Better, Faster, Strong(er)bytes!

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May 18, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Better, Faster, Strong(er)bytes!


BERLIN, Germany - Strongbytes has been generating buzz since 2015, especially when it comes to Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The Romanian software development company is now also listed by Pangea as one of the world's strongest 7% tech providers. Let's take a closer look at this powerhouse of a company!

Byte Off More Than You Can Chew?

Strongbytes is a software company based in Iasi, Romania, that has been making a name for itself among the tech scene since 2015. This burly, brilliant team is committed to making AI more accessible. The Strongbytes team designs and develops world-class software solutions—making significantly positive impacts on every cloud-enabled, data-driven business they collaborate with.

As a machine learning and software development company, the hardworking team of developers and consultants enables businesses to continuously improve their ability to access and analyze data—in the cloud and by automated means. Using software applications, data engineering, analytics and machine learning, it allows Strongbytes’ clients to make more accurate decisions in order to achieve their business goals. With Artificial Intelligence now infiltrating every aspect of reality, Strongbytes is committed to help you navigate every moment of this new terrain. By choosing to work with Strongbytees, AI will no longer be a blindspot for your company!

Strongbytes' methodology for efficiently delivering predictive analytics solutions and intelligent applications is based on Microsoft's Team Data Science Process Lifecycle (TDSP). So far, they have found favor with customers such as Victory Square, Volvo, and Harte Hanks. Pangea is also more than impressed and rates Strongbytes with a great overall performance of 9.2/10.

Teams Who Laugh Together, Stay Together

Strength Through Experience

The Strongbytes collective consists of 35+ consultants and developers with an average professional experience of 7 years, and an outstanding track record of delivering software products and services to various highly respected clients and partners.

The founders of the company are strongly involved in the local and regional IT community. As a result of this and the excellent team behind them, Strongbytes has managed to become a force to be reckoned with in the tech market and a first point of contact for businesses not only in Romania, but all over the world.

A completely open and transparent culture is valued at the Strongbyte office. Here, everyone is encouraged to think as one — in a “team vs. the problem” style. This bolsters a culture of trust and support, as well as a dynamic group that constantly learns from each member’s experience. For example, Alexandru Mihodera tells us what he was looking for in a company and finally found at Strongbytes:

“I wanted an environment where I could try some cultural and organizational ideas and here I have found open people, who are eager to try things differently than they are done in most corporations.”

Working at Strongbytes means being part of a great workforce of people who are committed to their craft. And lest it be forgotten: The staff also know when and how to have a hearty laugh. Therefore, a Peer Report score of 9.5/10.0 comes as no surprise.

Strongbytes also places great emphasis on the professional and personal development of its employees. This is reflected in an amazing Personal Growth Score of 9.4/10.0, as well as in the employees' personal estimation of the company. This is how Tudor Badea, Full Stack Engineer at Strongbytes, reports:

“Besides amazing mentors that are always there to answer our questions, the company organizes fun courses where we learn stuff about the technologies we use in the projects we work on.”

This first impression of the diligent Strongbytes team is rounded off with a notably high Pangea Team Health Score of 9.2/10.0 overall.

Higher Strength in Both Numbers and Altitude

Clients Going Strong

Strongbytes helps its customers streamline their end-to-end processes. With a focus on understanding the business needs at hand and a high, meticulous quality of work, the skilled engineers develop new or upgrade existing products for companies small to large, in industries such as Automotive, Banking, and Biotechnology.

Customers who have been successfully going strong since they started working together happily share their experiences. Liviu Botez, Tech Lead at Harte Hanks, tells us:

”Strongbytes is a client oriented company, with a strong technical expertise in software development, highly flexible, eager to help with the hurdles you might encounter along a project.”

Paul Doman, CEO of Victory Square Partners, Inc. is also utterly enthusiastic about the Romanian powerhouse:

”I've been working with Vlad, Dan and multiple engineers at Strongbytes for years. They are 100% trustworthy and technical competently. I've referred them multiple times and I highly recommend them.”

The Pangea Client Insights Score also aligns with the comments above, revealing an excellent overall score of 9.2/10.0—with top scores in Customer Journey (9.3/10.0), Tech Expertise (10.0/10.0), Quality Assurance, Business Maturity and Process Maturity (all 9.3/10.0).

Product Prediction Is Power

Rest assured, Strongbytes will take care of your project with full force! Whether it's data collection or data analysis, machine learning or lean applications, Strongbytes will support you throughout the entire process. Strongbytes builds the scalable and secure web apps you need, from start to finish. They will also help you with team augmentation or firefighting response.

These developers’ strengths reside in back-end and front-end development, custom systems, feature implementation, ML/AI services, MVP development and more. Some of the most commonly used technologies include React.js, Redux, Angular.js, TypeScript, .NET Core, .NET Entity Framework, Node.js, Python, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Docker, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Moreover, their company values place a strong emphasis on transparency, quality, continuous learning, customer focus and adaptability. When you work with Strongbytes, you’ll get smart products that will significantly improve your business. CEO, Dan Nicola, now invites you to become the next Strongbytes partner:

“We welcome our partners in a vibrant community of humans and professionals, with the promise of taking care of their business as it was our own business; with empathy and a focus to deeply understand the need, opportunities and real options, we turn technology into a generator of positive transformational experiences.”

Get in touch with us directly—and make your business better, faster, stronger!


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