a very human team, which tries to accompany you and guide you in your professional goals…we are [able] to do training courses, webinars…we have attended conventions where we can be aware of the evolution of the market and new technologies.”

Senior Art Director Antonio Crespo praises Management Rapport (9.0/10.0) and the many opportunities for Feedback & Recognition (9.1/10.0):

“For me, it is important to be part of a multidisciplinary team, to have autonomy in the development of my work, and flexible working hours…my bosses are accessible and…I can maintain a direct and close relationship with them to deal with any issues.”

From speaking with Social Project Manager Andrés León, it’s evident Peer Rapport (9.6/10.0) and his Satisfaction (9.1/10.0) with the company’s Culture (9.5/10.0) are major reasons as to why he loves working for OLDBOY. He shares:

“The thing I like most about Oldboy is the people…you're friends the moment you start working with them. This is not a place for people to come and go…[where] you don't know half the people. This is a place to stay [at].”

Clients: OLD Is Gold

A solid overall Client Insights Score of 9.2/10.0 illustrates the joy and satisfaction that OLDBOY’s clients receive from collaborating with the company. The team prioritizes human connection over profit and innovation over dusty solutions. Their communication skills, expertise, and knack for maintaining and nurturing great relationships is evident in their client testimonials. These clients come mainly from the following industries: Marketing and Advertising, Insurance, Banking, Food & Beverages, and Government Administration.

A satisfying Customer Journey (9.0/10.0) and reliable Business Maturity (10/10.0) are essential components to running a successful creative development agency and OLDBOY easily checks all of these qualities off. One client who speaks to this is Maria Rodriguez Manzaneque, the Project Manager at The State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals, which is the main LGBTQIA+ organisation in Spain. She says:

“OLDBOY is a team of excellent professionals, creatives and the best travel companions.”

Speaking to the company’s impressive Quality Assurance (8.7/10.0), Project Management (10/10.0) skills and Tech Expertise (10/10.0), Marc Caballero, the Chief Innovation Officer at Adam Foods is a prime example of a satisfied, returning client. He tells us:

“For years I have been in constant contact with OLDBOY to develop multiple technological and creative projects for the company and their work has been impeccable in every aspect.”

Bold, Trusted and New Technologies

3 employees gathered around a computer working, one is looking at the computer screen and the other two are looking down at other work

Collaboration Is a Key Element at OLDBOY

While innovative technologies are aplenty at OLDBOY, the company also makes sure to work on their human connection with outside communities as part of their social responsibility. León spoke about one of his favorite projects called “Cuaderno de la Imaginación,” a collaboration with TostaRica in which drawings from hospitalized children are incorporated into coloring books for other hospitalized children. Fun and joy are an important part of OLDBOY’s company culture and they make sure to bring that element to other spaces as well.

We’re proud to call OLDBOY a tech partner because they are a passionate and compassionate team that believes in keeping apprised of new technologies – not just from the office but the wider world as well (through attending conventions). They work with a variety of domains, including Backend, Frontend, Design (UI/UX), Mobile, and Software as a Service (SAAS), while they are best suited for New Product Development and Support And Maintenance. Their tech stack includes React.js, React Native, SASS, Symfony, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Magento, Google Firebase, Google Analytics, and MySQL so you know you’re covered!

Help us help you feel emboldened – let us introduce you to OLDBOY, and you can start the conversation now! Why wait on an opportunity to build a beautiful partnership with a creative development agency where client relationships are just as important as creating innovative products, services, and solutions.


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