Mynt: Changing the Fintech Industry with Innovative Tech


Mynt's Innovative Tech Stack and the Future of Fintech

Mynt's Impact on the Fintech Market

Mynt's Impact on Financial Inclusion

The Future of Mynt

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Mynt is a fintech business that provides payment solutions, lending services, and investments to individuals and businesses in the Philippines. Founded in 2015, Mynt is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country.

Mynt aims to democratize financial services by leveraging technology to create seamless, accessible, and affordable financial products for all.

In this article, we will explore Mynt's tech stack, mission, and impact on the fintech industry.

This is Mynt’s Mission: Financial Inclusion, Empowerment, and Innovation

Mynt's mission is to foster financial inclusion, empowerment, and innovation in the Philippines. The company believes that everyone deserves access to financial services, regardless of their socioeconomic status or location. Mynt aims to achieve this by focusing on three key areas.

Financial Inclusion

Mynt's first priority is to provide underserved and unbanked communities with access to affordable financial services.

The company achieves this by leveraging technology to create innovative payment solutions, such as GCash, a mobile wallet that allows users to pay bills, buy loads, and transfer money without the need for a bank account. Mynt also offers loans to small and medium-sized businesses that would otherwise struggle to obtain credit from traditional banks.

Financial Empowerment

Mynt's second area of focus is to empower individuals and businesses to take control of their financial futures.

The company achieves this by providing financial education and coaching, as well as personalized investment advice. Mynt's investment platform, Invest Money, allows users to invest in mutual funds with as little as PHP 50 (approximately $1), making investing accessible to everyone.

Financial Innovation

Mynt's final area of focus is to drive financial innovation by developing cutting-edge technologies that can transform the financial services landscape.

Mynt invests heavily in research and development to create solutions that are secure, reliable, and user-friendly. The company's tech stack is a testament to its commitment to innovation, and we will explore this further in the next section.

Mynt Tech Stack: Building Innovative Financial Products with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Mynt's tech stack comprises a range of technologies that work together seamlessly to create innovative financial products. Here's a breakdown of Mynt's tech stack.

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Cloud Computing

Mynt's tech stack is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud computing platform that provides scalability, security, and flexibility. Mynt uses AWS to host its applications and databases, ensuring that its systems are always available and responsive.

Data Analytics

Mynt collects vast amounts of data on its users' financial behavior, and it uses this data to inform its decision-making processes. Mynt's data analytics team uses tools such as Apache Spark and Hadoop to process and analyze this data, generating insights that help the company to create more personalized and targeted financial products.

Artificial Intelligence

Mynt uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate its processes and improve its products' accuracy and efficiency. Mynt's AI algorithms help the company to detect fraud, assess credit risk, and provide personalized investment advice.

Mobile Development

Mynt's mobile applications, such as GCash and Invest Money, are built using native mobile development frameworks such as Kotlin and Swift. These technologies allow Mynt to create mobile applications that are fast, responsive, and user-friendly.


Mynt is exploring the potential of blockchain technology to create secure, transparent, and tamper-proof financial products. The company is currently developing a blockchain-based remittance platform that will allow users to send money internationally with low fees and fast transaction times.

Mynt's Innovative Tech Stack and the Future of Fintech

Mynt's commitment to innovation is reflected in the leadership of its CEO, Martha Sazon. Sazon has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, having previously served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Globe Telecom.

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Under her leadership, Mynt has continued to push the boundaries of fintech in the Philippines, creating innovative products that cater to the needs of underserved communities.

Mynt's Impact on the Fintech Market

Mynt's innovative approach to financial services has had a significant impact on the fintech market in the Philippines.

The company has disrupted traditional banking by providing affordable and accessible financial products to millions of Filipinos. Mynt has also played a key role in driving financial inclusion in the country, providing underserved communities with access to banking and credit facilities.

Looking to the future, Mynt is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory. The company's commitment to innovation, coupled with its strong financial backing from Globe Telecom, puts it in a prime position to lead the fintech market in the Philippines. With the continued adoption of mobile technology (with Android and iOS apps) and the growing demand for digital financial services, Mynt's future looks bright.

Mynt's Impact on Financial Inclusion

One of the key problems that Mynt solves is financial inclusion. In the Philippines, many people are excluded from the formal banking sector, either because they live in remote areas or because they do not meet the strict requirements of traditional banks.

Mynt's products, such as GCash and its lending services, provide a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional banking, allowing more people to access financial services. As the company continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, it has the potential to further increase financial inclusion in the Philippines and beyond.

The Future of Mynt

Mynt's future is bright, as the company continues to expand its product offerings and invest in cutting-edge technologies. The company's focus on financial inclusion, empowerment, and innovation has set it apart from traditional banks and positioned it as a leader in the fintech market.

Mynt's commitment to innovation, coupled with its strong financial backing, puts it in a prime position to continue disrupting the financial services industry in the Philippines and beyond.

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