CI&T Dots All The Digital I’s & Crosses All the Tech T’s

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November 26, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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CI&T Dots All The Digital I’s & Crosses All the Tech T’s


BERLIN, Germany - With over 6,000 strategists, designers, researchers, data scientists and software engineers, CI&T is a powerhouse of experts with premiere digital solutions. This client-centric company delivers business impact from a colorful culture of innovation. With an indisputably successful 27-year track record that spans the globe, CI&T is an international team to keep your eyes on and we’ll show you why!

All Eyes on CI&T

CI&T easily caught our eyes and we were thrilled to invite them into our community in 2022. Founded in 1995 in Brazil, and headquartered in New York City, the company has strategically located offices in various cities throughout China, Japan, the UK, Australia, Portugal, and Canada.

Scoring an excellent Overall Pangea Score of 8.6/10.0, CI&T is known for its superior digital strategies, striking design work, and top-tier engineering. Services include Application Modernization, Cloud Services, Customer Experience & DXP, Data & Analytics, Digital Product Design & Development, and Digital Strategy & Innovation. The company’s methodology relies on three pillars that continuously inform each other to create a fluid and organic system: Impact, People, and Learning. CI&T strikes a fantastic balance of employing creativity alongside technology and numbers such as facts and data, metrics, and measurable outcomes.

A certified “Great Place To Work” (GPTW) for 14 consecutive years via the GPTW Institute, CI&T boasts a plethora of other awards and achievements on their bold and lively website. Global giants like Google, Coca-Cola, and Johnson & Johnson are only a few of the clients gracing CI&T’s ever-impressive, robust roster.

Company values such as Human First, Power of Choice, Continuous Learning & Development, Collective Intelligence, and Diversity - Equity and Inclusion illustrate a commitment to fostering human connections, scalable and measurable growth, digital expertise, and a multicultural and inclusive team of digital visionaries.

4 employees are sitting & gathered around 2 laptops while chatting.

Caught in the Eye of the (Brain)storm

A Team With the Eye of a Tiger

While high-performance, bold, risk-taking, and agile, CI&Ters are also down-to-earth, personable, and know how to balance responsibilities with fun. Marketing Manager Nôga spoke about her love of the Culture (8.3/10.0) as well as the excellent Peer Rapport (8.7/10.0) and Management Rapport (8.2/10.0) that she experiences:

“I love our CI&Ters and our culture focused on people. It’s a collaborative workplace where we trust each other, professionals that are smart, committed to results, that share learnings and experiences, it´s an enjoyable workplace where we are empowered in terms of protagonism and projects that we can lead and exercise autonomy.”

Equally enthused, Executive Manager Marcelo also told us about ample opportunities for Personal Growth (8.4/10.0):

“I joined the company due to opportunities to work with customers abroad, I'm here for more than 16 years, my personal values align with the company values, and I see a clear career path and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, I also believe there are great and intelligent people in the organization from whom we can learn from, those are the main reasons I'm within the company and plan to stay.”

CI&T received an excellent Team Health Score of 8.3/10.0 among its 6,400 full-time employees (4,000 of which are engineers)!

Senior Manager Miriane clearly illustrated her Satisfaction (8.2/10.0), specifically regarding the company’s flexibility when adapting to clients’ needs:

“The most exciting aspect of CI&T is that it is always reinventing itself and accepting that change is natural. We are prepared to serve our customers at any stage: whether just contributing to the development or participating in the development of the customer's strategy. Furthermore, people are valued within CI&T and everyone is treated the same, having the same opportunities. This makes CI&T a great place to work for.”

6 employees are singing karaoke at an Irish pub with purple and white lights behind them - 2 have their own microphones & 4 are huddled around 1 mic

CI&Ters See Eye to Eye on Karaoke

A Collective Vision

With a focus on cultivating lasting customer relationships, CI&T runs on the ethos that humans matter more than technology. Just as eyes are the window to the soul, CI&T believes people are a window to digital ingenuity and larger-than-life ideas.

J.A., the VP of Engineering at one of the many consultancies CI&T works with, had this to say about his Customer Journey (9.3/10.0) with the company:

“CI&T has been a huge part of my career and provides a service that is consistent, dependable, and valuable. They are easy to work with and provide great skills across various disciplines.”

Customer journey optimization plays a large role in how IC&T retains clients. William Hurd, repeat client and the Head of Software @ SITA Canada Inc., justified CI&T’s Pangea Client Insights Score of 8.9/10.0:

“I have worked with CI&T for over a decade and have been very pleased with the quality of work and excellent retention of key resources.”

Echoing an appreciation of resources and Tech Expertise (9.3/10.0), Matt Stewart, Head of Software @ Verus Technology Solutions, Inc. cherished the Project Management (9.3/10.0) as well as the singular quality of CI&T’s work:

“Working with CI&T has been an absolute joy. They always have the right combination of developers, project managers, and adjunct staff to support our projects of all sizes; it's incredible. Their work is unparalleled and excellent at all points!”

Eagle-eyed Tech Experts

CI&Ters have a knack for being flexible in the ever-changing world of technology as well as faithful to trusted tools of the trade. Their main tech stack and most frequently used technologies include (but aren’t limited to): Angular, .NET Core, AWS, Java, Kotlin, Microsoft Azure, Node.js, Python, React.js, and Swift.

CI&Ters cover it all! They work within this extensive list of domains: Back-end Development, Business Intelligence, Front-end Development, Cloud Services, Mobile Development, MVP Development, Project Management, Prototyping and Proof of Concepts, QA & Testing, Research and Development, Strategy Consulting, Support and Rescue of Projects, Blockchain & Smart Contracts, System Integrations, UX/UI Design and Web Development.

New Product Development, Team Augmentation, and Project Handover are CI&T’s top engagement types. Speaking of engaging, CI&T’s work and projects are so impressive we had a hard time choosing just one to talk about.

A collaboration that stood out to us was CI&T’s partnership with VTEX in late 2019 which helped turn Carrefour Brazil into the country’s top digital grocer. CI&T helped VTEX embark on a total digital transformation by uniting the IT, operations, and business teams to create a migration roadmap within 5 months. This new digital commerce solution entailed engineers writing over 140,000 lines of code and taking on a new software engineering approach. What resulted was a richer customer experience using the app. Promotions were easier to access, the checkout process became smoother, and more customer payment methods were implemented, just to name a few benefits.

Are you seeing what we’re seeing about CI&T? We’d love to connect you two in the blink of an eye and see the digital magic that will inevitably ensue!


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