B(u)ild Up Your Business with Bild Studio

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April 26, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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B(u)ild Up Your Business with Bild Studio


BERLIN, Germany - Trusted by clients around the world, Bild Studio recently joined Pangea's 7% of top tech providers. The Montenegrin digital agency's mission is to support the growth and scaling of successful products and brands, helping them evolve into something bigger and better—true their motto: Bild, Better, Together.

B(u)ilding On a Vision, Pursuing a Mission

More than a decade ago, a few tech-savvy, business-minded entrepreneurs got together and launched Bild Studio, a digital company in Podgorica, Montenegro. 12 years after their founding, Bild Studio is not only fabulously successful at what they do, but can also count itself among the best of the best: They are among the top 7% of technology providers worldwide—and rightfully so.

Whether a company is looking to develop a product from scratch or enhance an existing platform, Bild Studio provides all companies with a specially assembled team of developers and UX/UI designers with in-depth expertise and superior skills in enterprise solutions, web/mobile, design, and branding. If your product were a house, they could help you realize it from the foundation to the final stroke of paint!

With top clients like Nilex SE, Ekhart Yoga, or Funzi on its side, Bild Studio could make a name for itself well beyond Montenegro. All of this and more we have taken into account in our evaluation criteria and have thus come to a proud result: Let's congratulate Bild Studio on an excellent overall Pangea score of 9.3/10.0 points. This talented bunch warrants their scores, so let us paint a picture as to why!

Problem Solving One Step at a Time

B(u)ilding Trust Through Talent

Especially in industries such as E-learning, Computer Software, Design, or Information Technology and Services, Bild Studio's accomplished talents know their stuff. Whether it is a newly founded start-up or a long-established company, Bild Studio's clients can be sure that they will be more than satisfied with the outcome, irrespective of how ambitious their project is. Natalia Haas, founder of Mercator Commodities AG, confirms:

”We have had a great experience of working with Bild Studio for numerous projects. They are brilliant to work with and great at after service. We are super satisfied with how our ideas and branding were put into form and colours.”

Of course, a Pangea Client Insight Score of 9.5/10.0 points overall is also reflected in the customer reviews. This is how Zvezdana Oluić, Vice President for Marketing at the Montenegrin Employers' Association, reports:

”In all our projects, Bild studio provided its services to our full satisfaction. Their team has great expertise and high efficiency, as well as a professional and responsible approach to work. I highly recommend Bild studio for cooperation.”

Petar Dragas, Founder of Babyshop, sums up the smooth communication with the Montenegrins as follows:

”For a reasonable price you get quality and experience. Not to mention great communication with Jovana and the team. Everything was on point. I would definitely recommend doing work with Bild Studio. ”

And if you think the overall Client Score was already pretty good, Bild Studio manages to shoot through the roof in the areas of Technical Expertise (9.7/10.0) and UI/UX design as well as Business Maturity. In fact, the latter two are rated 10/10.0—truly impeccable scores!

Cycling to B(u)ild a Brighter Future

Team B(u)ilding As a Priority

What began as a rather small business foundation has grown into a labyrinth of rooms and floors — Bild is now a company of considerable size. Bild Studio currently employs 80+ professionals with an average seniority level of 4 years. The valued team helps drive the growth of Bild Studio and its partners in an eager and peerless manner.

Over the past 12 years, these teammates have become friends—friendships based on mutual understanding and constant communication. Bild Studio regularly organizes team-building events, workshops and other socialization opportunities to further improve the bond between all team members. Zoran Vukalovic, System Architect, reports:

“That synergy between the enthusiasm of the developers and my experience is still strong after seven years. And yet, we are still learning from each other.”

Jovana Duricic, Scrum Master, tells us what Bild Studio and the whole team means to her:

“Some people at Bild studio really became my family, from which I gained a lot of knowledge, experience, specialization, and also support in all fields of life - at work and outside of work, and that is a value that is immeasurable.”

At Bild Studio, work processes are constantly evaluated, while solutions and implementation of improvements are widely discussed. After all, constructing something special doesn’t happen without innovation and dedication. Overmore, Surveys are conducted three times a year to gather and reflect valuable feedback from all employees. The survey outcomes are then integrated into the annual planning and finally implemented in the upcoming year. Here, everyone is heard! Danko Keković, Chief Design Officer at Bild Studio, supports that impression we have gained and describes the culture as follows:

“An inclusive culture filled with mutual respect, encouragement, tolerance and sharing drive in which your voice can be heard no matter the position in the hierarchy.”

As a result, we award Bild Studio with a Pangea Team Health Score of an amazing 9.1/10.0, with 9.2/10.0 in Culture, 9.3/10.0 in Peer Rapport, and 9.4/10.0 in Personal Growth.

Jointly B(u)ilding World-Class Businesses—Now!

There is hardly anything better than a lean, fully streamlined process, a business strategy thought out down to the smallest detail, crowned by the best technology. Right? Bild Studio offers its partners all this. Whether you are building your business from scratch, need support for an existing product or tool, or are just looking for some additional helping hands, this Montenegro team is here to make your business as stylish and structurally sound as possible—the agile way, of course!

In particular, Bild Studio's developers are fooling no one when it comes to Backend and Frontend, CMS, Databases or UI/UX. They are familiar with a wide range of programming languages, tools and systems, including NET, .NET Core, React.js, React Native, Flutter, Node.js, WordPress, SQL, C#, PHP, TypeScript, JavaScript, and so on.

Quote from the CEO: "Starting with just three people in 2010, Bild Studio became one of the regional leaders in the field of IT services and consulting underpinned by more than a decade of experience."

The foundation on which Bild Studio is literally b(u)ilt on are their company values: Teamwork, Quality, Innovation, Passion and Continuous Improvement. These are values that soon will be reflected in your cooperation if you wish.

Contact us if you are interested in working together with Bild Studio. Personally, we think it is about time to Bild; Better and Together!


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