Bring your project together with Unity Group

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May 31, 2021

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June 11, 2024

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Bring your project together with Unity Group


BERLIN, Germany - Pangea is delighted to introduce you to Unity Group, the Polish software development company that specializes in digital commerce transformation and is focused on end-to-end project delivery. We’ve been honored to have Unity Group as part of the Pangea universe since 2019, and are happy to have come together with such an experienced partner.

Developers of the World Unite

Although Unity Group technically started in 2012 with the merger of three software development companies—Internet Designers, Empathy, and Contium—it can trace its history all the way back to 1997 when six students at Wrocław University of Science and Technology launched one of the first interactive agencies in the Polish market: Internet Designers. Through the addition of the Krakow-based Empathy (established 2000) and nearby Contium (founded 2003), the joint company now boasts 300+ employees!

CEO Grzegorz Kuczyński believes Unity Group’s two-plus decades of experience has given the company the maturity to handle the needs of even the largest clients:

“For over 20 years,​ Unity Group has been navigating the world of technology to act as a trusted guide to our clients. Our typical clients are medium and large enterprises from around the globe. Our projects deliver tangible business value for our clients and create thriving long-term partnerships.”

We welcomed Unity Group into the Pangea universe back in 2019, when the company was rapidly expanding with two new offices in New York and Zurich and enjoying 17% YoY growth in revenue. That year the company also won the digital transformation category of the Plebiscyt BIT 2019 awards, which cover the top 30 most impactful companies in the Polish tech industry. We were similarly impressed with Unity Group, and were pleased to award the company a solid Pangea Score of 8.2/10.0 after sitting down with some of their (many) happy employees and customers.

Go, U-Teams, Go!

Despite being a fairly large and distributed organization, Unity Group knows full well that a company is nothing without its people. Therefore, management places a great emphasis on the happiness and well-being of their teams, who form the backbone of company culture. Over the years, they have mastered the art of crafting “an organizational spirit that inspires and empowers.” This has resulted in an open feedback culture where all doors are open no matter the seniority, producing a responsibility matrix that ensures all tasks stay rewarding and challenging.

Back in 2019, we gave the company a strong Team Health Score of 8.1/10.0, with particular highs in advocacy (8.5/10.0), management and peer rapport (8.3 & 8.4/10.0, respectively), and culture (8.2/10.0). Even more recently, a 2020 internal survey found that an incredible 93% of employees enjoy collaborating with their teammates, 89% believe in sharing knowledge, and 86% trust people to achieve their full potential. Considering such feedback, it’s no wonder that Unity Group retains a full 90% of its first-year and 85% of its overall employees.

When we say ‘Unity Group’ you say ‘Go’! Go Unity Group, go!

But numbers only tell part of the story. To truly get a sense of Unity Group's united front, just listen to some employees describe how they take pride in their company:

"The great satisfaction when the perfectly selected and highly cooperative U-team successfully delivers a project for the client. Whenever someone is able to develop thanks to our work, that also feels wonderful!"

- Marta Jarosik, Head of People & Culture

"Working at Unity Group makes me very proud, as I can see the impact we had over the last few years, both internally and for the projects we work on!"

- Mateusz Skowron, Head of Implementation

"I’m most proud that everyone at Unity Group receives the support they need to implement their ideas, improve their skills and develop the team as a whole. It’s a great atmosphere that I’m always happy to be part of!"

- Łukasz Sutuła, Java Architect & Technology Trainer

"For me, work-life balance is important. I’m proud that Unity Group enables me to achieve my passions both in and outside of IT."

- Angelika Jankowiak, New Business Developer

A Proven Partner

With 20+ years of experience, it should come as no surprise that Unity Group has amassed an impressive resumé when it comes to the clients they have served; world-renowned brands like IKEA, McDonald’s, Allianz, Toyota, and HP all have worked with the company. In total, Unity Group has successfully completed over 500 projects across industries like retail, automotive, telecoms, and e-commerce (an area in which they’ve won several awards over the years).

Their commitment to providing only the best end-to-end services has certainly left a mark on their clients. We spoke with no less than 23 of their current and former customers, who were universally satisfied with their relationship with Unity Group. In total, the company earned excellent scores in Client KPIs like technical expertise (a whopping 9.0/10.0), process and business maturity (8.6 & 8.5/10.0), respectively, and customer journey (8.4/10.0).

We don’t have space here to list all the praise, but check out a handful of snippets to get a sense of the kind of respect the Unity Group has earned with their clientele:

“Strongly recommended. Unity Group is one of those partners you can rely on. Huge experience in creative architecture development and agile /on demand delivery.”

- CTO @ Enterprise/Corporation

“They are true experts, always open for new challenges and helpful when facing obstacles. “

- Tomasz Niegocki, Business Director @ Saatchi & Saatchi

“The process with Unity Group worked like a charm so far. Sales, contract negotiation and onboarding where flexible, fast and very transparent. The engineer quickly found his way into the project and started delivering meaningful results from the first week. He has a great understanding of the product and technology stack, making the collaboration a success.”


“Truly reliable partner in technical development with flexible aproach and high quality team.”

- Beata Gutowska, Product Manager @ Agora SA

Unity Duck, the backbone of the company

Realize Your Digital Potential

From Java to Javascript, Kotlin to Kontent, .NET to Next.js, Unity Group’s tech stack runs the gamut of almost any technology you can think of; React? Check. AWS? Of course. Python? You know it! And as a member of the local tech consortium IT Corner, you can rest assured that in the (rare) event they don’t have an expert on staff, they can easily find one within their considerable network.

Overall, the company has the capability to provide a number of services along the entire lifecycle of a project, ranging from project management to coding. Whether you need customer-facing services (web portals, etc.), operational support (process managing, etc.), data engineering (including machine learning), or core technology assistance (cloud, DevOps), Unity Group has you covered.

If you are interested in learning more about these Polish professionals, just head over to their engagement page and we would be more than happy to connect you with their team. But first, we’d like to close (as we so often do) with the words of the CEO talking about the core philosophies that his company embodies:

“Our values are: Mature and responsible experts, Bold in tackling challenges, Mutual trust and respect, Open communication and transparency and Collaboration of partners.”


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