Forces to Be Reckoned With in the Tech Landscape: Ant Colony

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April 24, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Forces to Be Reckoned With in the Tech Landscape: Ant Colony


BERLIN, Germany - Spotlight on the always busy, exceptionally productive bunch at Ant Colony! The software development company from Bosnia and Herzegovina will transform your raw materials into outstanding products in no time. Now, let’s watch these expert collaborators do brilliant things!

Tiny But Tantalizing

Complex task distribution, collective intelligence and sophisticated interactions with each other—that's what makes any good ant nest, and that’s also what defines Ant Colony's work. Founded in 2017, Ant Colony has already made a name for itself as a product-oriented tech company specialising in digital strategy and high-quality software development.

From their headquarters in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the busy staff are on a mission to use digital transformation in order to achieve sustainable growth. With innovative ideas and technology, Ant Colony transforms raw ideas into successful products — convincing client after client, moving hill after hill.

The small but mighty team earned an overall Pangea Score of 9.1/10.0, which is why we are more than pleased to add Ant Colony to our list of high profile tech vendors!

Friendly Little Helpers

We’re certain, any Ant Colony client would agree that the eager staff are indeed friendly little helpers at all times. They are particularly helpful when it comes to their key industries such as E-learning, Entertainment or the Financial Services sector. However, they can do so much more and tailor their work for their customers needs and requirements. Ant Colony supports clients large and small from Europe—as well as clients from all over the world—everyone is welcome! A COO of a Series B++ startup excitedly acknowledges:

“Ant Colony started supporting us in our series A days and the team there has grown and expanded as our company grows. We've added and broadened the range of skills that they add to our team and they are totally integrated with us.”

We also asked Himzo Music, CEO of Softhouse Consulting Bosnia AB—he too is more than satisfied with what the hardworking troop has achieved for him and his company:

”We have been using AntColony both as a resource provider as well as for the team deliveries. In both ways we have always been satisfied both with technical deliveries as well as the quality provided and the transparency during the cooperation. ”

This diligence is rewarded! Namely with an overall Client Insight score of 8.8/10.0, excelling in Customer Journey, Business Maturity and Process Maturity (all 9.3/10.0).

Teeming with Teamwork!

Individual but United

Every anthill is a unit in which its unique members organize and unite within; this one is no exception! Befittingly, Ant Colony is composed of experts from various fields—in this case, 48 professionals from software development, management, sales, consulting and more. Ant Colony encourages everyone to be a decision-maker and contribute to the colony in their unique way.

If there is one thing we’ve learned from "A Bug's Life,” ants can have adventures too! At Ant Colony that means Pizza Tuesdays, Party Fridays, regular interesting workshops, and much more. With such an inspiring working atmosphere, folks want to stick around. At least that's how most of the employees at Ant Colony seem to feel, considering that the overall retention rate is a full 90%, and the first-year retention rate is as high as 94%. Benjamin Bajic, Software Development Team Lead at Ant Colony, explains one possible reason for this:

“What keeps me here is the continuous opportunity of growth, and the chance to take responsibility. This has caused an immeasurable spike in my levels of knowledge, allowed me to demonstrate my abilities and allows me to keep growing even further.”

Fullstack Developer, Zerina Djuheric, also reports that he has accumulated a lot of skills and knowledge during his years at Ant Colony:

“Working at Ant Colony has gained me a lot of knowledge that my mentors kindly shared with me and helped me perfect my skills. Besides that, I gained a lot of self confidence regarding my work, but in my opinion that is tied to the previous statement.”

Lead Engineer, Tarik Mehic, knows exactly what makes Ant Colony a special employer and recaps:

“Ant Colony d.o.o. is a great platform for anyone dedicated and ambitious enough to build a successful career. They do so by giving you an ability to grow, put your opinion out and learn, ensuring that you have enough space to prosper and achieve excellence.”

There is no question that the ants have well earned their Pangea Team Health Score of 9.4/10.0. Personal Growth (9.7/10.0), Culture (9.6/10.0) and Wellbeing and Management Rapport (9.5/10.0) were rated particularly highly. Ant Colony proves that it is a self-contained system that works!

Team Members Talking Tasks

Don’t Get Nervous, Get Antsy

Ant Colony will be all-in to turn your idea into a flawless product or your existing product into an even more successful one. You can also rely on the industrious staff when it comes to team augmentation or project handover. In their fast-paced, agile environment, they take care of everything from Backend to Frontend, MVP Development to Mobile Development or Feature Implementation.

The Ants love to code in Angular.js, React.js, ReactNative, Node.js, Golang, Java, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, Python, Swift, among others. And if necessary, they even go far beyond mere coding and help with project management and more.

Ant Colony's culture is based on Curiosity, Technical Excellence, Core Engineering, Respect and Hard Work, the corporate values at Ant Colony. Ismir Harambašić, CEO of Ant Colony, tells us what else characterises his team:

“We believe organizations must embrace digital change to achieve sustainable growth. This is why we live at the innovation end of the spectrum, converting new ideas and technologies into commercially successful digital blueprints for you.

If you're feeling intrigued, get in touch with us now! With this mighty Ant Colony at your side, you'll become a force to be reckoned with in the tech landscape too.


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