Building software in the betting and gambling industry? Think CrustLabs

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December 9, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Building software in the betting and gambling industry? Think CrustLabs


Berlin, Germany - we are honoured to announce that CrustLabs have successfully joined Pangea. They join an elite community of vendors at Pangea that belong to the top 7%. In return, the community gains an exciting new member in CrustLabs - their ambition is to become the number one company for building software in the betting and gambling industry. And they are well on their way - learn more below!

Vision to become #1

Through the verification process at Pangea, we were able to grasp the essence of CurstLab. Having founded the company in 2017 and grown 20 people strong, the CEO, Adam Gontarz - has focused on delivering high-quality and unique products for clients with success. Hence, his vision for CrustLabs is stern. He wants the company to be one of the most recognizable software development vendors on the market.

To achieve this, he will rely on the industry know-how that the company has accumulated building software for industry leaders in the betting and gambling industry. Adam has given a great interview where he shares candidly about the subject. Here he explains how he envisions pairing industry experience with software engineering prowess to become the #1 vendor in the betting and gambling industry.

The company is on its way. CrustLabs is proud to support the digital development of one of the most trusted names in the industry, Sportech PLC. If you are interested in learning more about their engagement with Sporttech PLC, feel free to read their case study that outlines the challenges in more details.

What does the team say?

With core values such as transparency, integrity, involvement and openness, CrustLab has built a solid core team with a strong overall retention rate of 95%, and where 20% of new hires come from team referrals.

The team rates the management rapport as 8.7/10. Giving credit to an organizational structure that is horizontal and flat where the team is empowered to solve problems on their own. Crustlabs explains that access to complex projects and a general startup feel to the company is their unfair advantage in recruiting new hires. This was echoed and reflected by the team members - Bartosz who is a frontend developer at Crustlab, explains it like this:

“...I really like the atmosphere at work. It is loose, can be fun, but still fully professional...”

And Tomasz who recently joined CrustLabs as a project manager has the following perspective for his decision to join forces with the company:

“...I liked the flat structure within the organization, agile and kanban as the main methodologies, and the feeling that CrustLab is making software for millions of people around the world - it meant that we're good at what we deliver….”

This bodes well for a young and multi-faceted team with an average seniority rate of 3.6 years. They will need the positive and youthful energy to achieve their ambition of becoming a market leader, and ultimately, the number one preferred vendor for the betting and gambling industry. To better grasp the fabric of the team at Crustlabs, you can get to know more of the team members in the Pangea employee spotlight:

The dynamic CrustLab team taking a breather to capture a moment in time.


That is the average client score given by 5 of CrustLab’s clients hailing from Poland, UK and the US. A sound achievement seeing as the client score is the average of 8 scoring segments: customer journey, UI/UX design, project management, technical expertise, quality assurance, documentation level, business maturity and process maturity. You can see the detailed breakdown of the score here, but as a snapshot, see a couple of testimonials below:

“CrustLab acts like our in-house tech department. They understand the needs and budgetary constraints of a small business. CrustLab provides excellent IT service and are always accessible on the phone, regardless of the situation”

- Gabriel Herman, COO @ Pelvifly

“I worked with Crustlab on a full UX and UI design of new sports gaming product. They worked with me to create exactly what I was looking for in an efficient and professional manner. Truly a rock star groups of technical expertise and precision “

- CEO @ Seed/Series A Start-up in Telecommunications.

When to hire CrustLabs?

CrustLab should be on your shortlist if you are thinking about new product development, particularly in the betting and gambling space.

The top 5 services they provide are back-end development, cloud services, data visualization, front-end development, and implementation of features. To provide the aforementioned services, their most frequently used tech stack is AWS, Django, Docker, Flutter, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin Node.js, Python, and React.js. The company usually kicks off new engagements with a 6-man team and a budget of €50-100k - if you want to learn more, you can find all the engagement details here.

If the above sounds like a fit for your company, you should contact and hire the Crustlab team! You will get a partner who is backend-focused with industry know-how. As a team, they will be adaptable, flexible, communicative, and transparent. All the ingredients to establish a long-term partnership.

The Crustlab team working diligently on deploying high quality and unique products.

Welcome to the Pangea community

Reading the employee spotlights and digesting the stellar client testimonials makes us proud to welcome the CrustLabs to the Pangea community. We are excited to join forces and can’t wait to follow their progress and the journey in the years to come. It is our genuine hope that we can support and accelerate the speed at which the company becomes #1 vendor for the betting and gaming industry.

Welcome, CrustLabs Team!


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