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The Beginning Strands of Success

A Team of Green Thumbs

Close-Knit Clients Keep Coming Back

The Tapestry of Technology

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BERLIN, Germany - Just as a loom weaves thread into cloth, the tribe at Looming Tech will knit your project idea into an exciting digital product. This company, like an ornate tapestry consists of unique top-tier developers, product experts, engineers and agile practitioners. Looming Tech has a person for all of your digital quandaries and curiosities. This digital tribe is ready to meet you, so let’s see what they’re all about!

The Beginning Strands of Success

With an excellent Overall Pangea Score of 8.9/10.0 and a stunning visually interactive website, it’s evident Looming Tech is a clear winner. Although the company was officially founded in 2020, its origin story began 25 years ago when CEO Stefan Minchey and his friend David met and instantly connected over all things tech.

The company joined Pangea in 2022 and boasts headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria with an additional office in the United Kingdom. They offer a variety of services including Back-end Development, Bespoke Systems, Front-end Development, Mobile Development and MVP Development. Simply put, if you have an idea for a startup, Looming Tech will guide you through product development with transparency, dedication, and expertise. If you’re looking to simply scale up an existing product idea or engineering team, Looming Tech can help with that as well. You won’t ever be left stranded!

4 employees are gathered around a laptop collaborating and smiling

Technological Expertise in Action

Company values like Freedom, Passion, Legacy, Campfire and Curiosity inspired Stefan and David in creating a successful company with diverse clients from start-ups to scale-ups. Hintsa, Monizze, Lyst are just a few of Looming Tech’s impressive clients.

A Team of Green Thumbs

Looming Tech received a fantastic Pangea Team Health Score of 9.0/10.0 and from speaking with employees there, we beautifully weaved a story together about what it’s like to work there. Senior Backend Developer Dimitar spoke highly of Culture (9.2/10.0), Management Rapport (9.2/10.0) and the Personal Growth (9.1/10.0) he’s experienced:

“Stef and Dave have always been supportive, friendly and open for communication. In between our funny stories and silly jokes their feedback and guidance has helped me a lot in my professional path. It is quite pleasing to be working with someone that is experienced and kind. Also, when looking back over the past year I must say that I have gained a lot of knowledge and know-hows on the projects I have been most challenged with.”

The 32 full-time employees wholeheartedly embrace their “hybrid” office - the ability to work remotely as well as from the office - a concept that Looming Tech embraced even before COVID-19 hit. Coming into this pet-friendly office is a real treat with perks such as a rooftop cafe with incredible views, delicious beverages, and workplace camaraderie. Outdoor team-building activities such as tree-planting initiatives and retreats to the mountains are only a few of the incredible opportunities in nature available.

When it comes to technological Satisfaction (8.7/10.0) and overall Wellbeing, Quality Assurance Engineer Mihael had the following to say:

“Looming Tech has greatly helped in my career development by providing me the chance to work on products that are both very interesting and fun, as well as technically challenging. The tech stack we are working with within the company is very broad and modern. I believe that the right tech stack can help drive your products to success, making them easier to build and ensuring it evolves alongside customer needs.”

Product Owner Aleksandra is a happy camper when speaking of Peer Rapport (9.1/10.0) and all the ample opportunities for Feedback & Recognition (9/10.0):

“Looming tech is considered a small company in size, yet the people working in the company are pretty colorful, and you can learn something new from each one of them.

We work on different projects therefore, we all come with a diverse background, which is fantastic because you can always find someone to help you and answer your questions.

In addition, I am lucky to be part of a great department where we share ideas and knowledge. We can access different learning venues and platforms to rev our careers.”

An employee looks directly at the camera in a dinosaur costume with a drink in hand as others are mingling in the background

The Digital Tribe Dresses Up for Business Fun

Close-Knit Clients Keep Coming Back

Looming Tech’s top industries include Biotechnology, Education Management, and Renewables & Environment. Regardless of the industry, one common thread runs through the company’s relationship with clients: a belief in a roomy yet close-knit collaboration in which both parties equally contribute–from ideation to production.

Rob C., the CTO at Hintsa, felt incredibly supported on his Customer Journey (9.3/10.0) with Looming Tech:

“Looming Tech is a trusted partner for Hintsa, providing engineers and product and delivery skills for the Hintsa flagship mobile product. The Looming team, including senior management, is invested in the success of Hintsa.”

Satisfied clients are a byproduct of an efficient, personable, and dedicated team and with a Pangea Client Insights Score of 8.4/10.0, Looming Tech illustrates having a treasure trove of them. Marc Warburton, the CEO of Daedal, is just one of many pleased clients:

“Looming Tech supported me on developing a bespoke capability hub for my business. The whole process from start to end was a pleasure - they are a great set of guys, know exactly what they are doing and importantly for my business are fun, too!”

The Tapestry of Technology

Scoring a fantastic 9.0/10.0 for both Tech Expertise and UI/UX Design, Looming Tech is ahead of the digital product game when it comes to employing the latest technologies. Node.js, React Native, Laravel, PHP, Flutter, Vue.js, and Python are the most frequently used technologies in their tech stack to name just a few. Looming Tech is a great fit for New Product Development and Team Augmentation, working within the following exciting domains: Artificial Intelligence, Back-End Development, Front-End Development, Design, and Mobile Development.

A plethora of incredible projects, both internal and external, have been born out of Looming Tech. The mobile app Run Grateful is a fascinating, wholesome project that focuses on global running initiatives and encourages users to appreciate the here and now through gratitude rather than being green with envy about other runners, for example.

We hope we were able to thread together this company’s stellar services and accomplishments, as well as the brains behind the tribe and the beauty of their close-knit client relationships. Let us introduce you to Looming Tech and let the weaving magic begin!

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