Cheers with Kalmia

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February 10, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Cheers with Kalmia


BERLIN, Germany - It takes a master brewer to craft the perfect blend, and Kalmia is using exquisite ingredients to bring out the most flavour in digital products. The newest member of the Pangea network offers a spectrum of turn-key solutions and services with panache and zest for success. For your next project, take a sip of Kalmia!

Lager Than Life

This team of highly experienced software brewers came together in 2017, setting up their HQ in Škofja Loka, Slovenia - a picturesque town famed for its craftspeople since medieval times. The company joined Pangea in 2021 with the mission to help businesses thrive. They tell us:

Our vision is to become a leading provider of digitalisation services in the region.”

Potential clients may ask, why them? They go on:

“Kalmia is a one-stop-shop for your digitalisation needs. We will support you from ideas through workshops to final implementation. Our passion is web technologies, starting with cloud infrastructure via modern backend and frontend frameworks to distributed systems powered by blockchain. We love to discuss your daily processes and how they can evolve and become more efficient. Building new MVP or PoC is a joy for us, putting it into production and measuring results is a thrill. We practice what we preach as we've built a number of new successful digital products along the way and attract millions of dollars in investments.”

With a tasting flight this balanced and varied, it should come as no surprise that the company was rewarded both the AAA Gold Creditworthiness designation and the CES Awards Best Software Development Company in Slovenia. Their vision and excellent implementation has simmered over time and distilled into a delectable Pangea Score of 9.4/10.0. Read on to find out more about why the brewers at Kalmia might be right for you!

Smooth Hoperators

Kalmia’s ambrosial concoctions suit almost any palate, from seed to series A startups, to SMEs, to full-sized enterprises and corporations. Their brews are most satisfying in the automotive industry, computer games, hospital and healthcare, and information technology and services. Adaptable and flexible, this backend focused company offers their best and brightest for communications, blockchain, web and mobile services.

Their Pangea Client Insights Score is over 8% higher than average at 9.6/10.0, with perfect 10.0/10.0 scores in tech expertise, documentation level, and process maturity. Don’t just take our word for their pitcher perfect client experience, though; hear from their satisfied clients themselves! Jacob Horgan, CTO at Avatar Labs Ltd., had an experience steeped in professionalism and optimal results, telling us:

“Kalmia has been an incredible partnership for our startup and has been able to offer the perfect amount of assistance and expertise whilst keeping costs affordable and transparent. We look forward to the many projects that we have planned together.”

The company’s support for their clients is one of the most consistently mentioned high points in all of our interviews; the product owner at an SME echoed these sentiments with their own experience in working with the company:

“We are developing an IoT-based ecosystem with Kalmia's team of experts. They are supporting us intensively with their knowledge of user experience and software development related to the mobile app and B2B customer portal.”

Similar high praise for their adaptability and agility in meeting new and ever-changing challenges could be found in other reviews; Blaz Vidrih, chief innovation officer at Vies LTD d.o.o. pointed out:

“They are very responsive, responsible, and very active listeners. They can adapt very quickly and provide good results and feedback in regard to the project we are building.”

Always keeping an eye on the projects

Relief Pitchers

No company can brew so much satisfaction without an extra hoppy team behind the screens. Kalmia has kept their company small and intimate, with 13 full-time employees enjoying a familial office culture where the average seniority level is just over 4 years’ experience. Their first-year retention rate for new hires mirrors their overall retention rate, with 90% of employees choosing to stay on and be part of this close-knit team. They tell us:

Our people are our tribe. We work as a team and we love being challenged. Innovation, efficiency, technical competence and high quality of our service are important for us but at the end of the day we also have fun. Our emphasis on building strong internal relationships helps us to build long-lasting partnerships with all our customers. This is our drive.”

Their Pangea Team Health Score is over 7% higher than average at 9.3/10.0, with top individual scores hitting 95% satisfaction in management rapport, peer rapport, personal growth opportunities, and feedback and recognition. We tapped a few of the individual team members to describe the company culture; Tine Mlakar, the VP of Web2, toasted:

“A young, small and agile team is what makes Kalmia a great place to work. Good relations with coworkers in the office and outside is something that makes working for Kalmia a pleasure.”

We asked Borut Terpinc, the VP of Customer Digitalization, what his favorite thing about working at Kalmia was, and he similarly replied:

“It is absolutely the people, good vibe and professionalism. You can really feel good energy and get support when you need it.”

It was a chorus of cheers to the team, rounding off with Tadej Vengust, the VP of Web3, who told us his favorite thing about the company is:

“The people and the culture within the firm. Working in the company from almost the beginning, switching from a company where there was no transparency or care for the workers, I really like how the culture and mood in the company were shaped and am proud to be able to help shape it.”

You must swing by the office!

This is How We Brew It

Success is ale in a day’s work for Kalmia when it comes to backend development, bespoke systems, cloud services, data visualization, frontend and MVP development. The stout technology stack that allows them to provide so many services consists of AWS, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, Docker, TypeScript, MongoDB, MySQL, Solidity, and Web3.js. Using a winning combination of Agile, Scrum, and Prototype methodologies, Kalmia excels at new product development, project handovers, and support and maintenance.

Their most recent cheers came from their work with Doctrina, a free e-learning app for health care providers to keep up with the latest advancements in pharmaceuticals and best medical practices. Kalmia was brought in to brew up this idea into reality; creating a web app in Vue and hosting the whole platform on AWS. The app interface allows users to ask questions, take courses, and receive certificates — all for free, so that medical care providers can best help their patients.

Craft the perfect digital brew with Kalmia! If you want to taste test this team’s talent, take a look at our engagements page, and we will connect you with a member of their team today! In closing, we have a few words from their CEO, who says:

“Kalmia stands for innovation, great customer experience, exquisite software ingredients, outstanding UX, and support services you will love. We're not here just to build a long client list. Our goal is to help you thrive and succeed with your business while bringing our value to the table.”

If you want to work with a company that values striving to provide the best customer experience, following cutting edge technologies, staying on budget, supporting the local community, and providing a place where all their employees feel welcome and highly appreciated, then Kalmia has the brew for you!


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