Bring Your Dreams To Life With Vivify Ideas

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May 24, 2021

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June 11, 2024

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Bring Your Dreams To Life With Vivify Ideas


BERLIN, Germany - Today, Pangea is excited to introduce you to Vivify Ideas, the Serbian software development company that has been bringing customer’s ideas to life since 2013. Part of the Pangea universe for three years now, we think it’s time to shine some light on what makes Vivify one of the more respected tech companies in their home city of Novi Sad.

A Bright Idea

Vivify Ideas was founded in 2013 in Novi Sad, known as the Silicon Valley of Serbia. Having previously worked at some of the largest development companies in the city, co-founders Milos Janjic and Goran Prijic were experienced software engineers who knew from the beginning what they wanted their company to be: agile, adaptable, and continuously improving. Eight years in, and the company has grown from a team of ten developers in a two-room apartment to inhabiting two warehouse-style spaces housing more than 110 people.

Despite continuously outgrowing their offices, the company has maintained their commitment to excellence, per current CEO Nedeljko Damnjanovic:

Our vision is to build a community that is as much about having a positive influence on the world around us as it is about delivering great products. And we always provide great products!​

Vivify joined the Pangea universe in 2018 with a reputation as one of the 20 best companies to work for in Serbia, with a 20% year over year growth in revenue that they anticipated would continue well into the future. After chatting with the company’s employees and several of their clients, we award Vivify Ideas an Overall Pangea Score of 8.10/10.0. This solid score underlines the respect that the company commands both internally and externally, and is a good indication of the quality you can expect if you were to engage with them.

A Vivacious Company Culture

Vivify Ideas employees enjoying some downtime

Vivify Ideas takes pride in being a people-centered company that strives to keep their employees happy both inside and outside of the office. With a book exchange club, trivia nights, themed food Fridays, and multiple outdoor team-building activities, Vivify provides multiple avenues for their team to bond and connect. These bonding events help the company to have a 95% first-year retention rate, and Team Health scores of 8.2/10.0 and 8.0/10.0 in management and peers rapport, respectively.

Even more impressive, Vivify earned an 8.9/10.0 in Advocacy, reflecting the great care they take to train and educate their team members. Returning to CEO Nedeljko:

“Our quest for ultimate Agility involves extensive training of every new member, creating the best fit for the kind of projects we want to take on.​”In addition to the aforementioned amenities (and office fixtures like foosball and ping pong), Vivify also offers a plethora of perks that make the company a very attractive place to work. The company has a flat structure where all employees have a voice in making significant decisions, and a profit sharing scheme where 28% of Vivify Ideas’ monthly profit is divided between employees based on length of service. Moreover, the company fosters an atmosphere of trust through transparency, open communication, and distribution of responsibility so each employee has the agency to act (and succeed) autonomously.

Head and Heart Together

A sneak peek into the Vivify Ideas headquarters

From the USA and Western Europe to the MENA region, Vivify Ideas has helped clients around the world in a wide range of industries that includes FinTech, HealthTech, Travel, and Real Estate. Looking at their Client Scores, one can see that the company offers unparalleled Quality Assurance (9.0/10.0) and commands excellent technical expertise, process maturity, and customer journey (all 8.5/10.0). Listen to the feedback from just a few of their many satisfied customers, and you can see why the company scored so highly:

“Zwivel has had the pleasure of working with the Vivify team for the past 5 years. In that time, we have never had a single negative experience with them. All of Vivify’s engineers have been nothing short of amazing. They are all extremely sharp, organized, have a great sense of humor and have worked seamlessly with our US-based team.

I consider Vivify’s team to be a part of Zwivel and not a separate entity. They have been critical to our success and I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work they’ve put into Zwivel. I highly recommend them for any web development project big or small.”

- Scot Kerra, Former President, and COO @ Zwivel

“If you are looking for a trustworthy software development partner that truly contributes to the product they work on, I can wholeheartedly recommend Vivify Ideas.”

- Madeleine Marmborg, Product Owner @ Tobii Pro

“We were looking for an external company to help our team build a new version of the website. It turned out that Vivify Ideas was so great, agile and independent, that we've assigned them almost all of our backend work, so we could focus on the core business. And they served us as a client happily for years.”

- Igor Salindrija, Founder and former CEO @ AskGamblers

Perhaps more importantly, Vivify Ideas is known locally as “the driving force behind some of the most significant humanitarian projects in Serbia.” Their pro bono work includes a fund-raising application for housing children with cancer and their parents (downloaded by nearly 10% of the country and raising nearly half-a-million Euros), and an educational platform for new and expecting parents. Plus, the company’s Social Fund diverts 4% of the Vivify Ideas’ monthly profits towards socially responsible projects.

Fullstack Fixers

Specializing in nearshoring and staff augmentation, Vivify Ideas is more than capable of helping out with whatever a project needs: their wheelhouse includes AI and machine learning, cloud & infrastructure, product development, and IoT. Looking at their tech stack, you can see that they are using cutting edge technologies whether working on frontend (JavaScript, Angular, Vue, and React), backend (PHP, Laravel, SQL, and .NET, etc.), mobile (React Native, Cordova, Swift, etc.) or AI (Node.js, Django, Python).

But beyond the nuts and bolts, Vivify Ideas holds a number of values to be integral to how the company treats their clients and their employees. Their (lengthy) list of ideals are what sets Vivify apart from many other remote development teams, and are a big part of why we are so happy to have them as a Pangea partner:

  • Accountability
  • Customer commitment
  • Transparent, honest, and open communication
  • Knowledge share and personal development
  • Friendly and supportive

So, curious about working with the enthusiastic and ethical entrepreneurs at Vivify Ideas? Just head over to their engagement page where you can see the details about their pricing and delivery timeline. If you are as excited about the company as we are, we’ll be happy to connect you with someone at Vivify and you can start bringing your ideas to life!


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