Our Matching Process

Our intelligent matching enables 98% accuracy when hiring an agency partner in Europe and LATAM. The process is simple yet effective, and why Founders, CEOs & CTOs love Pangea.ai.


There are two ways to build with Pangea.ai

Pangea.ai offers two distinct methods of working with the agencies in our community: either hire a full team for a specific project or add talent to an existing team.

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Bring your idea to life. Hire a mission-ready, fully-managed team with a strong history of excellence in projects just like yours.

Project WorkProject Work
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Team Augmentation

Boost your existing team with additional talent to fill roles or gaps in expertise. Scale resources up and down as your needs change.

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We match you to the right team

Share requirements, review matched agencies, interview the shortlist, view proposals and hire.

Step 1 Matching


Share requirements

Create a new brief

Start a new brief to commence the matching process. Our policies safeguard all data shared. When the brief is opened to encourage agency applications, it is done without personally identifiable information (PII).

Step 1 Matching
Step 1 Matching

Step 2

Review shortlisted Agencies

View tailored applications within hours

Within hours of submitting your brief, receive tailored applications from potential agency partners. These applications will explain why they would be a good fit, their availability, and any concerns alongside case studies and talent profiles.

View Applications
View Applications
View Applications
Connect with Agencies

Step 3

Interview agencies

Connect with preferred agencies

Communicate directly with your preferred agencies via our chat function at any time. Discuss requirements, clarify queries, schedule calls, and establish a strong working relationship, all within the Pangea.ai platform.

Connect with Agencies
Connect with Agencies

Step 4

View proposals & hire

Compare proposals

Thoroughly review and compare the proposals you receive. Look for alignment with requirements and your preferred approach, a clear understanding of the brief, and a cost structure that fits within your budget and rates.

Connect with Agencies
Connect with Agencies
Connect with Agencies


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get, all ready for you.

As your reliable partner, Pangea.ai offers a unique method of finding top-notch tech agencies for your needs. We eliminate the guesswork in agency selection by combining AI with expert human analysis to match your project's unique requirements with the right tech partners.

Pangea.ai is the go-to platform for businesses of all sizes that aim to harness the benefits of software development services in a global, remote, and distributed workforce. Emphasizing a self-serve marketplace model, we enable you to unlock world-class talent with a few clicks, focusing on boutique, specialized agencies who can bring unique value to your projects. We encourage a partnership mindset, where agencies are seen as equals to your in-house teams, fostering long-term collaborations. 

We believe in the immense potential of agencies markets for talent arbitrage and stand firm on selecting agencies based on their merit. So, if you're in pursuit of a tech team to build your entire product from scratch or ramp up your hiring with a couple of additional engineers, Pangea.ai is the ideal platform for you.

Pangea.ai may not be the best fit for businesses, regardless of their size, seeking to procure software development services that adhere to a more localized, centralized, and onsite workforce model. If your preference leans towards traditional HR firms with account executives and constant interaction or agencies who cover every engagement model, tech stack, and domain, our platform may not align with your needs. Similarly, if you view agencies solely as an opportunity for cost arbitrage or tend to select agencies based on a certain bias, Pangea.ai, with its focus on global, merit-based partnerships and specialized talent, might not cater to your preferences.

We operate on a success fee model. This means we only earn a percentage from the total project cost that the client and the agency agree upon. There are no hidden costs or additional fees - transparency is key for us.

Anyone can get in touch with us through the "Contact Us" section on our website by emailing us at info@pangea.ai. Our team is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

At Pangea.ai, we ensure that all our agencies are trustworthy and reliable through a comprehensive three-step onboarding process that spans over 4-6 weeks. This process involves rigorous verification of agencies' employee and client universes, alongside validation of key metrics and KPIs against industry benchmarks. Our stringent onboarding and listing fee aids in eliminating fraudulent agencies. Given its rigorous and time-consuming nature, this process selectively attracts agencies that align with Pangea.ai's vision and meet our stringent industry benchmarks. Furthermore, our agencies undergo regular evaluations to maintain up-to-date information, thereby discouraging unserious and unhealthy agencies who might not meet the stringent industry benchmarks. Hence, such agencies find it counterproductive to pay and spend time on onboarding while also having to adhere to ongoing evaluations.

Onboarding at Pangea.ai follows a three-step process designed to ensure our platform hosts only the best agencies. First, prospective agencies complete a Team Vibe assessment, where they must attain a satisfactory Team Health score with a participation rate of 75% or higher. Second, agencies must provide a minimum of five client references, who then complete the Pangea Client Experience Survey and generate a satisfactory client score. The final step involves the agency completing their profile with data points that are verified through documentation by human experts within the Pangea.ai team. If the agencies' data meets or exceeds the average industry benchmark, they are welcomed to Pangea.ai. Agencies not meeting these benchmarks are given a period to improve before reconsideration.

Pangea.ai evaluates the Team Health of an agency using our proprietary product, Team Vibe. This is a survey distributed to each team member of an agency organization, measuring sentiment across eight key segments: Satisfaction, Personal Growth, Peers Rapport, Management Rapport, Culture, Well-being, Feedback & Recognition, and Advocacy. Each segment receives a score which then contributes to an overall Team Health score. A minimum participation rate of 75% is expected from the agency organization; however, our current average participation rate is 83.2%. For continuous and updated evaluations, Team Vibe is administered twice a year to each agency.

The Team Health Score at Pangea.ai is computed using a proprietary algorithm that aggregates and processes the inputs received from our Team Vibe survey. This score reflects the average of the scores obtained in eight crucial segments: Satisfaction, Personal Growth, Peers Rapport, Management Rapport, Culture, Well-being, Feedback & Recognition, and Advocacy. These segments scores are based on employee input and sentiment, offering an insight-driven metric that genuinely reflects the health of an agency.

At Pangea.ai, we evaluate the Client Experience of a agency through a tailored survey dispatched to at least five active clients from the past six months. This survey gauges performance across eight critical aspects: Customer Journey, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Technical Expertise, Quality Assurance, Documentation Level, Business Maturity, and Process Maturity. Each of these segments gets a score, the collective average of which provides the overall Client Score. This evaluation is performed twice annually to ensure up-to-date, accurate representation of the agencies’ performance.

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