Allow Barrage to arm you with digital tools for success

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May 7, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Allow Barrage to arm you with digital tools for success


BERLIN, Germany - Today we’re delighted to welcome Barrage to the Pangea universe. Offering custom-built software solutions from the heart of Croatia’s thriving Osijek, this team is serious about client success, providing the answers brick by brick and solution by solution.

Building your digital barrage

Headquartered in the thriving city of Osijek - the Silicon Valley of Croatia - Barrage was founded in 2016 with a small team of digital experts. The company was founded with the vision of providing quality digital solutions using cutting-edge technology and so the name Barrage was chosen as a symbol of their efforts to create a digital barrage for their clients. They wanted clients to be more in control of external influences, allowing them to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

That vision paid off. Today, Barrage is an 80-strong team of creative, talented individuals who spend their days building reliable, UX-focused software for their clients. They build a digital barrage that will equip their clients with everything they need to do battle in the modern world. From custom software development to digital marketing strategies and top-notch cybersecurity solutions, they take it all in their stride.

In the words of CEO Feđa Ivanšić:

“The satisfaction of your customers is our ultimate success metric. We take our clients’ business needs personally, and whatever the project is, the added value is what we aim for. This drives our progress and motivates us to move forward while investing in new technologies, the people, and a positive work environment. Our values are dedicated work, professionalism and excellence.”

It’s these values that have earned Barrage an incredible Pangea Score of 9.4/10.0. With a strong team, clear communication with clients, and exceptional output, Barrage has established itself as a must-know name in the industry. We’re delighted to welcome them to the Pangea universe.

A close-knit team of doers and thinkers

Although Barrage has a team of 80 employees, it feels like a much smaller team, thanks to the great culture that’s been established. The company is split into four different teams: software (, which is the primary core of the business focus, blockchain infrastructure, and computing data center development (that’s a mouthful, so dc.engr for short!), customer relations (cust.rel), who are focused on keeping clients happy, and the digital marketing team (dig.mktg). Together, these superstar teams create one awesome company - as evidenced by their incredible Team Health Score of 9.1/10.0.

There’s a lot of experience in the team, with an average seniority of 4 years, and an average employee tenure of 2.2 years. The team especially appreciates the opportunities for personal growth at Barrage, which they rated 9.3/10.0, and they also love the company culture, which gets 9.2/10.0. It’s also great to see that the Barrage team values their colleagues and the management team equally, with both the peer rapport and management rapport scores coming in at 9.1/10.0. Let’s hear it from some of the employees themselves:

“What motivates me to work at Barrage is the great company culture, a positive atmosphere, and my colleagues. Our teams collaborate daily. Through that collaboration, I’ve realized how much I value good communication, openness including the accessibility of my colleagues, and different perspectives.”

- Dominik Kotris, UX/UI designer and music geek

“If I had to write a book about Barrage… Without any doubt, that would be a book about outstanding leadership. Following up on my previous answer, one of the main reasons I decided to move to Croatia to work for Barrage was the working relationship Ivan and Feđa, the founders, have with all employees. This is directly reflected in the awesome company culture. I don't think I’m exaggerating when I say that the team is like a big family.”

- Nikola Matošević, brand and visual designer and keen mountain biker

“I have an opportunity to grow, learn and have fun while doing it. Everyone is open, available, and always ready to help. What I especially like is that we have the ability to develop and create solutions and make decisions. New ideas and solutions are always encouraged from anyone in the team. For me, that is what makes the job interesting, always going further. You have the freedom to build up your skills and Barrage is always there to give you the extra push with great education, internal knowledge-sharing, conferences, and certificate opportunities. The equipment is top-notch as well”

- Josip Silađi, Lead Cloud and Infrastructure Engineer, mushroom hunter, and new dad

The team winding down with a well-deserved drink

Near-perfect client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything Barrage does reflect in their very impressive Client Score of 9.7/10.0. They take their clients’ business needs personally and are committed to working with them to determine the solutions they need to drive business performance. Barrage’s clients are particularly happy with their UI/UX Design, Technical Expertise, Quality Assurance, and Business Maturity, all of which got a perfect 10.0/10.0.

Barrage strongly believes that no company is too big for high quality nor too small to go the extra mile for, and as such, they work with businesses of all sizes, across all verticals, to help them achieve success. The team works with their clients closely at every stage of the design and development process, enabling them to engineer a tailored solution using the technologies that are best suited to their client’s needs. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s what their clients have to say about them:

“I would choose Barrage over any other company again, they deliver everything from concepts, to UI/UX, development, and support at fair prices. The products they deliver speak for themselves. If you look for a long-term partner, Barrage is the way to go.”

- Sascha Pahlke, Owner @ Stealth R&D LLC

“Barrage gave exceptional technical, design, security and organisational contribution to our company and projects, as well to our partners’ projects, which was very valuable for our long term cooperation.”

- Dino Kirtag, CEO @ Marrow Labs d.o.o.

“Over the years Barrage has been an amazing partner. Be it novel technology or challenging industry demands, they get every job done diligently. They launch tailored, state-of-the-art products that are a charm to use and are excellently maintained. A+”

- Product Manager @ Enterprise/Corporation

An inspiring team get-together

Technology to suit your business needs

Technology is Barrage’s bread and butter. Building great products is what they do, and with their talented software and development teams, they’re ready to tackle any project. When they first meet with any new client, Barrage will make a detailed analysis of the client’s business idea to assess their needs, evaluate the current set of tools and services and consider any possible risks. Then, they’ll draft development ideas, presenting advice on the strategic adoption of technology and tools to use.

The most frequently used tools in their tech stack are JavaScript, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Node.JS, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, and Vue.JS - but that’s not all they work with. In the past, they’ve worked on projects using Angular.JS, CakePHP, Jenkins, Laravel, and PHP, and they’re also experimenting with Flutter and Rust.

Here at Pangea, we think that Barrage is a good fit for those looking for New Product Development, Firefighting Response, and Support and Maintenance. On these engagements, they can offer Back-end Development, Blockchain & Contracts, Business Intelligence, Cloud Services and Cyber Security. If you think that Barrage sounds like a good fit for your company, however, take a look at their engagement page and get in touch with them!

We can’t wait to see what this multi-talented, multi-functional team does now they’re part of the Pangea universe, and we’re sure that you’ll love them too.


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