Case Closed with Case3D

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October 21, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Case Closed with Case3D


BERLIN, Germany - Coming down with a case of the creative blues? Case3D is conquering crucial concerns with cutting-edge digital 3D solutions! The newest stars in the Pangea constellation are cooking up clever new ways to combine tech with reality. Put Case3D on the case today!

Cracking the Case

Founded way back in 2009, Case3D has built their brand and their headquarters in Novi Sad, Serbia. The company was founded on the shared passion to make life easier for people everywhere, to improve environmental conditions on micro and macro scale, and to provide their clients and associates with an atmosphere of authentic support, progress, and even joy. Going into more detail about the vision for the company, CEO Nebojsa Zaklan tells us:

"At Case3D, we understand the incredible power of technology to engage and inspire. We make it simple and pain-free to embrace pioneering digital 3D solutions and create immersive, believable worlds for your customers to explore. With our team alongside you, you can realise your vision and share it with the world, creating mesmerizing experiences that transport your audience into the future. Together, we can make tomorrow happen now."

Top clients of the company include UAE-based housing project Sharjah Sustainable City, the city of Belgrade’s Waterfront developments, and bespoke design-build construction company Clayco Inc. Read on to find out more about how they earned their Pangea Score of 8.4/10.0!

Case in Point

The work Case3D focuses on lends itself beautifully to civil engineering and real estate interests, and they frequently work with venture builders to create immersive visualizations for their clients. Having had their doors open for over a decade and a half, Case3D is well-versed in cracking even the toughest cases, smashing their Pangea Client Insights Scores out of the park with 9.3/10.0 in both tech expertise and customer journey. But you don’t have to take our word for it; Rajma Isljami, the account manager at the Belgrade Waterfront, says of their services:

“It's truly a pleasure working with the team! Love how they simplify the process, always work with a smile and give the best possible solution for every issue. Love how the team is always up to trying new technologies and always finds time for that.”

Going even further in his praise of Case3D’s work and results, Tomislav Zigo, CTO at Clayco Inc., adds:

“Case3D and their approach is a true game-changer when it comes to client engagement and the quality of product. This is not a coincidence as the expertise and the maturity they bring to the table clearly separates Case3D from their competition.”

A third client, who prefers to remain anonymous, further speaks to their satisfaction with the company:

“The Case3D team is focused and has delivered successful projects. The interactive screen technology is a great tool to present our mixed-use developments in an innovative and engaging way.”

A morning meeting at Case3D

A Case of the Mondays

Coming in on Mondays is cause for celebration among Case3D’s 27 full-time employees. The company has cultivated a culture of support and fun, with regular team-building exercises and conferences to maintain high morale, great interpersonal communication, and ongoing job satisfaction, which is visible in their Pangea Team Health Scores, which feature an 8.5/10.0 in Peers Rapport and 8.2/10.0 in Advocacy. On average, these dynamic cases of talent have just over six years of experience and stay with the company for a little over five years. Multi-talented team lead Manja has been here for even longer:

“After 7 years of working in Case3D, I can say that the people and relationships are the things that keep me in the company. I have mutual respect with my colleagues and employers.”

Team building exercises are overwhelmingly beloved; just ask company ambassador Olga, who tells us:

“Definitely, every team building is a great experience. Since I am a very social person, hanging out with people is happiness for me. An unforgettable experience was conquering the top of Stara Planina as a collective victory.”

It comes as no surprise that their first-year retention rates cap the list with a colossal 93%; technical artist Nemanja started as a junior 3D artist and moved up, making sure to include his colleagues in the best parts of his job:

“The most fun part was bringing in other team members and letting them test the ride in VR on a real physical bicycle, watching their reactions to going up- and downhill and trying to beat the AI.”

All smiles at a Case3D luncheon

Get on the Case

With their pioneering work in digital 3D solutions, Case3D most frequently works with augmented reality, front- and backend, UX/UI design, and occasionally building hardware. Best suited to new product development and support/maintenance, their most successful projects have included 3D visualizations for real estate development, touchscreen applications, and virtual property navigation programs.

Their primary technology stack consists of ARCore, C#, Unity, Vue.js, and of course industry mainstays JavaScript and Python. Using this stack to its fullest potential, Case3D built a VR showroom that is fully customizable to real estate projects, allowing visitors to open doors, switch on lights, and walk – or teleport! – into different rooms. The ability to lean forward over railings and even look behind objects in virtual reality makes a strong case for Case3D!

To close, we return to the words of CEO Nebojsa, who can’t help but glow with pride at how far the company has come:

We love exploring new technological advances to rewrite the rules of what’s possible and create class-leading digital 3D solutions. We leverage our knowledge and experience to create inventive products and immersive experiences that are tailormade to add maximum value.”

With their company-wide pledge to competency, persistence, and commitment, Case3D is an open and shut case of success, and we here at Pangea are happy to welcome them!


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