Capicua Shines a Light on the Occult Arts of UI/UX and Software

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June 3, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Capicua Shines a Light on the Occult Arts of UI/UX and Software


BERLIN, Germany - Offering a young and fresh perspective, the latest addition to the Pangea universe comes to you from South America. Their UX-driven full-cycle software development company offers spellbinding graphic design brought to life by the numerical constructs of their engineering team. The end result is almost witchcraft!

Full Design in Two Directions (Arithmancy)

"We combine design, technology, and business ingenuity to create world-class products that clients love and competitors aspire to.”

Words from Ismael Larrosa, CEO of Capicua, the software development company located blocks away from the beach in Montevideo, Uruguay. Together with his team, Ismael cultivates a working environment where they look to grow and inspire budding talent, with some of their top contributors having started with them as interns or fresh out of the top of their graduating class.

Capicua—Spanish for ‘palindrome’ (reading the same forwards and backwards)—is a company that encourages two-way communication to ensure the best results. This interchange of ideas does not just happen between their teams and their clients, but also between the different hierarchies and disciplines within the company; this ensures a supply of fresh perspectives and ideas throughout the different stages of production to design the optimal solution for their clients.

In its over ten years of operation, Capicua has maintained transparent and reliable communication with their clients. This business practice combined with their awesome team has allowed the company to achieve a 100% year-over-year growth in revenue and garnered an overall Pangea Score of 8.6/10.0.

Cultivating the Garden of Talent (Herbology)

Capicua has cultivated a 40+ person strong team of professionals who understand the productivity benefits of work/life balance and ownership. These values have fostered teamwork, engagement, and innovation—all while allowing for personal freedom to expand their curiosity and give the best of themselves as individuals. In total, the company received a Team Health Score of 8.2/10.0.

The company’s search for the best talent in their field goes beyond their home base in Montevideo, even into other countries such as Peru. Communication forms a cornerstone of the company, so all remote collaborators are integrated into the work environment and feel close to the team despite the geographical distance. As Jorge Espinoza, their Peruvian associate puts it:

"...the work environment, and the increased responsibility in the company, whilst having the possibility to learn and make decisions has kept me firmly attached to Capicua.”

The Capicua team channeling their creativity

Searching for young talent and recruiting from the highest percentiles at universities requires a competitive office culture to obtain and retain such talent. Capicua strives to offer a comfortable office environment where work can happen as an organic collaboration of individuals instead of as the grind between replaceable mechanical parts. Sara Vila, a collaborator who graduated with honors from her university explains:

"Upon entering Capicua, I noticed certain aspects that kept me motivated. On the one hand, a young team with good vibes, always ready to help. I like that it has an organization with a horizontal structure. It is a company where my voice counts.”

This horizontal structure is combined with the culture of learning, as evidenced by providing Udemy courses and other resources in order to expand the horizons of every team member. Indeed, Capicua employees rated the company an excellent 8.8/10.0 for personal growth. As María Wünsch candidly shares with us:

“They without lying changed my life, I was a very closed person in my way of thinking, they gave me tools to grow in my professional and private life.

I will never forget the day that Ismael called Anglo institute so that I could study English, [...] and it is largely thanks to him today I can read, understand and answer this questionnaire in English. It is knowledge for life.”

The importance of this freedom to explore different responsibilities and roles in the company retains some of the best talents while allowing employees—especially for the younger talent—to thrive in what they enjoy the most. This contributes to their impressive 98% first-year (and 85% overall) retention. As stated by Franco Roura:

“I never get bored here and I finally feel appreciated and well compensated while working at projects I enjoy. If I want to move my career in any certain direction I feel good knowing that I can just say it and the company will listen.”

Capicua’s employees rate the company 8.5/10 in both well-being and culture, showing how much they enjoy the vibes at their workplace. With a garden of unique and thriving individuals, cultivated with quarterly social events and cook-offs, you can be assured of finding the right allies to create and deliver the most creative solutions for your project.

Transforming Clients into Golden Partners (Alchemy)

The exponential growth Capicua has seen in recent years is reflected in the broad range of clients the company has successfully served. Their client scope spans such diverse industries as: broadcast and media, design, higher education, financial services, and food and beverages. We interviewed several of their satisfied customers and awarded the company a great Client Insights Score of 8.9/10.0.

Capicua understands that their client’s success is the groundwork for their own sustainable growth, which has informed their business practices from the beginning. Their two-way communication skills, which they implement throughout their organization, are applied with their clients to great results. As Nadine Levitt, CEO of Wurrly Holdings, shares with us:

”I cannot recommend Capicua more highly - from the very outset they have been transparent, reliable and realistic with time frames, flexible in scaling the team as needed, and the documentation to back up all design and development is outstanding! ”

Communication wouldn’t be useful if it didn’t translate into results. Therefore the aforementioned flexibility is another important ingredient Capicua skillfully employs to help their clients obtain the best possible product to reach their maximum potential.

This flexibility is also reflected in the array of services they offer, including: CRM, databases, mobile, frontend, backend, and UI/UX design (for which they earned a perfect 10.0/10.0!). The company is skilled in of these areas, as shown in the words of Carl Rohling, CEO of Leadbird Technology:

”Capicua is a perfect full-stack development house for medium to large development projects. They have awesome designers, specifically on the front end and a solid database team. Their project management skills are exemplary. ”

With their project management and customer journey Pangea scores at 9.3/10.0, you know that Capicua’s alchemical formula of Better Thinking = Better Quality = Better Products = Better Challenges = Happier Clients transfigures their customers into golden examples in their industries. As another one of their clients puts it:

“Working with Capicua is one of the best decisions that we've made. They are bright and clear thinkers that know how to deliver complex projects on time and within budget. Working together we have been able to produce very high-quality work.”

The software alchemists at Capicua discussing their magic

Shooting for the Stars (Astronomy)

Capicua has had a long search through the constellation of technology to focus in on it’s day-to-day revolving around React, Node and Typescript. Their experience has taken them through Angular, .NET and Vue, and they continue to study new trends in the market like Flutter.

However, with a historical technology stack based on client preference, they are happy to work with clients to determine and apply the best tools for each individual project. As their technology mission statement clearly explains:

“Technology built on empathy. Top-down and bottom-up, the best version of our products come from a people first approach. Empathy and flexibility are part of our core values and they impact every part of the organization.”

Exemplifying its philosophy on innovation, Capicua has started to integrate headless development alongside its full-stack approach, which allows for the creation of custom front ends and is increasingly popular within e-commerce. Clearly, the company’s tools are in constant evolution towards greater flexibility to help them and their clients reach new heights.

If you are curious to learn more about these software development magicians, just check out their engagement page and learn more about the types of contracts you can expect. We here at Pangea are sure the Capicua team is more than capable of handling whatever you need. Just reach out, and we’ll be sure to connect you! As always, we close with the words of Capicua’s CEO Ismael: “We connect talent across time zones, languages, and cultural barriers to co-create with ambitious companies' disruptive products.”


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