A Cutting-Edge Devison Between Solutions and Problems

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June 18, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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A Cutting-Edge Devison Between Solutions and Problems


BERLIN, Germany - This pool of talented software engineers at Devision is here to help their clients float through their problems. Pangea is happy to synchronize themselves with this lean and agile competitor. Based in Bulgaria and specializing in web and mobile development, they are keeping their eyes fixed on the horizon to bring their innovative vision into development.

A Devision of Elements

Breaking through the surface in 2007, Devision provides custom software and product development services using automated delivery and testing processes, and an agile approach. Their company’s name unites the words ‘development’ and ‘vision’, which is in line with how they aim to develop forward-looking solutions to address complex business problems while providing an excellent user experience.

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, their client portfolio reaches beyond their country’s borders into the rest of Europe, particularly Germany, the UK, and Scandinavia. They've glided into their position springing off their memberships in various organizations like the Basscom (Bulgarian Association of Software Companies), and the Deutsch-Bulgarische Industrie und Handelskammer.

Aside from these memberships, they also boast ISO certifications to create a safe environment for their partners. These include the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for information security management and the ISO 9001:2015 in quality management.

This recognition and success has been built over the years maintaining the fun and passion for innovation that brought it’s founders together as recent graduates. Peter Nenev, their CEO, confides to us:

“We founded Devision with fellows from university having passion for innovation on the idea to deliver great digital products and, of course, have a lot of fun.”

Division’s overall Pangea score easily floats an 8.7/10.0, reflecting a sure and experienced team. But as always, why don’t we dive a little deeper into how this visionary Bulgarian software development earned their score!

Creating Union Through Devision

The Devision team multiplying team spirit

Devision takes care to create a good work environment through open and friendly communication to foster the opportunity to share knowledge and adopt new skills. Such collaboration is created through a healthy work-life balance and of course a lot of fun.

The Devision team’s passion for building challenging digital products and solving interesting technical problems energizes their working environment and ensures they create great experiences for end-users. Alexander Dobrev, Tech Lead explains what swimming through this working environment is like:

“The first of my primary responsibilities is to support the team, making sure that everyone is able to perform their tasks properly. Then I am quite often participating in product development discussions and ensuring that all of the applications and servers are running in perfect condition.”

To keep their team of 25+ employees gracefully gliding through the work, Devision establishes learning goals as part of the performance goals, which are complemented with regular coaching from external consultants and knowledge transfer between various project teams.

Aside from this commitment to their craft, however, the team is happy to partake in company retreats, sporting activities, and social events every six months. Such retreats help them develop the soft skills necessary for their day-to-day. As their UI/UX designer, Alexandra Stoyanova, explains to us:

“Empathy tops my list. The most important thing is to be able to step in other people’s shoes. In our field of work, we have business owners, end-users, developers, and technology as fundamental factors and they could all have differing objectives.”

With an 8.6/10.0 Team Health Score rating in the Pangea system, it is clear that Devision’s formula is a success. Plamen Valchev, their Sales and Business Development Manager, confirms this when asked what advice he had for prospective candidates at Devision:

“No matter how trivial it might sound, it would be “Look no further!”. You can absolutely be anything you want to be in this professional sphere while being part of Devision. All the conditions you need to succeed are present here, so don’t hesitate even for one second to come aboard and join our fantastic team.”

Diving Into Client’s Needs

In terms of expertise, Devision is familiar with all manner of industries, ranging from energy and renewables to e-commerce, healthcare to agriculture and farming. Their clients include German industrial titans like Bayer, Bush-Jaeger, Allianz, and Vattenfall, along with lesser-known companies like Montway (a US-based transport and logistics company) and 3B Nexus (an online tech and marketing company from the UK).

We spoke with several of their satisfied customers during our review of the company and came away very impressed with their feedback. In the end, Devision earned an excellent 8.8/10.0 Pangea Client Insight Score, with particularly high scores in documentation level (9.5/10.0), process maturity (9.3/10.0), and UI/UX Design (9.2/10.0). Plus, respondents were universally satisfied by both Devision’s technical expertise and their own customer journey, which both also came in the 90th percentile.

The appreciation of the customers we spoke with is evident in their every word, as you can see from the brief selection presented below:

“A highly skilled, flexible, and reliable partner that has been the core and foundation of our system development for several years. Highly recommended!”

- Product Owner @ Enterprise/Corporation

“A very service-minded company, acting fast and finding good solutions for the clients. Very satisfied with the cooperation.”

- Anonymous @ Enterprise/Corporation

“I was trying to find development company that offered exceptional service, technical understanding and great value for money. Devision exceeded all of my expectations. I recommend them to anyone.”

- Andy Fields, CEO @ Copybook Limited

“We have engaged Devision with the development of several projects - web and mobile applications. The team behind the projects delivered great user experiences, solid and robust web and mobile solutions while facilitating a collaborative environment”

- Anonymous @ Enterpirse/Corporation

A glimpse into the Devision office space

A Deep Tech Knowledge

Although Devision specializes in web and mobile development, rest assured that they are a truly full-stack company with extensive knowledge of all the major front-end and back-end technologies. From Angular, React, Flutter, and Node.JS to Java, Python, PHP, and Docker, Division’s tech stack is a medley of tools and techniques that can be tailored to whatever the next challenge needs. And though their top domains range from Internet of Things to GIS, we found the company’s back-end form to be particularly skillful, as they’ve mastered databases, CRM, CMS, and cybersecurity.

But what really gives Devision that extra burst to beat out the competition is the flexibility and open communication style that are integral to the company’s ethos. Such values are sure to keep giving them the edge to rise towards the top, however. They’ve identified and divided the elements to their success in the following principles:

  • A focus on delivering results - we always do our best to achieve our clients’ goals and fulfill all their expectations
  • Open communication - we believe that it is only through honest and open communication that we can achieve long-term success and lasting relationships with our client,
  • Commitment to progress - we like to push our limits, and continuously strive to improve our skills and adopt new technologies e
  • Positivity - we enjoy our work and try to foster a positive and friendly environment for both our colleagues and our clients

Clearly, you can rest assured that if you engage with Devision you are incapable and passionate hands. Head on over to their engagement page to see more details about the timeframes and estimated costs of working with the company, and if you like what you see we’ll be more than happy to connect you to a representative right away!

In closing, we return to the words of CEO Peter N, who sums up his team of Bulgarian world-beaters with the following description: “We are a cross-functional team of talented specialists passioned about coding and design best practices, management fine-tuned towards efficient software delivery processes and building long-term partnership with clients.”


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