Climbing to New Heights with Montecha

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January 18, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Climbing to New Heights with Montecha


BERLIN, Germany - Fasten your anchors and rappel your business into a new era of success with Montecha! The latest addition to the Pangea range is super organized, client-oriented, and dedicated to making the world a better place. Reach the peak of innovation with Montecha!

From Crags to Riches

Author Barry Finlay once said,“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing,” and the founders of Montecha have proven this to be true. After several years of steady growth, Montecha was founded in 2020, joining Pangea the very next year. From their home base in Belgrade, Serbia, they offer three main services: software development, consulting, and team training. CEO Ivan Jovanovic describes the company’s quest:

Montecha is a software development company with a mission to help clients develop quality, useful and remarkable products. We are solving real-world problems with our knowledge and expertise. Building software is our passion, quality is something we are best at, and client satisfaction is something we are working for.”

How do they go about fulfilling this quest? He goes into further detail, describing a stunning vista for the future:

“We are committed to becoming a go-to place for creative and quality products that are delivered by the happiest engineers in the world.”

With their continuing successes, we think such a lofty vision is achievable—their overall Pangea Score of 9.4/10.0 reflects their colossal ambition. Their top clients include precision health biomarker pioneers Quanterix, plant-based protein purveyor Truvani, and worldwide electric vehicle service provider Coil Electric. How can they help you? CEO Ivan tells it best:

At Montecha, we use technology to change the world and make it a better place. Every new partner is a chance to solve a new problem and be part of the future. We use our experience and knowledge to deliver quality work that helps scientists cure new diseases, surgeons perform safer procedures, or engineers implement green energy solutions.”

A Great Terrain of Thought

Although they have worked with startups, Montecha shines brightest when partnering with enterprises, corporations, and innovation hubs, particularly those working in biotechnology, renewables, and environmental causes. Their Pangea Client Insights Score is more than 2% higher than average at 9.0/10.0, with UX/UI design and technical expertise scoring perfect 10’s in client satisfaction. The head of engineering at a seed to series A startup they have previously worked with had an avalanche of praise for the company:

“Montecha is a great partner, capable of meeting the needs of a fast-growing startup looking to fill a variety of technical roles. Management is extremely professional and responsive to boot. Could not recommend enough. ”

The representative for one of the corporations with whom they partnered had a similar landslide of positive feedback for them:

“We are working with Montecha and Ivan for more than 2 years and so far we had an awesome experience. They helped us develop a system for a big client and we’d always work together with them.”

The tech lead at a second corporation submitted it all up:

“We have been working with Montecha and Ivan for more than two years, and so far we had an awesome experience. They helped us develop a medical system in JavaScript and React, and we are continuing our work!”​​

Business as usual at Montecha

Team with a Great Altitude

Montecha is scaling new heights with their commitment to keeping their team happy and healthy. Their 21 full time employees average 2.6 years’ experience amongst themselves, and the company’s sky-high enthusiasm for being a place where the “happiest engineers in the world” can put their brilliance to use shows in their 95.45% overall employee retention rate. Their alpine employee satisfaction is mirrored in their Pangea Team Health Score, which is 13% higher than the overall Pangea average across all our partners at 9.8/10.0, buttressed by a perfect 10.0/10.0 in management rapport. Their CEO Ivan explains:

Montecha is an open-minded company. From the company leadership to engineers that are delivering quality work, we are all committed to the same goal: to create a company that changes the world and where we’d like to work our whole life. Everyone has a clear vision and expectations. All employees have flexible work hours, can work remotely from any place in the world, or spend more time with the family at home. Our culture is based on trust, support, motivation, and honesty. Employees have direct communication with the management, and that’s leading us to success.”

Junior javascript front-end developer at Montecha, Nikola, goes into more detail from an employee perspective:

“One of the things that I like the most is remote working where I can organise my time to be as productive as possible. Sometimes maybe my concentration isn't good enough in the morning, I get distracted, etc... so then I do something else, and then in the evening I finish all the tasks with ease.”

Their head of HR, Ivana, passionately describes the company’s attitude towards their staff:

“There are many reasons for me staying in this company, but the main ones are definitely a clear business goal and great care for employees. The owners of the company and I have the same business view and we believe that employees are the biggest and most important resource. I am completely honest when I say that I enjoy doing my job in Montecha every day.”

Front-end developer at Montecha, Uroš keeps it as clean and simple as his programming, telling us:

“My favorite parts of working at Montecha are flexible working hours, team support, and clear communication.”

Montecha’s tight-knit team

Tech Peaks Louder than Words

The happiest engineers do the best work, and Montecha makes their mark with their technical merit. Their main technology stack bristles with programming powerhouses, including JavaScript, React.js, React Native, Node.js, AWS, PostgreSQL, Python, Cypress, AWS Lambda, and Redux. The team acclimatizes to each new project with a combination of Agile, Kanban, and Scrum development methodologies, and they are best at tailoring backend, cloud computing, frontend, integrations, and large cloud infrastructures to your needs, particularly if you are looking for assistance with new product development, team augmentation, or support and maintenance.

Among their greatest summits is Go Remotely, a group of remote job posting boards designed to connect employers seeking remote employees with their perfect candidates. The company needed a web app that was both fast and reliable, allowing editors to post and update content as needed. Montecha held the ledge with a nimble technique, rising to the challenge with Next.js to optimize SEO performances, and developing the website to save on AWS 3 and serve on Cloud Front.

If you are looking for a company to traverse the peaks of accomplishment, look no further than Montecha! The company most values their people, tech expertise, passion, teamwork, and above all, quality. CEO Ivan wants potential partners to know:

“Montecha is a software development company with a mission to help clients develop quality, useful and remarkable products. We are solving real-world problems with our knowledge and expertise. Building software is our passion, quality is something we are best at, and client satisfaction is something we are working for.”

If that cliffhanger leaves you wanting to know more, head on over to our engagements page, and we will connect you with a member of the Montecha team today!


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