Creating a Better Future for Every Single(ton) Client

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July 6, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Creating a Better Future for Every Single(ton) Client


BERLIN, Germany - With great pleasure Pangea welcomes Singleton to our long list of eminent partners. Singleton's claim to fame is captivating their users by providing excellent code and simple solutions. With the latest technology and a modern approach to software and product development, they have managed to make a name for themselves in Estonia and abroad. Are you ready to “grow together” with this talented group?

Building a Following

In business since 2015, Singleton Group's origins are in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonia is known as the most advanced digital society on earth, so it's no surprise that Singleton's ambitions in the digital world aim high. Their mission is to invent and build custom software and services that not only amaze their users, but give them something they actually need. Only using the latest technology, they support small but fast-growing companies by taking their ideas to the next level, helping them to turn MVPs into world-class products. Singleton CEO Norman sums up their zealous objective as follows:

“We believe that the most outstanding companies have one thing in common — they are collectives of people that share the same vision. In our case, individuals that are happy with the freedom to build digital products, tools and services that make sense, that are needed. The urge to explore and learn drives us.”

With the urge to constantly evolve, they have expanded to Tartu, Estonia, as well as Copenhagen, Denmark, where they can call two more nifty offices their own. Just like their headquarters in Tallinn, here they combine the best people with the best culture that their employees want to be part of. Indeed, Singleton has managed to attract various top customers who crave to be part of their universe; these include companies like UpSteam, the Climate Corporation or WiseDrive, to name a few.

Pangea was happy to partner up with Singleton after they achieved a solid Pangea Score of 8.3/10.0. Read on to find out what else makes Singleton a top-notch partner and a company to follow!

Good Vibes Only

Singleton Group brings together more than 30 passionate and devoted employees who not only work together, but vibe together. Key to their welcoming and well-functioning company culture is transparency, trust, and creative freedom leading to stronger engagement as well as increased productivity and profitability alike.

The combination of personalized career paths with continuous knowledge transfer between projects ensures their committed team to develop. Singleton's employees enjoy a pleasant and supportive atmosphere where they can grow and learn as they choose. The Estonian agency takes their pride in having put together a connected and happy team full of talented individuals with a similar attitude. In fact, attitude is more important than any other skill on their employees’ resumés as stated on their company website:

“Attitude over skills. Skills can be learned. Attitude you have.”

A Pangea Team Health score of 8.8/10.0 displays just how well this has worked out for Singleton—or as Norman, CEO, expresses proudly:

“We have always aimed towards creating a well-functioning team that consists of people who are different in skills and knowledge but who have the same vibe. I think we have managed that well so far and try to keep an eye on the happiness of those people every day.”

Looking at this superb score in more depth, you will see that Personal Growth and Culture are indeed the defining factors of an employees’ life at Singleton. Both factors are scoring at a whopping 9.3/10.0 and according to Martine, UI/UX Designer, Singleton’s founders really go above and beyond for their highly valued colleagues:

“It feels like people are seen and heard here and that we are all more friends than co-workers.

For example this year for Women's Day the founders of Singleton drove to the houses of each of the female employees in order to deliver flowers and a very surprising gift containing quality items for a small spa-night at home.”

Raman, Tech Lead, confirms that one of Singleton’s priorities is to make their clients and partners happy but it’s just as much the intent to create a welcoming ambience for each and every one of their own team members. He adds:

“I like the closeness and the communication that is very personal, friendly, and easy-going here. I knew right away I wanted to be here and work here.”

Singleton employees feeling the good vibes

Turning Clients into Fans

Although Singleton's dedicated team has only been around for about six years, they already have a wide-ranging portfolio of clients. Here you can find anything from emerging startups up through well-known Enterprises/Corporations in industries like Apparel & Fashion, Electronic Manufacturing, or Consumer Goods and Services. As different as the companies may seem, there is one thing they all have in common—it’s the passion with which they talk about Singleton Group!

Dmitri Tsurkan, Product Manager at the Climate Cooperation, reveals enthusiastically:

“Singleton Group is an exceptional engineering partner. They keep their promises and always deliver high quality products on time. Flexibility and ability to find a solution is something that describes them very well.”

Always being on the quest for finding the easiest and most convenient solutions for their users makes them what they are, and it’s what they truly believe in. The CTO of a Seed to Series A Startup confirms that Singleton is:

“Agile and delivery focused.”

The clients we spoke with highlighted Singleton's intuitive customer journey (8.7/10.0) and especially appreciated their outstanding technical expertise (9.5/10.0) as notable Client Insight KPIs. If their satisfied users are to be believed, these are just some of the many factors that make them a company to watch in the digital sphere.

Can’t have too many devices!

Tech Expertise to Fall For

Singleton aims to offer more than just a service—they combine technical knowledge with creative thinking, and stellar code with kindness. Whether your company needs support from an exceptional front-end or back-end developer, is looking for a mobile app expert, or a pro in architecture integrations—Singleton’s tech team perfects all these crafts.

Imagine one of your new products needs helping hands in development or you are in dire need of firefighting response; in this and many more cases Singleton's highly skilled squad is thrilled and committed to assist you with the following tech stack: Java, Node.js, React Native, React.js, Vue.js, Yii, and Ruby on Rails, among others. They work and develop agile, e.g. with Kanban, and prototype methodology—whatever the individual case requires. Either way, you can be sure that Singleton will find the right solution for you!

Singleton's team will come up with solutions that may surprise you, but will definitely intrigue you. With company values like kindness, flexibility, discovery and customer obsession Singleton Group makes for an appealing partner. CEO Norman summarizes:

“Singleton doesn't rush to build what was asked in the first place — we question, and we ask questions, we research and learn, we dig deeper to find the actual problems, be it technical or not. We ideate and reinvent. Only then we build and iterate. We believe that the fastest lane to successful products is through experiments.”

Singleton brings a lean approach, modern technology and joy to their (future) clients. And let's be honest: can you think of a good reason why the same shouldn't be true for you? Neither can we! Don’t hesitate to visit their engagement page, or reach out to us directly—and learn firsthand how “everything is possible” with Singleton!


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