At Codeus, Great Code Runs in The Family

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May 31, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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At Codeus, Great Code Runs in The Family


BERLIN, Germany - Welcome Codeus to the Pangea family: the Serbian software development company is a family-like conglomeration of IT-savvy people with just one goal in mind—to design, develop and scale the most efficient software for their international partners and clients. Follow in the footsteps of Codeus' success!

Portrait of a Serbian IT Family

Codeus first and foremost describes itself as "IT family that cares.” The company dates back to 2018, when the software development company was born in Nis, Serbia. Today, in 2022, they are proud to be part of the Pangea family tree, owned by 7% of the world's leading technology providers.

Whether it's web or mobile, an existing product or a brand new one, you can always rely on the experienced engineering team at Codeus — who practically have solid computer coding betwixt their blood cells. With an innovative approach and a unique technical DNA, Codeus develops steadfast, customized software solutions for various industries and clients around the world.

Codeus has helped top clients like South Pole Group, Joybird, or &Repeat turn their visions into leading-edge products. Whatever your vision may be, expect nothing less than outstanding technological expertise, crystal-clear processes, and communication. You receive perfect value for money — and, of course, well-structured code.

From one big happy family to another: Pangea proudly awards Codeus the excellent Overall Pangea score of 9.6/10.0, which is certainly a bundle of pride and joy.

Running Together as Smoothly as Their Tech

We Are Family, I Got All My Colleagues With Me

The 21 family members of Codeus are an amazing team of developers who have been working together for almost a decade, even before Codeus existed. It's not for nothing that they call themselves an IT family—a gathering of gifted minds and restless talents achieving ambitious goals. As Ksenija, HR Manager, confirms:

“What's kept me here is definitely the team spirit and the healthy atmosphere at Codeus. I believe that it is necessary to keep transparency, care, trust at the forefront if you want to create a workplace where everyone wants to be.”

This positive environment that promotes teamwork, mutual respect and professionalism has not only kept Ksenija at Codeus, but 95% of the staff in the first year and 90% overall. Borislav, Tech Lead-PHP, can also attest to this:

“(...) Codeus is a place with the healthiest working environment I've ever seen. Everyone here is cooperative and keen to help, no matter what expertise we are talking about.”

Codeus is fully committed to fostering a culture where all employees agree on goals, values and working methods, while feeling that they are truly celebrated as individuals. That's why they regularly host team building events. Miljana, Full-Stack Developer, enthusiastically reports on one such occurrence:

“One of my most memorable experiences certainly was the team building where we had a chance to spend a couple of days together, connecting, learning about each other and getting to know each other, and feel the team spirit even better.”

The Codeus family welcomes creative individuals who wish to grow personally and professionally to join them. Here, employees believe that their daily work offers new opportunities to learn and experience something new, as well as to grow and to help others to do the same. They believe in familial, enduring and mutual support for team members, partners and clients as a guarantee for their success. A Pangea Team Health Score of 9.7/10.0 overall, a Peer Rapport Score of 9.8/10.0 and a Personal Growth Score of 9.9/10.0 come as a fantastic result.

Relaxation and Work: A Perfect Symbiosis

A Long Line of Happy Clients

Codeus prides itself on providing first-class service with genuine passion to its customers worldwide. All client relationships are based on transparent communication and comprehensive support in all required matters. Codeus works with both innovative startups and established companies in industries such as banking, entertainment, computer games and more. Delivering projects on time and on budget makes Codeus the long-term strategic partner you’d want as part of your extended tech family.

They receive a Pangea Client Insight Score of 9.5/10.0 for their excellent client relationships and absolute top scores in Customer Journey, Project Management and Technical Expertise (all rated 10/10.0).

Don’t just take it from us, hear some enthusiastic testimonials from past and current clients that Codeus has convinced in their recent years of collaborations:

“For the past 3 years codeus has been a reliable business partner without whom we wouldn't have been able to produce or deliver the level of quality that our product today has! ”

- CEO @ Seed to Series A Startup

“We successfully collaborate and partner with Codeus on our internal projects, as well as on external projects for our customers. Competence, flexibility, and easiness of work are just some of the reasons why Codeus is our partner of choice”


Codeus' DNA: Code That Lasts

Codeus' expertise includes server-side and front-end technologies such as PHP, Node.js, React.js, React Native, Vue.js, Symfony, Laravel, .NET, TypeScript and Unity. Technologies like these ensure that the close-knit staff delivers feature-rich, scalable and secure products.

Whether you're looking to modernize an existing application, build an entirely new product from scratch, or strengthen your team — with clean, well-documented code comprising their company’s DNA, Codeus can support you in all of the above and help you build world-class software solutions that last generations.

It’s the Codeus company values of exceptional performance, accountability, transparency, excellent communication and caring that keep this community so close and caring for each other as an extended chosen family. The CEO, Milos Novicevic, sums up the spirit of the company in his closing words:

“When I first started my engineering career, someone told me: ‘If you want to be successful at what you do, solve problems that money alone can’t solve’. With this in mind, I created Codeus, a software development company that helps our clients reach their goals through technology.”

Contact us directly and join the IT family!


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