A KindGeek Never Hurt Anyone, You'll See!

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April 6, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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A KindGeek Never Hurt Anyone, You'll See!


BERLIN, Germany - It's time to shine for KindGeek—a software development company from Ukraine currently conquering the spheres of tech. The positive-minded company provides outstanding web and mobile development, UI/UX design, business analytics and quality assurance services for cross-industry projects around the world. Let’s geek out a little!

From Zero to Hero

Social outcasts with thick horn-rimmed glasses, that’s ancient history. Today, "geeks" rule the world, especially the world of technologyKindGeek from Lviv, Ukraine is no exception. Founded in 2015, the company now employs a bevy of amiable geeks turned tech heroes; and they’re ready to advance our digital world.

KindGeek believes in a product-centric approach and develops end-user focused products that create positive change. In the last 7 years, the company has achieved remarkable investments of $1 billion with its excellent software development as well as consulting services, and not to forget its cheerful nature!

Moreover, KindGeek has already made a name for itself with clients from Europe, North America, Asia or Africa and works with top clients such as Jaja, Decta or the University of Basel, just to name a few.

Early this year, KindGeek joined Pangea's list of the world’s leading software engineering companies with a remarkable overall Pangea Score of 8.6/10.0, reaching another milestone in the company's history.

With Great Passion

By definition, a geek is passionate about a particular topic and therefore has a high level of expertise in that area. So what is the KindGeek team's biggest passion? Most notably, might be the broad field of FinTech—80% of the time KindGeek is working on exciting projects in this area, constantly sharing their vast knowledge with clients all over the world. J.P., VP of Product at Series B++ Startups, confirms the outstanding expertise:

“We've worked with KindGeed to develop our UK Credit Card platform from scratch. From day 1, to launch and the period since the team has been highly engaged and motivated. It's a pleasure working with the team who feel part of our company. ”

Add to that their amazing knowledge within the Education, Media, Retail, and Healthcare sectors. In these industries and more, KindGeek works with startups, SMEs as well as acclaimed enterprises. The COO at a Seed to Series A Startup, explains what sets KindGeek apart from its competitors:

“Having worked with KindGeek on 2 seperate projects their ability to deliver shines through. Their commitment to their staff and fostering a good company culture is hard for other consultancies to beat. ”

With these noble notices in mind, KindGeek achieves a Pangea Client Insight Score of 8.5/10.0, specifically excelling in the areas of UI/UX design and technical know-how (9.3/10.0). For these ambitious geeks, how could it be otherwise?

Nerdy and United!

Tech-Geeks Who Game Together, Stay Together

Much has already been said about those friendly geeks, KindGeek’s ambitious employees—but who is this talented bunch anyway? The team currently consists of 130+ employees, all of them technology professionals who are developing the technology of tomorrow. Senior Business Analyst, Ivan, tells us what KindGeeks is all about:

“To me, working at KindGeek was always interesting, challenging, and fascinating. I could also feel the responsibility that everyone here is ready to take. It is also much about friendship – I could build quality relationships with my teammates.”

Halyna, Head of PM Office, adds:

“The company brought into my life many extraordinary people. KindGeek gave me the opportunity to find myself and the opportunity to communicate daily with the coolest professionals around the world.”

At KindGeek, a people-first approach is followed, which constitutes the spirit of the company. Here, the belief is that you can only achieve outstanding results by doing the right things with the right people. What stands out in a particularly positive way is that the savvy team has developed its own internal products, products that many other companies bring in externally, such as SignSpot (a B2B collaboration platform) or GeekHub (a workforce management platform).

With KindGeek, co-founders Anton and Yuriy wanted to create a place where everyone enjoys working. A workplace full of inspiration, where you feel like you're actually accomplishing something. Needless to say, they succeeded! As a matter of fact, the 130+ KindGeeks love coming to work, where a relaxed, casual atmosphere and a clear focus await them everyday. This welcoming atmosphere fosters a lot of creative energy and provides endless opportunities to grow! Yuliana, Head of Talent Acquisition, explains how the company developed in her six years at KindGeek:

“Now, after 6 years, I see that the company has become mature. We set processes and built mechanisms that allowed us to be efficient in our work. It did not happen in one day – we were constantly enhancing the approach for years. We have become really mature in the way we function as a company.”

This exceptional work environment is rewarded with a Pangea Team Health Score of 8.6/10.0. Culture, Management Rapport and Peer Rapport are especially valued at KindGeek and receive a score of 8.8/10.0.

Oh, the gallant Geeky glamor

Let’s Get to the Geek of the Matter!

Talking about true tech geeks, you’ve gotta talk about technologies, too. In KindGeek's case, we speak specifically about technologies in the areas of Back-end and Front-end Development, Cloud Services, BI, Cyber Security, and Bespoke Systems—here, the hugely talented team really knows their stuff!

The staff has an in-depth knowledge of Java, JavaScript, Spring, Angular.js, Kotlin, Flutter, React.js, Swift, AWS, and Kubernetes. Armed with their technological repertoire, they support their clients in developing new products from scratch or with team augmentation.

In addition to UI/UX design, software development, and QA services, KindGeek also offers discovery phase and business consulting as part of their business analysis expertise—always with their congenial and positive manner, as CEO Anton Skrypnyk confirms in his closing remarks:

“Ever since the KindGeek launch, we have aimed to be a platform for positive change for our clients and employees. Now, we help enterprises and established businesses reach new heights with innovative solutions. If you have got a mountain to climb with your product, your journey will be safe and easy with KindGeek. ”

KindGeek also attaches great importance to Social Responsibility and is actively involved in many projects aimed to positively influence people's lives and the economy of Ukraine, such as the KindGeek School. The three remaining corporate values of Trust, Transparency and a Sense of Beauty complete the overall picture of KindGeek that we hope has been drawn here.

Now it’s your turn: If your company could also use some friendly geeks around, get in touch with Pangea directly. After all, a KindGeek never hurt anyone, let alone your company!


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