Come To Know The Galaxy Of Kamino

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August 3, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Come To Know The Galaxy Of Kamino


BERLIN, Germany - Meet Kamino, the “mobile app ninjas” working in Fintech and Healthtech towards the exciting world of decentralized Web 3.0 mobile applications. Have a digital wallet project in mind but don’t know where to start or how to proceed if you’re at a standstill? We’re honored to tell you about Kamino, a mobile experience solution provider whose brains and beautiful digital products are out of this world!

No Doubt, A Yes

Having created 60 apps (and counting) in 6 years and with tenure greater than Apple, Kamino is rapidly growing as it works with a treasure trove of start-ups, scale-ups and corporations. Headquartered in the digital hub of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Kamino was founded in 2015 and joined Pangea in 2022.

In working with clients, the team at Kamino achieves the perfect balance of independence and collaboration as needed, from the pre-product stage to the determining what market the product fits into.

Kamino’s website is a visual delight to navigate, where you can also click through the company’s design portfolio. Creating applications is a craft and the results are a work of art at this burgeoning company that aims to create seamless, intuitive, and exceptional mobile apps. Impressive clients of the company include, Wandera, and among many others. Kamino has acheived an incredible balance of team and client satisfaction, yielding an Overall Pangea Score of 9.0/10.0.

Synced Up and Shooting for the Stars

The Know-Hows Behind Kamino

Kamino consists of 52 amazingly skilled and dedicated full-time employees who work as hard as they play. And do they play! The fun, warm, and encouraging company atmosphere – illustrated by the 9.2/10 score for Culture – is housed in a beautiful, minimalist office space that inspires creativity with perks like free delicious food and smoothies, video games, and other opportunities for fun.

Flutter Developer Simon enjoys the freedom that comes from working at Kamino, as well as the structure of feedback, saying:

“I like the company culture (flexibility, option to work remotely, transparency) and projects…the company and its CEO are very open to employees…we get a lot of feedback so we can improve.”

UX/UI Designer Sindy raves about the generosity of her coworkers, which is a great example of why Kamino scored 9.3/10 for Peer Rapport. She says:

“If you want to do great work you must be surrounded with great people, and Kamino has that. Every and each one of them is willing to help when it comes to work, problems and personal life.”

With an Overall Pangea Team Health Score of 9.0/10.0, Kamino boasts a robust team of thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, strategists, and passionate techies. Employees charge forward with the attitude and goal of creating beautiful products that effect a great change in clients’ lives.

In addition to Peer Rapport, opportunities for career development and personal growth are always readily available. Team Lead Tine shares:

“I had great mentorship here when I started. In general, it's a very positive learning environment where knowledge is shared and you can always learn from others. We also do internal workshops to gain and share knowledge.”

Team Member of the Year

No Clones, Only Unique Projects

Kamino typically works with but is not limited to the following industries: Financial Services, Hospital & Health Care, Information Technology & Services, as well as Security & Investigations. Clients are thrilled with the unique digital products that Kamino is guaranteed to deliver and they have no doubts about their collaboration with the company. As you’ll see below, this sentiment is clearly evident in testimonials.

Of note is the company scoring 10/10.0 in the UX / UI design category under Client Insight Scores, which is quite the achievement! One client, the CTO of a Seed to Series A Startup remarks:

“We really enjoyed working with Kamino. In particular, Marcel was exceptional. He took ownership of the product and often went the extra mile to deliver the best UX. Kamino was extremely flexible and adaptable in integrating with our backend.”

The COO of a Seed to Series A Startup echoes the sentiment that one of Kamino’s many strengths is UX / UI design, in addition to speedy-yet-trusty deliverables:

“Our company is pioneering in the field of blood test interpretation using AI. Kamino was able to support us and follow our idea from scratch with extremely fast adoption and realization of the project management, UX & UI and product release.”

Kamino scored 9/10.0 from clients in the categories of Quality Assurance and Documentation Level. Svetlana Saljic, the CTO of SETCCE d.o.o. points to this strength of diligently following the product’s journey from being an idea to being designed and tested thoroughly:

“Exceptionally focused mobile development team, with high-tech and committed stuff. Superbly coordinated process from ideation, UX/design, technical solution, dev to QA. All the way supportive and clear communication. Expertise in e-identity domain. ”

Kamino Knows Its Technology

Kamino is booming with tech-savvy ninjas who pull from a diverse and excellent library of modules and design experience. This is clearly evident by the impressive 10/10.0 score it received from clients for Tech Expertise.

You can find the Kamino team working enthusiastically within the domains of Crypto & Blockchain, Design (UI/UX), Integrations, and Web 3.0 Mobile Applications. Their main tech stack includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Flutter, Kotlin, Kubernetes, NativeScript, React Native, and React.js. New Product Development, Team Augmentation, and Firefighting Response are their top engagement types.

A recent notable project included working with Atlantic Grupa to create an app that helps customers enjoy the refreshing benefits of Donat Mg, natural mineral water originating from the springs of Slovenia. The streamlined-yet-informative UI helped create a seamless and visually stunning experience for app users. Kamino went on to win the Websi award in 2020 for Mobile Project of the Year.

To engage with Kamino is to work with trusted, savvy, and highly skilled thinkers and designers who beautifully exemplify the company’s values: Friendly, Reliable, Dedicated, Professional, and Unique. CEO Andrej Slapnik beams that Kamino is not just any mobile app developer, but one that brings together a balanced meeting of the minds to create stunning and effective digital products for the client, especially within the exciting new world of Web 3.0.

“Welcome to Kamino, we're not just a team of mobile product builders, we're a planet! A place in space where thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs come to transform their ideas into tangible products that people love!”

To get in touch with Kamino, don’t hesitate to contact Pangea! We’d be thrilled to connect you to the galaxy of Kamino, where futuristic digital products for the next generation are already underway.


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